Peter Reeves

Peter Reeves was appointed constable in Capt. Willis Jones' District of Wake County, North Carolina in the County Court Minutes of Sept. 1792. The next year on 22 Feb 1793, he married Nancy Ann Tucker in Lunenberg County, Virginia.

He was listed among the taxpayers of Halifax County, Virginia in 1800 and in the 1801 listing of taxpayers, he was joined by his brother, Charles. The two were listed consistently in the tax records of Halifax County and joined by their sons until after 1825 when Charles moved to Stokes County, North Carolina.

By September of 1822, when Charles Reeves executed a Power of Attorney to his son, William H. Reeves, to act on his behalf in the settlement of their father, William Reeves' estate in Kentucky, Peter was a Justice of the Halifax County, Virginia Court at the time and certified the documents. Recorded in Madison County KY Deed Book P, pg 207.

In December 1835, Peter was appointed sheriff of Halifax County by Virginia governor Littleton W. Tazewell. There is a bond for $30,000 dollars recorded in Deed Book 42, Page 628 signed by Peter Reves along with 16 other Halifax residents for the faithful fulfillment of his duties as sheriff of Halifax County dated 26 Jan 1836.

After the death of Nancy Ann Tucker sometime before 1834, Peter married a second time to Lucy Haliburton on 16 Jun 1834 in Person County, North Carolina.

When on the 1st of April 1851, he took the statement of Elizabeth Brown Neal regarding her husband, Thomas Neal's revolutionary war service, he was Chairman of the Halifax County Court at the age of 83. His handwriting in signing the documents is somewhat unsteady, but nonetheless the documents bear his signature - spelling his name REVES. (Statement of Elizabeth Neal Page 1 and Page 2 with Peter Reves' signature.)

The Halifax County, Virginia death register of 1858 lists the death of Peter Reeves on 28 March 1858 at age 90 years. On that record, his father's name is given as William Reeves, no mother is listed and his wife is named as Lucy.

Known children of Peter Reeves and Ann Nancy Tucker:

  1. William T. Reeves
  2. Anna Dennis Reeves
  3. Elizabeth Tucker Reeves
  4. Peter M. Reeves

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Descendants of Peter Reeves: pictured above left is William Bolivar Ferrell, grandson of Peter and son of Elizabeth Tucker Reeves. Pictured lower right is the family of Addie Mae Reeves and Robert Kirkpatrick. Addie Mae Reeves was the daughter of Peter May Reeves, grandson of Peter Reeves of Halifax, Virginia.