Marriages in NC

New Hanover County Marriage Bonds

Bride: Eliza J Henry
Groom: Griffith Barnhill
Bond Date: 29 Apr 1853
County: New Hanover
Record # 01 006
Witness: Samuel R. Bunting
Bond #: 000087430
Marriage Date: 03 May 1853
Performed By: John A Corbett, Justice of the Peace

My Great Great Grandparents

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Early New Hanover County Marriages

Griffith W. Barnhill & Eliza Jane Henry
2nd Great Grandparents
3 May 1853
John Boswell & Mary S. Woodcock
2nd Great Grandaunt & uncle
1 Nov 1855
George W. Horrell & Martha M. Woodcock
2nd Great Grandparents
3 Dec 1855
John B. Woocock & Elizabeth Ann Henry
3rd Great Grandfather & 2nd Wife
25 Oct 1856
Julia M. Barnhill & Hiram R. Averitt
2nd Great Grandaunt & uncle
27 Nov 1851
Robert H. Barnhill & Elizabeth J. Lewis
2nd Great Granduncle & aunt
24 Mar 1853

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Gail Conn

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Marriages - 1888 - 1912
Newspaper articles appearing in the
Wilmington Star News

The residence of Mr. C.F. Browne, of this city, was the scene of a happy event yesterday forenoon at 11 O'Clock. Mr. N.R. Barnhill, of Bladen, and Miss M.F. Browne were then and there united in holy bonds of wedlock, the ceremony being performed by the Rev. R.N. Barlow. The happy couple took the steamer ENTERPRISE yesterday evening for the home of the groom in Bladen.
Wilmington Messenger
Jun 1, 1888

License was issued yesterday for the marriage of Mr. John M. Barnhill, a son of Mrs. W.B. Skipper of Bladen county, and Miss Mary D. Watson, daughter of Mr. And Mrs. W.B. Watson, of this city.
Wilmington star

Mr. John M. Barnhill and Miss Mary D. Watson were married at the home of the brides parents, Mr. And Mrs. W.B. Watson, 821 South Front street, at 7:30 O'Clock last night, Rev, J.S.Crowley officiating. They will live on the corner of Second and Meares street.
Wilmington Star
April 18, 1907

License was issued yesterday for the marriage of Mr. Henry H. Barnhill, a son of Mr. And Mrs. Henry Barnhill, of Bladen county, and Miss Nannie E. King, daughter of Mr. And Mrs. William R. King, of Durham.
Wilmington Star
May 15, 1907

Mr. Thomas Louis Barnhill, of Pender county, son of Mr. And Mrs. David E. Barnhill, and Miss Lether Hunt, daughter of the late Mr. And Mrs. J.M. Hunt, of Pender county, a niece of Mr. W.B. Hunt of Wilmington, will be married in this city next Tuesday evening. The ceremony will be performed by the Rev. C.F. Whitlock, pastor of the Brooklyn Baptist church, and will probably take place at the parsonage.
Wilmington Star and Wilmington Dispatch
August 12, 1911

License for marriage was issued yesterday - Mr. John R. Barnhill, of Bladen county, and Miss Etta Hunt, daughter of Mr. And Mrs. R.A. Hunt, of Pender county, are to be married by Rev. J.A. Sullivan, pastor of Brooklyn Baptist church.
Wilmington Star
March 10, 1912

Mr. Fred Barnhill and Miss Jesse Burkette, both of this city, were happily married yesterday afternoon at 5 o'clock at the office of Justice G.W. Bornemann, the genial "Judge" himself, performing the ceremony in his usual impressive manner. Mr. And Mrs. Barnhill will make their home in Wilmington, where both have a host of friends.
Wilmington Star
April 16, 1912