Charles Reeves

After Charles marriage to Obedience Tucker in 1792, his next mention in official records is in the Wake County Court Minutes of September 1794 Court when it is ordered that "Charles Reeves be Overseer of the road in the room of Samuel Peek".

On 25 Oct 1798, a deed recorded in Wake County Deed Book Q, pg 128 in which William Reeves, Sr. for the natural love and affection he has for his son, conveys to Charles Reeves 220 acres in Wake County on the south side of Elloby's Creek.

Charles' older brother Peter had relocated to Halifax, Virginia in 1800 and by 1801 Charles is also found there in the tax records of that year. Charles' absence from Wake County is recorded in the minutes of May 1801 Court when it is "ordered that Major Holloway be Overseer of the road in the room of Charles Reeves on the road from the fishdam ford to the County line of Orange".

In Halifax County, Virginia Deed Book 23 at page 120, Charles and Peter Reves along with Dudley Glass execute a bond for $1500.00 to the governor of Virginia as security for Charles Reves' performance of the duties of constable of Halifax County.

A Power of Attorney written on 4 Sep 1822 in Halifax for Charles' son, William H. Reeves, to act on his behalf in settling the estate of his father, William Reeves, Senr. is recorded in Madison County, Kentucky Deed Book P, pg. 207. The document was certified by Peter Reves as Justice of the Court of Halifax. His son, William, apparently made the trip to Kentucky along with Peter to settle the estate of their father.

In 1825, Charles and his family moved from Halifax to Stokes County, North Carolina evidenced by the deed recorded in Deed Book 8, Page 410 which conveyed 154 acres from Asa Cummings to Charles Reves.

Charles' will written on 15 August 1831 and probated in Stokes County, North Carolina in December 1833 and recorded in Will Book 3, at page 261 names the following children.

  1. Susannah Reeves Crews
  2. George B. Reeves
  3. William H. Reeves
  4. Catherine Reeves Brown

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Picture above - Charles Edward Crews, grandson of Charles Reeves, and his wife Susan Marshall (photo submitted to FindAGrave by BCBurt).