The Way Family
The Way Family
Judy Phyllis (nee Holme) Cloninger
Cathy Thea (nee Holme; formerly Waters) Spicker

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This page was created for the descendants and relations of Henry Thomas Mostyn Watkins and Fanny Ermin Phyllis FitzWay; it refers to the families Way, Watkins, Moore, Smyth and Holme, as well as Hustvedt and others. Last update: 11/26/19

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A Adam, Allen, Andersdtr, ap Dingad, ap Einion, ap Kynrick, ap Rhywallon, Archdale, Armstrong, Arnbjornsdtr, Arnbjorsen, Ashburnham, Astry
B Baillie, Baker, Bandebers Jelsa, Banfield, Barnes, Bartley, Beauchamp, Bell, Bergen, Berghelli, Berners, Beroen, Bira Kinst, Bird, Bjordad, Bligh, Bond, Boothby, Bootle, Bootle-Wilbraham, BosesgowBrenner, Brooke, Bullen, Burrell, Burrows or Burroughs, Byrne, Byron, Bythesea
C Cartmer, Cartwright, Cave, Cavendish, Cholmeley, Clementsdtr, Clinton, Cloninger, Coke, Collins, Compton, Cook, Cooke, Corbett, Cornwallis-West, Coster, Cotton, Cottrell-Dormer, Courteney, Courtney, Coward, Crosby, Crouch, Cumberlege, Cummings, Currie, Currie-Spaulding, Curry
D Daniel, Daniels, Davie, Deas, deLellis, deLellis Stubbins, deLellis Stubbins Minot, Diggins, Donoghue, Drake, Drewe, Duncombe, Dundas-Robertson
E Eakin, Eden, Edwards, Edwin, Eikraas?, Eirindsdtr, Ellingsdtr, Ellis, Emanuel, Endresdtr, Endresen, Erve, Espeland
F Fair, Fairbairn, Fardell, Farington, Ffoulks, Flagg, Foster, Framnes, Frankel, Fridleifsson, Frodasson, Fulford
G Gage, Gethin, Gibbons, Gill, Gombs?, Gonzalez, Gordon-Lennox, Gore, Gorges, GorgesGorges, Graham, Grene, Griggs, Griggs-Spaulding, Grosvenor, Grote, Guggisberg, Gurdon
H Halfdansdatter, Hamilton-Szladkowska, Hansdtr, Harris, Harrison, Haugland, Haushen, Havarsson, Heathcote, Helgesdtr, Henry, Hill, Hille, Holme, Holroyd, Honig, Horton , Houston, Hovda, Howard, Hroarsson, Hunter, Husa, Hustvedt
I Ingernonsdtr, Irby
J Johannedaughter, Johannesdtr, Johanson, Johnston, Jonsdtr, Jorgensdtr, Joyce
K Kalmanovskia ne Kenneway, Karmiensdtr, Kennard, Kennaway, Kennaway ne Kalmanovsky, Kenrick, Kernot, Knight, Knutsdtr, Kongshaun, Koscuik, Kristensdaughter, Kutcher, Kvelvaag, Kvelvaas, Kynrick, Kynrick or Kenrich
L Labjornsdtr, Lacey, Lascelles, Leach, Lei, Levaas, Leveson-Gower, Lewis, Lie i Sveio, Llewellyn, Lloyd, Lockey, Lodge, Loebenberg, Lomazzi, Long, Lumley, Lygon, Lynn
M MaCleod, Marler, Marshall, Martin, Matthews, Maxwell, May, McCracken, McCracken-Bell, Meade, Mertes, Metcalfe, Meyers, Miller, Mills, Minot, Molloy, Moore, Moreth, Morpeth, Morris, Mostyn, Mullens, Murphy
N Naal-Canul, Nainby, Narvaez, Naylor, Neilson, Nelson, Nesse, Newman, Newnham, North, Norton
O Ogilvy, Okland, Olafsson, Oldsdtr, Oliviera, Olsen, Ooms, Osbourne
P Page, Paine, Parish, Pascoe, Paxton, Payne, Pedersdtr, Pedersen, Pena, Philip, Pierson, Pigott, Pigou, Plank, Pleydell-Bouverie, Plumlee, Ponsonby, Poore, Poulett, Price, Prior, Probert, Pym
R Rafdad, Rattray, Rees, Reid, Reilly, Ricketts, Riminereid, Rinimer, Roarsen, Rodgers, Ross
S Said-Oliviera, Said-Taylor, Sampson, Sandvik, Sanford, Schmall, Selle, Shaffer, Shafto, Shard, Sharp, Shields, Shirey, Siegelhurst?, Simonsdtr, Simpson, Sinnott, Skjoldsson, Skousnes, Smith, Smith Smyth, Smithers, Smyth, Smyth EdwardsUptonIrby, Smyth Irby, Smyth-Irby, Snakenbergh, Sommers-Honig, Spankie, Spankie-Taylor, Spargur, Spaulding, Spencer, Spicker, Stanley, Starr, Stengel, Stewart, Storksdtr, Strachan, Strickland, Stubbins, Sullivan, Sutherland-Leveson-Gower, Svendsdtr
T Talbot, Taylor, Taylor ne Omoniyi, Tewther, Thelwall, Thompson, Tollesfsdtr, Torsdtr, Torvastad, Trelawney, Trevor, Tuckman, Tufnell
U Udoye, Upton, Upton Smyth
V Valdarsson, Vasquez-Rios, Vatlien, Vaughan, Vei Etne, Vermundsson, Vespestad, Viger, Villiers, Von Restdorff, Vorag i Skjold, Vorland, Vornes, Vyner
W Walker-Leigh, Wallace, Warnke, Waters, Watkins, Wattles, Watts, Way, Webb, Weber, Western, Weyland, Wheeler, Whitby, Whitchurch, Whiteway, Wilbraham, Wilbraham-Bootle, Williams, Willson, Wilson, Wise, Wohlberg, Woodford, Woods, Woolhough, Wright
X Xenia de Tunzleman
Y Youngdahl

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