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Alexander Doleman (living in 1300) m Mary Salveyn. Their children were:


Thomas m Mary Bruce and their children were:

John, Alexander, Thomas, Mary Ann

John Doleman m Joan Marshall and their children were:


John Doleman m Isobel Conyers and their children were:

Robert, James Leonard, Isobel Mary

Robert Doleman m Anne Horton and their children were:


Thomas Doleman m Jane Thornton and their children were:

John (of Pocklinton), Marmaduke, Richard

John Doleman m Maud Northorpe and their children were:

William, Robert                                                                



Dedication  to Joann Dowman 1526, located in Old Hall, St John's College Cambridge      

Robert Doleman m 1st wife ? Exilby

                            m 2nd wife Ann and their children were:

William (died 1546)

William Doleman m Elizabeth Hawcliff and their children were:

Thomas (1532-1589), Dorothy, Robert (died 1581)

Thomas Doleman m Elizabeth Vavasour (1835-1616) and their children were:

Sir Robert Doleman (1579-1627, Knight, of Pocklington and Gunby.
James I confiscated part of his estate in 1610 as punishment for non-conformity), Peter (1579-1821), Marmaduke (1562-1645, of Pocklington
inherited his brother Robert's estates upon Robert's death.
Slain at the battle of Marston Moor fighting for the king)
, John, William (1564-1564), Anne, Bridget, Jane, Elizabeth (1567-1567).

Marmaduke m Ursula Rudson (Daughter of John Rudson and widow of Christopher Langley of Millington). Their children were:

William, Marmaduke (of Bottesford, died 1654, Fought for the king in the civil war. His lands were confiscated in 1652 as punishment for treason), Thomas (died 1671), John (died 1670), Ursula, Elizabeth, Mary.

Marmaduke m Ann Shaw (daughter of John Shaw of Bottesford, died 1652)

William (d 1662), John (of Bottesford, Gentleman, d 1695), Elizabeth (1628), Ursula, Ann

John Doleman m Persida Lincoln (daughter of Rev William Lincoln, d 1682). Their children were:

William (1665-1694), Marmaduke (d 1702), Nicholas Doulman(1672-1698; the evidence for this link is strong family anecdotal information), Persida, Ann.

Nicholas Doulman (1672-1698) m Mary Crofts in 1692 at South Elkington

their children were:

Nicholas Doulman (1693-1756, buried at Alvingham)

Nicholas Doulman m Mary Willoughby (1690-1739, buried at Alvingham)

Their children were:

Mary (1720-1720), Ann (1723-1727), William (1724-1728), Mary (1727), William (1728-1729), George (1729-1730), George Dowlman (1731-1796), John (1739).

Nicholas Doulman (1693-1756) m 2nd wife Elizabeth Searby (1712-1751) in 1741, and their children were:

Charles Doulman (1742), Anne (1743), John (1745), Elizabeth (1747), Thomas (1749), Jane (1751-1751).

Nicholas Doulman (1693-1756) m 3rd wife Susanna (1697-1754)

George Dowlman (1731-1796, Alvingham, Lincs) m Mary Ostler (1737, Covenham) in 1757 at Covenham. Their children were:

Anne (1758), William Doleman (1758-1830, Reepham, Lincs/died at Nettleham, Lincs), Jane (1761), Milly (1766), Mildred (1769), Francis (1775), John (1777).

William Doleman m Phoebe Crow (1761-1845, Spridlington, Lincoln. Father: Thomas Crow; Mother: Ann Green) in 1781 at Nettleham, Lincs. Their children were:

Elizabeth (1782), William (1784-1860, Nettleham, Lincs/died Broxholme, Lincs), John (1788), Benjamin (1791), Phoebe (1793), Thomas (1795), Charles (1799), Anna Maria (1801), Henry (1803), Edward (1804-1829).

[Benjamin (1791) m Elizabeth? and they had 7 children, one of whom was Robert Dowman (1834-1906) who m Sarah Watson (1836-1866) and they emigrated to America in 1860. Robert and Sarah's children were Watson B Dowman (1861-1949), Howard, Richard Joseph, Jason. Watson B Dowman is bur. New London Ohio.]

William m Mary Munks ( 1779-1865, Saxilby, Lincs/died Broxholme, Lincs); their children were:

Phoebe (1813-1857, Saxilby, Lincs/died Sheffield, Yorks), William (1808-1898), Hannah (1811), James, John, Thomas, Charles, Joseph, Mary.

Phoebe Dowman m John Watson in 1830 at Saxilby, Lincs - see main page