Matilda Salina Mitcham

Matilda Salina Mitcham

Father Mother
Elijah Mitcham Rebecca Norman

Widow's Pension

State of Georgia
County of Meriwether

Mrs. Matilda S. Florence who being sworn according to law, says under oath that she is the widow of Thomas W. Florence who was a soldier in the service of the Confederate States and served as a member of Company E of the 2nd Regiment of Georgia Volunteers. That he enlisted in said service on or about the 12th day of February 1862 and was in the Army up to August 31st 18631; that while in the Army on duty at Jonesboro, Georgia shot through both hips with a minnie ball; he removed from Jonesboro where he was wounded to the hospital in Macon, Georgia where he remained til he died from said wound October 24th 18631. He was never able to leave the hospital after being taken there but remained there til his death.

Deponent further swears that she was the wife of said soldier during the term of service in the Army and that she has never remarried since his death; that she became his wife on the 4th of February 18512 and that she has resided in Georgia continueously since the 25th day of January 18333; that Georgia is her home and was such on the 23rd day of December 1890, and since said date she has not lived in any other state or locality. Deponent, as the widow of said deceased soldier husband, applies for the pension provided by Act of the General Assembly of Georgia approved December 23rd 1890 for the pension year ending February 15th, 1895 and herewith tenders the proof of her right to receive the allowance granted by said act.

Sworn to and subscribed before me this the 9th day of April 1891.

S/A. J. Neinton

Florence, Matilda S.
Meriwether County
No. 385

Widow's Pension

Paid to S/ Mrs. Matilda S. Florence of
Meriwether County


Warrant Issued and handed to



  1. - see Roster of Confederate Soldiers of GA, Vol. I, page 402. Sherman's march to the sea was in 1864.
  2. - Record of marriages in Meriwether Co. clearly shows December not February.
  3. - could be 1833 or 1834.

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