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We are a father & daughter team that have been researching our family tree for several years now and have designed this web page to inspire other historians and to link up with others genealogists interested in similar surnames. The names in bold lettering represent our direct lines.(Last updated July 2007)


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The following surnames maybe of some interest to you.



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Bellwood (Kellington, Pontefract, Goole, Yorks) click Bellwood

Bradder (Sutton-in-Ashfield/Notts) click Bradder

Chadderton (Oldham) click Chadderton

Dowman ( Nettleham, Broxhome, Saxilby, Lincs) click Dowman

Eldin click Eldin

Hardy (Norton Cuckney, Sutton-in Ashfield/Notts) click Hardy

Hill (OldSwinford, Stourbridge, Worcs) click Hill

Lees (Manchester) click Lees

Mee  (Norton Cuckney, Notts) click Mee

Pardoe (UpperSwinford/OldSwinford, Worcesteshire) click Pardoe

Powell (Orcop, Herefordshire) click Powell

Spencer Family Tree (Pentrich & Sutton in Ashfield areas) click Spencer

Thornley (Oldham/Lancs) click Thornley

Wallbank (Cannock/Staffs, Goole/Yorks) click Wallbank

Watson (Broxholme/Lincs; Sheffield/Yorks) click Watson

Woodhead (Elmton/Clowne, Derbyshire) click Woodhead

The following families emigrated to other countries:


Bellwood: Ridgedell/Reginald (1884) emigrated to Canada in 1923 abandoning wife and daughter). Sarah Ann Bellwood (sister of Ridgedell) emigrated to Canada also in 1923 and married Richard Burfield - they had 7 children

Chadderton: Ellen (born c1870) emigrated to Canada, Joseph (born c1870)emigrated to America.

Dowman: Benjamin (1791) m Elizabeth? and they had 7 children, one of whom was Robert Dowman (1834-1906) who m Sarah Watson (1836-1866) and they emigrated to America in 1860. Robert and Sarah's children were Watson B Dowman (1861-1949), Howard, Richard Joseph, Jason. Watson B Dowman is bur. New London Ohio.

        Watson B Dowman

Thornley: Joseph's son Harry (born c1900) emigrated to Australia.

Woodhead: George (1841-1911:George's son Albert (1882-1954) emigrated to Australia in 1906, his family followed in 1908.)


Robert Bellwood (b. circa 1612) m ? Children include:

Robert, William, Johanne

William Bellwood m Ann Horncastle in 1656 at Eggborough. Children include:

Robert (1663-1728), Brigetta (1678)

Robert Bellwood m Elizabeth Bolton at Kellington. Children include:

Jane (1692), Robert (1694), Ann (1696).

Robert Bellwood m Margaret Furness in 1724 at Kellington, Yorks. Children include:

John (1726), William, Thomas, Margaret, Mary, Nicholas, Robert.

John Bellwood m Elizabeth Carter in 1750 at Kellington, Yorks. Children include:

William (1751), Hugh (1754)

William Bellwood m Elizabeth Crawshaw in 1773 in Pontefract. Children include:

John (1780), Robert (1783), Thomas (1785), Elizabeth (1787), Hannah (1792).

John Bellwood m Catherine Eastwood in 1802 in Pontefract. Children include:

William (1803), Robert (1805), Thomas (1810)

William Bellwood (farm labourer) m Ann Fenton in 1829 in Drax, Yorkshire. Children include:

George (1845), James, William, Elizabeth, Sara, Thomas

George Bellwood m Betsey Ann Warrener. Children include:

Charles William (1882-1968), Ridgedell (1884- served in WWI, lungs badly affected by WW1 gas; emigrated to Canada in the 1923 abandoning wife and daughter), Fenton (1887), Sarah Ann (1877-1957, emigrated to Canada in 1923).

Charles William Bellwood (ships bosun) m Hannah Elizabeth Eldin - my great grandparents. Children include:

Annie Elizabeth (1910-1997), Horace (1919-1952)

Annie Elizabeth Bellwood m Edgar Wallbank in 1939 at Goole, E. Yorks. Children include:

Pauline Brenda Wallbank (1939-1980) - my mum

Charles & Hannah with their children, Annie & Horace with Granddaughter Pauline - 1940.  




HILL - The Nailmakers of Old Swinford

William Hill m Anne Jones in 1772 Old Swinford, Worc. Children include:

Thomas (1773), John (1775), Ann & Sarah (1779), William (1782), Joseph (1783), William (1785)

John Hill m Elizabeth. Children include:

John Hill (1800), Thomas (1797), Mary (1807), Sarah (1803)

John Hill m Prudence Smith. Children include:

John (1823), Sarah (1823), Benjamin (1825), Thomas (1827), William (1830), Diana (1835), Henry (1840), Charles (1844)

 Benjamin Hill m Ann Maria Dean/Dane/Dain. Children include:

Simeon (1845), William (1848), Thomas (1851), Maria (1853), Albert (1855), Ada (1856), Ellen (1858), Dinah (1860), John (1862)

 Albert Hill m Elizabeth Pardoe in 1875. Children include:

Albert Hill (1875)

Albert Hill m Annie Elizabeth Mee. Children include:

Annie Elizabeth (1910-1979), Robert, Hilda, Ruby, Winnie, Albert

Annie Elizabeth Hill m Harry Hardy Watson - my grandparents.

        Albert Hill & Annie Elizabeth Mee.

   Annie Elizabeth Hill - my grandmother (married name Watson), August 1939 just prior to the outbreak of World War II in September the same year    



John Wallbank m Ann Chapman in 1811 at Tettenhall, Staffs. Children include:

Thomas (1813), John (1815), Anne (1817), George (1818), Edward (1821), Charles (1823-1892),

Henry (1825), Emma (1827), Eliza (1830), Mary (1832)

Charles Wallbank (wheelwright & Inn Keeper) m Eliza Hale. Children include:

Betty (1846), William (1849), Eliza (1851), Charles (1853), Walter (1856), Harriet (1866)

Charles Wallbank (engine driver) m Emily Groves in 1877 at St Lukes, Cannock. Children include:

Alice, Florrie, Ada, Walter, Ernest (1878)

Ernest Wallbank (railwayman) m Mary Rawson Green in 1908 at Blackwell, Derbyshire. Children include:

Joan, Gwen, Madge, Alice, Fred, Edgar (1910-1994)

Edgar Wallbank (rigger) m Annie Elizabeth Bellwood in 1939 at Goole, E Yorks - my grandparents.

 Edgar Wallbank 1930's.




John Watson (c1811-1846 - Shoemaker) m Phebe Dowman in 1830 at Saxilby Church, Broxholme. Children include:

Mary Ann (1830), Rebecca (1832-1898 m William Appleby in 1861), James (1836-1893), and Robert (1839)



Saxilby Church, Lincs


James Watson (born Broxholme, Lincs) m Elizabeth Woodhead (1838-1904 b Clowne,Derbyshire) in 1860. Children include:

James Watson & Elizabeth Woodhead circa 1890                        

John (1861-1865), Phoebe (1863), Walter (1866), William (1868), Ada (1871), Sydney (1874-1951)


Walter Watson   [Walter m Alice and their children were: John (b1887); Ben Leonard (b1895); Daisy (b1896); Winnifred (b1905).]

[William James m Mary Ann and their children were: Elsie May (b1893); Norman Stanley (b1895)]                                       

  Sydney Watson (born Handsworth, Sheffield) = Mary Lois Hardy (2nd wife, 1885-1932). Children include:

Sydney Watson (born Handsworth, Sheffield) = Martha Bosworth (1872-1902/1st wife).

Their children were Gladys (b1895); Douglas Duncan Claude (1897-1916 killed at the battle of the Somme)

Harry Hardy (1905-1990), Chrissie (1911-2004), Kenneth (1917-2001), Gwendoline & Annie (died in infancy)

Harry Hardy Watson 1913.


Harry Hardy Watson m Annie Elizabeth Hill. Children include:

Michael Hill Watson (1940) - my dad who is a Local Methodist Preacher

Michael Hill Watson m Pauline Wallbank (1939-1980/Teacher/1st wife) in 1963. They had 1 child - me Lynne Marie Watson(1975)

Michael Hill Watson m Gwyneth Thornley (1945, Oldham/2nd wife) in 1986 at Chadderton Methodist Church, Oldham


John Hardy (1708-1768) m Elizabeth and had the following children:

Mary (1738-1750), John (1742-1805), Hannah (1749), Mary (1752-1753), George (1755-1814), Alice (1756), James (1760), William (1763-1817)

William Hardy m Mary Holdsworth (1759-1840) in 1786 at Tervasel, Notts. Their children were:

John (1787-1861), William (1789-1872;FrameworkKnitter), James (1792-1793), Sarah (1794), Mary (1796), James (1799-1861), Elizabeth (1801), Ann (1804).

William Hardy (collier) m Maria Dove (1791) in 1814 at Teversal,Notts. Children include:

William (1817 died in infancy), William (1821-1887)

William Hardy (FWK) m Maria Bradder (1820-1850) in 1846 at Teversal. Children include:

Caleb Bradder (1838, illegitimate), William Bradder (1841, illegitimate, name changed later to Hardy), Andrew Hardy (1844-1914), Selenor Hardy (1848)

Andrew Hardy (coal miner) m Elizabeth Spencer (1840)in 1865 at Mansfield


                                                                                              Elizabeth Spencer

Children include:

William (1866), George (1869), Elizabeth (1870), Eli (1872), Selena (1875), Julia (1877), Arabella (1880), Annie (1883), Mary Lois (1883)

Mary Lois Hardy (domestic service) m Sydney Watson......





Mary Lois circa 1900.




William Thornley (1815-1871, b Hollinwood, OLDHAM) m Elizabeth Berry (1816-1883, b Tonge, Middleton, Lancashire) and their children were:

William (1842-1900), Arthur, George, Harry, Elizabeth Annie, Joseph (1851-1904)

William Thornley m Mira Elizabeth Powell (1854) and their children were:

Daniel (1875-1947), Milly, Annie (1874-1900), Fanny, Alice, Janie, William, Joseph (Joseph's son Harry emigrated to Australia), Millie, Fred, Lily, Henry, Ethel

Daniel Thornley m Sarah Chadderton (1878-1962) and their children were:

William (1901-1903), Minnie (1902-1978), Wilfred Chadderton (1910-1991)

Wilfred Chadderton Thornley m Emma Lees (1909-1984) and their children were:

Trevor (1937), Olwyn (1939), Gwyneth(1945)

Gwyneth Thornley m Michael Watson (1940) in 1986 at Chadderton Methodist Church, Oldham


Job Lees (d 1916) m Martha Whipp (d 1928) and their children were:

Herbert (1879-1940)

Herbert Lees m Elizabeth Alice Heywood (1874-1954) and their children were:

Emma Lees (1909-1984)


Henry Chadderton (1811) m ? and their children were:

William Henry (1841)

William Henry Chadderton m Sarah Midgley (1841-1914), and their children were:

Ellen (emigrated to Canada), Joseph (emigrated to America), Nathaniel, Mary, William, Sarah (1878), Amy

Sarah Chadderton m Daniel Thornley (1875-1947) - see Thornley line above.


David Powell m Anne and their children were:

Petter Powell (1742-1720, b Orcop, Herefordshire)

Petter Powell m Elizabeth Meadmore (b 1744 Orcop, Herefordshire) in 1765 at Orcop by licence, and their children were:

Petter Powell (1774-1844, b at Orcop, Herefordshire)

James (1776 b Orcop)

Petter Powell m Mary Jones (1770-1855 b Peterchurch, Herefordshire) in 1801 at St Weonards and their children were:

Daniel Powell (1810-1892, b at Orcop, Herefordshire)

Elizabeth (b 1806)

Daniel Powell m Elizabeth Seabourne (1812-1883, b at St Weonards Hertfordshire) in 1842 at Tretire with Michael Church, Herefordshire, and their children were:

George (1843-1922), Albert (1847-1936), Emily (1844), Jane (died a few days old), Miriam Elizabeth (1854-1915, b Orcop, Herefordshire)

Miriam Elizabeth Powell m William Thornley (1842-1900) in 1871 at Lady Huntingdons Chapel, Hereford




Mike & Lynne



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