Peter M. Reeves

Peter M. Reeves was the son of George Reeves and Elizabeth Wilkerson. His parents were both born in North Carolina and their families migrated to Madison County, Kentucky where they married and Peter was born on the 19th of Oct 1810. Within a few years the family had migrated farther west and settled in Warren County.

On October 8, 1831 in Warren County, Kentucky Peter married Sarah Hudnall. Peter and Sally had the following children:
  1. Elizabeth F. Reeves
  2. Mary Ann "Polly" Reeves
  3. James H. Reeves
  4. George C. Reeves
  5. Zerilda P. Reeves
Peter was a magistrate in Warren County for nine years according to the biography of his son George C. Reeves written in 1886 and published in Battle, Perrin & Kniffen's Kentucky - A History of the State.

He died on April 4th, 1882 and is buried at the Mt. Zion Church of Christ Cemetery located high on a ridge above the Barren River north of Bowling Green in Richardsville, Kentucky.

Last Will and Testament of Peter M. Reeves, written on the 19th of February 1882 and probated in Warren County, Kentucky 22nd May 1882 is as follows:

I, P. M. Reeves of the County of Warren and State of Kentucky on this the 29th day of February 1882 In view of the uncertainty of life, and being feeble in health of body (though sound in mind,) hereby make and publish this to be my last will and testament, revoking all other wills heretofore made by me.
First, it is my will that after my death all my just debts be paid with funeral expenses included.
Second, I will and bequeath to Sarah A. Reeves (my wife) my entire estate real and personal, To have hold own and use as she may choose or think best during her life time.
Third, It is my will that after the death of my said wife all the land we now own and all the personal property, then remaining be sold and the money distributed as may then be legally required to pay off an execution against myself as security and M.P. Scott Principal in favor of the heirs of Mark Phelps be used for that purpose.
Then fourthly It is my will that all the money then of my estate remaining on hand be equally divided between our five children or their heirs (namely) The heirs of Elizabeth Phelps, Polly Ann Phelps, James C. Reeves, George C. Reeves, Nevilda (sic Zerilda) P. Scott.
Fifth It is my will that Sarah A. Reeves my wife and James A. Reeves (my son) execute this my last will and testament. And I hereby request and pray the court of my said county and state to require no security on the bond to be given by those whom I have herein appointed to execute this my last will.
Given under my hand the day and year above written.

P. M. Reeves ( X )

Witnesses J. H. Otey
Wm T. Hazle
Edward E. Higganbotham