1861 census Fulbeck, Watson and Capp families

census 7 April 1861

only heads of household so far

House First name Last name Marital status Age Occupation Place of birth

Fulbeck Low Fields JonathonCapp M 48 Farmer of 56 acres employing 1 boy Linc Long L

Thomas jr Watson M 48 Blacksmith Fulbeck

John Watson W 69 Gardener Fulbeck

Robert Watson M 60 Gardener's lab - Parish Clerk Fulbeck

Richard Watson M 50 Groom Fulbeck

Thomas snr Watson M 71 Retired Carpenter Fulbeck

Watsons Row SarahWatson U 75 Fund holder Fulbeck

Southorpe WilliamWatson W 73 Landed Proprietor Fulbeck

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