Washington Parish Louisiana Cemeteries S

Washington Parish Cemeteries S

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Washington Parish Virtual Cemetery Map
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Index to Washington Parish Cemeteries

Cemetery Name Latitude Longitude Place Name Range/Township
Saint James Cemetery* 305558N 0900937W Clifton  
Saint James Cemetery* 30.93277778 -90.16027778 Clifton  
Sam Carroll Cemetery 305435N 0895501W State Line  
Sam Carroll Cemetery 30.90972222 -89.91694444 State Line  
Schilling Cemetery 305312N 0900549W Pine  
Schilling Cemetery 305528N 0901629W Index  
Schilling Cemetery 30.88666667 -90.09694444 Pine  
Schilling Cemetery 30.92444444 -90.27472222 Index  
Schillings Cemetery 305637N 0895851W State Line  
Schillings Cemetery 30.94361111 -89.98083333 State Line  
Seal Cemetery 304654N 0901447W Franklinton  
Seal Cemetery 305418N 0895124W Angie  
Seal Cemetery 305852N 0895800W State Line  
Seal Cemetery 30.78166667 -90.24638889 Franklinton  
Seal Cemetery 30.905 -89.85666667 Angie  
Seal Cemetery 30.98111111 -89.96666667 State Line  
Seale Cemetery 305517N 0901440W Clifton  
Seale Cemetery 30.92138889 -90.24444444 Clifton  
Sharp Cemetery 304533N 0901519W Wilmer  
Sharp Cemetery 30.75916667 -90.25527778 Wilmer  
Sharps Cemetery 304026N 0900225W Enon  
Sheridan Cemetery 304115N 0895111W Henleyfield  
Sheridan Cemetery 304938N 0895947W Bogalusa West  
Sheridan Cemetery 305402N 0895418W State Line  
Sheridan Cemetery 30.6875 -89.85305556 Henleyfield  
Sheridan Cemetery 30.82722222 -89.99638889 Bogalusa West  
Sheridan Cemetery 30.90055556 -89.905 State Line  
Simmons Cemetery 304838N 0901344W Franklinton  
Simmons Cemetery 305213N 0900026W Sheridan  
Simmons Cemetery 305657N 0901318W Clifton  
Simmons Cemetery 305842N 0901546W Index  
Simmons Cemetery 305935N 0901542W Index  
Simmons Cemetery 30.81055556 -90.22888889 Franklinton  
Simmons Cemetery 30.87027778 -90.00722222 Sheridan  
Simmons Cemetery 30.94916667 -90.22166667 Clifton  
Simmons Cemetery 30.97833333 -90.26277778 Index
Simmons Cemetery 30.99305556 -90.26166667 Index
Singley Cemetery 305730N 0895342W State Line  
Singley Cemetery 30.95833333 -89.895 State Line  
Slocum Cemetery 305229N 0901301W Franklinton  
Slocum Cemetery 30.87472222 -90.21694444 Franklinton  
Smith Cemetery 305123N 0900038W Sheridan  
Smith Cemetery 305338N 0900909W Clifton  
Smith Cemetery 305610N 0901851W Index
Smith Cemetery 305706N 0901405W Clifton  
Smith Cemetery 305910N 0901107W Clifton  
Smith Cemetery 30.85638889 -90.01055556 Sheridan  
Smith Cemetery 30.89388889 -90.1525 Clifton  
Smith Cemetery 30.93611111 -90.31416667 Index
Smith Cemetery 30.95166667 -90.23472222 Clifton  
Smith Cemetery 30.98611111 -90.18527778 Clifton  
Spencer Cemetery 304548N 0900349W Sheridan  
Spencer Cemetery 30.76333333 -90.06361111 Sheridan  
Stafford Cemetery 305030N 0901406W Franklinton  
Stafford Cemetery 30.84166667 -90.235 Franklinton  
Star Hill Cemetery 305920N 0900815W Clifton  
Star Hill Cemetery 30.98888889 -90.1375 Clifton  
Statham Cemetery 305527N 0901720W Index
Statham Cemetery 30.92416667 -90.28888889 Index
Stevens Cemetery 304904N 0901453W Franklinton  
Stevens Cemetery 30.81777778 -90.24805556 Franklinton  
Strahan Cemetery 304946N 0900603W Sheridan  
Strahan Cemetery 30.82944444 -90.10083333 Sheridan  
Stringfield Cemetery 305132N 0901030W Franklinton  
Stringfield Cemetery 305320N 0901503W Index
Stringfield Cemetery 30.85888889 -90.175 Franklinton  
Stringfield Cemetery 30.88888889 -90.25083333 Index
Sweet Home Cemetery 305115N 0900829W Franklinton  
Sweet Rest Cemetery 305114N 0900818W Franklinton  
Sweet Home Cemetery 30.85416667 -90.14138889 Franklinton  
Sweet Rest Cemetery 30.85388889 -90.13833333 Franklinton  
Sylvest Cemetery* 304644N 0901340W Franklinton  
Sylvest Cemetery* 30.77888889 -90.22777778 Franklinton  
Sam Carroll Cemetery (no date)        
San Pedro Church Cemetery        
San Pedro Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery (1997)        
Schilling Cemetery (no date)        
Seaborn Alford Cemetery (1965)        
Seal Cemetery        
Seal Cemetery I (1967)        
Seal Cemetery I (no date)        
Seal Cemetery II ( 1974)        
Seal Cemetery II (1994)        
Seal Cemetery III (1997)        
Seale Cemetery (1965)        
Seale Cemetery (no date)        
Seals/Tullus Cemetery (1995)        
Sebe Morris Cemetery (1980)        
Sharp Cemetery (1979)        
Sharp Cemetery (1996)        
Sheridan Cemetery        
Sheridan Cemetery I (1994)        
Sheridan Cemetery II (no date)        
Simmons-Brumfield Cemetery (1977)        
Simmons-Pope Cemetery        
Simmons Bible        
Simmons Cemetery        
Simmons/Brumfield Cemetery (1977)        
Simmons/Pope Cemetery        
Singley Cemetery (no date)        
Smith-Brock Cemetery (1977)        
Smith Cemetery        
Smith Cemetery (1965)        
Smith/Brock Cemetery (1977)        
Spencer Cemetery (1974)        
Spencer Cemetery (1995)        
Springhill-Magee Cemetery (1995)        
Springhill Baptist Church Cemetery (1964) AKA Magee Cemetery        
Stafford Cemetery        
Stafford Cemetery (1962)        
Star Hill Church Cemetery (1995)        
Statham Cemetery (1965)        
Statham Cemetery (1965)        
Stephen Parker Cemetery        
Stephen Parker Cemetery (1962)        
Stevens Cemetery        
Stevens Cemetery (1997)        
Stony Point Cemetery (1966)        
Stony Point Cemetery (1996)        
Strahan Cemetery ( 1965)        
Strahan Cemetery (1996)        
Stringfield Cemetery I        
Stringfield Cemetery II        
Stringfield Cemetery (1962)        
Sunlight Baptist Church Cemetery (1965)        
Sunlight Baptist Church Cemetery (1965)        
Sunny Hill Cemetery        
Sunny Hill Cemetery (1996)        
*Not on line or under alternate name
Saint James - Clifton
Sylvest - Franklinton

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