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My Irish ancestors arrived in New York City sometime during the 1860's and prior to the 1870 census records. This is based on the ages of the children and the information obtained in the Census Records.

Thomas and Mary Hoar first appear in the 1870 Census records with 3 children, Thomas, William and Elizabeth "Eliza". In the next census, taken in 1870 there are 2 additional children in the family, John and Walter. The older son, Thomas, who would be approximately 15 years old is not shown with the family.

It is back through son Walter that I trace my lineage.

Walter Thomas Hoar, son of Thomas Hoar and Mary Dalton married Julia Cecelia Manning, the daughter of James Manning and Mary Fox, in New York City in about 1898-1899 according to information in the census records. Julia was the mother of 6 children. The oldest daughter, Mary, and the next to youngest son, James, died during childhood. The surviving children were; Christropher, Helen, Veronica and Thomas.

Daughter, Helen Margaret, born in 1902, was my grandmother. She married Joseph Francis Anselmini, born in NYC in 1900. Records indicate that these families lived in the same general vicinity on the East side.

Helen and Joseph had 4 children, Joseph, Gloria, Edward and Robert. It is through Gloria and her marriage to Willie James Barnhill, my parents, that I descend.


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Gloria Helen Anselmin Barnhill 23 Jul 1926 - 24 Feb 2013