Samuel G. Davis

Samuel G. Davis

Father Mother
Enoch Davis Sr. Elizabeth Ann DeLoach

The following is from Ancestors and Kin: by Mary Kennedy Reynolds, ©1991, pages 316 and 317



Samuel G. Davis, son of Enoch Davis, Sr. and Elizabeth Anna DeLoach (maybe), was born in 1812, according to the 1860 Wilcox County Census Record.

Family records of Devereaux Riddlebarger, Pensacola, FL, show that Samuel was born in 1822.

There is also some confusion as to the names of Samuel's two wives. The records of Mrs. J. W. Philen, Thomasville, show that the first one was Elizabeth Sheffield.

However, there is a Monroe County Marriage Record of a Samuel G. Davis and Mrs. Jane E. Johnson who married on April 7, 1834. This is recorded in Book 1, page 7, with Henry G. Jones as security. Could this possibly be Elizabeth Sheffield, who was married to a Johnson before she married Samuel? The dates of birth for the two older Davis children occurred after 1834.

When the estate of Enoch Davis, Sr. (Samuel's father) was settled around 1858 or 1859, the two older child of Samuel were listed as follows:

"Elizabeth, about 17 years old, who resides in Wilcox County;
Elijah, about 21 years of age and who resides in Wilcox County."
According to their ages given at the time of the 1860 Census, their ages were reversed by the person giving the Estate information.

The estate papers of Enoch Davis, Sr. also listed Samuel's five children by his second wife, whose name was omitted:

I do not know when Samuel's first wife died, but by 1860, he had remarried. Again, to quote Mrs. J. W. Philen,

"He married Jane Kirk, daughter of James Johnson Kirk and his first wife."
However, the Kirk Journal says,
"She (Mary) married S. G. Davis, a widower with two children, and they lived happily together until the summer of 1860 when he died."
This left her with five children: four girls and one little boy.

The Kirk Journal stated that Samuel G. Davis died in 1860, and the 1870 Wilcox County Census had his widow as head of the household by then. The Estate Papers of his father had Samuel listed as "deceased" in 1860 also.