William Harrison Reeves

William Harrison Reeves was born 26 November 1814 in Madison County, Kentucky, prior to his family's move further westward to Warren County. George Reeves, his father, died at a young age when William was twelve years old.
According to information in a biography published by Battle, Perrin & Kniffen in 1886, his father's early death prevented his obtaining even a common school education. His mother, Elizabeth Wilkerson Reeves, apparently died about 1836 for at that time she deeded her property to her children and there are no further records in census or other sources.

William worked on a keel-boat on the Green River before leaving Warren County and moving further west to the Jackson Purchase area and locating in Ballard County at the age of eighteen. An older brother had located in that area, and William made his home with him until the brother's death, which occurred a few years later.

As a young adult William Harrison Reeves worked in the lumber industry, operated a wood-yard, and later opened a small general store in Ballard County. After selling this business in 1840 he was made county constable. For many years his primary business was that of the county, serving as both constable and sheriff. He gradually became one of the most substantial farmers and traders in western Kentucky.

He married Penelope White, daughter of Rev. Willis White, in Ballard County in 1843. She died in February, 1879, leaving a family of seven children and in 1881 William married Mrs. Fannie Faulkner Marrs in Henry, Tenn.

In 1880 Mr. Reeves retired from his farm in Ballard County to Paducah, and there began a new business under the firm name of Terrell & Reeves in the tobacco trade.

William Harrison Reeves died on the 4th of March 1884 in McCracken County, Kentucky.

The children of William Harrison Reeves and Penelope White were:
  1. Mary Anna Reeves Hinkle
  2. George Willis Reeves
  3. Susan Josephine Reeves Puckett
  4. Fannie B. Reeves Miller
  5. William T. Reeves
  6. Robert L. Reeves
  7. Martha Harriet Reeves Morris

Descendants of William H. Reeves pictured are: top left - George Willis and William T. Reeves; middle right - Martha Harriet Reeves Morris; lower left - Susan Josephine Reeves Puckett; lower right - George Willis Reeves. (Photos courtesy of Teresa Salonimer)