William Reeves, Jr.

On the 13th of November 1789, William Reeves, Jr. married Amey Tate in Wake County, North Carolina.

One of the few references to William Reeves, Jr. in the records of Wake County is a deed from his father on 25 Oct 1798 recorded in Deed Book Q at page 129 conveying to him 130 acres on the south side of Elobey's Creek. There is a subsequent deed dated 16 Sep 1806 for this same parcel of land conveying it from William Reeves, Jr. to William Moore recorded in Wake County Deed Book 5 at page 156.

This date in 1806 may mark the approximate time of the family's removal from North Carolina since both William Reeves, Sr. and William Reeves, Jr. are recorded in the 1810 census of Madison County, Kentucky.

It is unknown whether Amy Tate Reeves died prior to their departure from Wake County or after the family's arrival in Kentucky, but by the 1810 census she is no longer present in the household. The household contains 1 male 0-10, 1 male 16-25, 1 male 26-44, 2 females 0-10 and 1 female 10-15 in the 1810 Madison County, Kentucky census.

In 1813, William Reeves, Jr. married a second time to Mary Jane "Polly" Todd, widow of William Scudder. His brother, George Reeves, was bondsman. There is no record that any children were born to William and Polly Todd Scudder.

To date, no will has been located in Madison County for William Reeves, Jr. but his children have been deduced from census and marriage records recording his consent for their marriages.

It appears that William and Polly Reeves were living in the household of his son Jeremiah at the time of the 1840 census of Madison County as it includes a male 60-70 and a female 70-80 (in prior census, Polly appears to be about five years older than William). William Reeves, Jr. died sometime before 1850 for he is no longer listed in any census records after 1840.

The children of William Reeves, Jr. and Amey Tate:

  1. Sarah Reeves Parham
  2. John Reeves
  3. Elizabeth Reeves Parrish
  4. Jeremiah Reeves
  5. Ruth Reeves DePoyster