Fanny Ermin Phyllis Fitz Way

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Name Fanny Ermin Phyllis Fitz Way 2
Birth 8 Apr 1881, Bristol, England
Death 5 Jul 1970, Newport Beach, CA
Burial Newport Beach, California
Occupation Nanny (in America)
Religion Episcopal
Father Edgar FitzBenjamin Way (1843-1912)
Mother Amy Harriett Ricketts (1848-1904)
1 Commander Henry Thomas Mostyn Watkins 2
Birth 1 Oct 1869, London, England
Death 10 Oct 1941, Costa Mesa, California
Burial Balboa, California
Occupation Commander in the British navy.
Religion Episcopal
Father Rev. (Colonel) Charles Watkins (1834-1908)
Mother Emma Isabella Mostyn (1844-1915)
Marriage Jun 1902, Long Ashton, Somerset Co., England
Children Henry Holroyd Mostyn (1908-1985)
Dorothy Phyllis Mostyn (1910-1920)
Reginald Mostyn (1912-1996)
Lorna Anita Mostyn (1917-1995)
Joan Phyllis Mostyn (1922-2003)
Notes for Fanny Ermin Phyllis Fitz Way
When the family moved to Los Angeles, California, they all came down with scarlet fever and ended up in the hospital.2
Was an extra on the movie "Merry Widow" back in 1930.2
Became an American citizen before her husband.2
She had a nanny for the first 3 kids until the money (allowance from her father) ran out when her father died.
Notes for Henry Thomas Mostyn & Fanny Ermin Phyllis Fitz (Family)
He met Phyllis at age 33 and she 21. They were at a party in her home. He was invited because he was a nice man and being a navy man & having a nice singing voice (he used to say), he would come and sing the little sea chanties and entertain the guests. They moved to Canada, after he retired, approx. 1908. They lived between Canada and England for about 17 years, before moving to USA-Los Angeles, California. While in Canada they bought a farm. He used to have Phyllis bring out his tea & crumpets out to the middle of the field at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. He was known as the crazy englishman. After about a year they sold the farm. After the first 3 children were a little older, they took a trip to England. WW1 broke out and he had to take over the ship that he was on. When he got to England they gave him the ship "LORNA". It was rather small (yaht size). He patrolled the English Channel. They spent 4 years in England during the war; which Lorna was born and of course named after the ship. They returned to Canada and bought a combination grocery store, restaurant. They tired of that and moved to Los Angeles, Ca. in 1925.
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