My Italian ancestors arrived in New York City from Northern Italy in the years 1894 and 1895.

Francesco "Frank" Anselmini, son of Ludwig and Rose Anselmini and husband of Rosa Bolsoni Anselmin arrived by himself on April 23, 1894 aboard the ship "Werra". He left his home, wife and 2 sons and traveled from the comune of Ostiano, in the Province of Cremona within the Lombardia Region located in Northern Italy. He departed from the port of Ligurgia, Genova, traveling with 1 suitcase. He was a mason by trade and 31 years of age. His destination - the port of New York City.

His wife, Rosa, daughter of Thomas Bolsoni and Catherine Manfredi, arrived the following year with 3 children, Ludwig, Reinwald and their new baby, Catherine Rosa, who was born on the first day of December of 1894.

On the 27th day of October 1896, a legal court document shows my great grandfather, Frank's intent is to become a citizen of the US and therefore renounces his allegiance to the King of Italy. It appears he and his family are residing at 223 East 102nd Street, NYC at this time.

In 1897, Rosa gives birth to what I believe was twins, Luigi and Realdo. It is believed that Realdo died, possibly born dead. The NYC Birth Index lists his birth record #22435, showing he was born on the same day as Luigi (Louis), May 23, 1897.

Frank, Rose and the children all made their home in New York City and appear in the 1900 census records as living in an apartment located at 320 East 61st Street. On May 31st of 1900, Rose gave birth to another child, a son, Giuseppi, who was my grandfather, Joseph Francis. He was nine day old when the census was taken that year.

On Nov 22, 1902, Rose gives birth to Tomasso (Thomas) and to son, William on Jul 5, 1904.

Rose also gave birth to another child after 1900 and prior to 1910 which apparently died. This child is believed to have been a daughter and her name may have been "Alma" per the recollection of a neice. It was indicated in the census records that prior to 1910, Rosa gave birth to 9 children in total, 3 of whom had died.

In 1910 the family has moved and are located on East 65th Street in New York City. Son, Reinwald has died prior to 1910. Apparently he wasn't mentioned much within the family as my mother who knew all the family said she had never heard of him.

1917 my grandfather, Joseph Francis, enlists in the US Army and served in France.

1920 shows the family living at 1094 2nd Ave, which is about 56th - 57th Street. They have been at this location since at least 1915. Ludwig "Luddie" and sister Catherine or "Katie" as she was known, have both married.

Ludwig married Rose Larghi from New Jersey and they moved downtown to 1235 Ave A in the East Village. Ludwig and Rose are shown with 2 children, Beatrice and Ludwig Jr.

Catherine married Patrick McCoy and they live at 1094 2nd Ave. They live in the same apartment building as Frank and Rose.

1930 shows the family has moved out of Manhattan and into the borough of Queens. Frank and Rose are living at 6409 39th Ave, in Astoria. Also shown in the home are sons, Louis, Thomas and William.

Ludwig and Rose have moved to 3738 79th Street, Jackson Heights which is a private house. They are shown with children, Beatrice, Ludwig Jr., Andrew and Alice.

Catherine, now a widow whose husband Patrick died in Dec 1929 is shown with her brother, William and his wife, Mary at 3790 64th Street in Queens. Also with her are 2 daughters, Anna and Eileen.

Joseph has married to Helen M. Hoar in 1924 and they are living in an apartment at 1106 21st Street in the Astoria. Joseph is a policeman and was shot and wounded while on duty on Apr 7, 1925. They are show with children, Joseph, Gloria and Edward.

Frank Anselmini dies at NY Post Graduate Hospital in Manhattan on Jan. 6, 1933 and is buried in Calvary Cem., Queens, NY.

Rose Anselmini dies at Koff Heights Hospital in Brooklyn on Feb 4, 1936 and was buried in Calvary Cem., Queens, NY.

1940 shows Ludwig and Rose living in their home at 3738 79th Street, in Jackson Heights, Queens. They are shown with children, Ludwig Jr., Andrew and Alice. Daughter Beatrice has married to George William Castka on 26 Dec 1938, in Jackson Heights. They live on 81st Street in Queens.

Catherine McCoy is now living at 4102 69th Street,in Queens. Her daughters, Anna and Eileen are shown in the home. Catherine is a dressmaker.

Louis has married to Mary and they are living on 29th Street in Queens. They are shown with daughter, Patricia.

Joseph and Helen Anselmin are living at 31-44 44th Street in Queens and are shown with children, Joseph Jr., Gloria, Edward and Robert.

William and Mary are living at 2346 36th Steet, Queens and are shown with children, Mary Ann and Francis(Frank).

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Local Parish Church the Anselmini Family attended in Ostiano.

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Baptism Record of Louis Joseph Anselmini

Application for Seaman's Certificate of American Citizenship - Louis Joseph Anselmini