My "Horrell Line" Connection

It is through my Grandma Barnhill that I make my connection to the "Horrell" family lines. Grandma Ella Lee Wallace Barnhill was the daughter of Martha Jane Horrell, also known as "Mattie" Jane or just "Jane" in later years.

Mattie Jane's father, George Washington Horrell, my 2nd great grandfather, was the youngest son of Jonathan Francis Horrell and Mary Jane Harvey, according to his death certificate. I make note of this as Mary Jane is also known as Mary Jane Harvey Ritter. According to son, George's death certificate, she was also born in Virginia.

Jonathan Francis Horrell, my 3rd great grandfather, arrived here from England, where he was born in 1767. According to the writings in the documents of the Haw Bluff Church, he arrived in Wilmington, New Hanover County in 1804. We know from the ages of the children that their marriage was sometime before 1815.

Jonathan and Mary Jane lived in what was then New Hanover County up until sometime prior to the 1850 Federal Census, at which time they were shown in the NE Side of the Cape Fear River, which would become known later as the "Frenches Creek" area of Bladen County. The area today is known as "Kelly". Many descendants still live in this community today.

According to records, Jonathan and Mary Jane, attended the Bethlehem Church for about 20 years and in 1859 were among those responsible for the creation of a new church, the "Haw Bluff" Church. This is all documented in the minutes of the church records. I have been able to trace my connections to most of the families who attended this church and many who still attend the church today.

Known children of Jonathan and Mary Jane Horrell were:

William Mack
John Field
James Bradbury "Brad"
George Washington

Mattie "Jane", my great grandmother, was the youngest daughter and youngest child of George Washington Horrell and Martha M. Woodcock. She was born in 1878 in the township of Canetuck, located in what is now Pender County, NC and was one of nine children. Her siblings were:

William "Billy" George
Jasper Fred
Mary Eliza
Joseph Lincoln
Americus Mack
Neil M.
Adrian D.
Bruce M.

In 1860, George W. is shown as the head of the family with his wife, Martha and 3 children. They are living in Bladen County, and their PO address is Beatty's Bridge. In 1863, my 3rd great grandfather, Jonathan F. Horrell dies.

By 1870, George and his family have moved and are living at Harrells Store, Franklin Township, New Hanover County. There are now 6 children in the household.

The family has moved once again and appear in Canetuck Township, Pender County, in the 1880 Federal Census. Three additional children were born between the years 1871 and 1878. One of these children, a son, Bruce, died in 1879.

In the 1900 census, it reflects that my 2nd great grandparents, George W. and Martha have moved and have settled in Caswell Township, Pender County. They own their farm.

If I understand the land records correctly, George and Martha owned land which they obtained from Hanson and Melissa Barnhill Woodcock, my great grandaunt and her husband. Hanson Woodcock is also my 2nd great granduncle (twice) as two of his sisters are my 2nd great grandmothers.

It is here that Mattie Jane, my great grandmother grew up, met and married William Bland Wallace. Again, if my understanding of the records are correct, William Bland Wallace would have lived on the other side of the road on what was then his father's, William Glisson Wallace's land.

So, there is my connection to the "Horrell" family line. Just to note, I connect also to the "Horrell" line in a few other ways. My 1st cousin, 3 times removed was the 2nd wife of William Mack Horrell, who was already my 2nd great granduncle. Also, Zilpha Horrell, his sister, married John Phillip Barnhill, my 2nd great granduncle and brother to my 2nd great grandfather, Griffith W. Barnhill. So you see, the branches of my tree really begin to tangle.