Land Records

New Hanover County
(Now Pender County)
Land Records

James J. Barnhill Land Grant

Griffith W. Barnhill to James B. Horrell

Hanson & Melissa Barnhill Woodcock to George W. Horrell

John Field Horrell to James B. Horrell

Pender County - Land Records

Land records from the Columbia Land Bank

These records reflect land being transferred from
family to family
generation to generation

Hanson M. & Melissa Barnhill Woodcock
George W. Horrell
George W. and Martha Woodcock Horrell
A. D. Horrell
Adrian D. and Mittie Woodcock Horrell
G. H. Horrell
George H. and Alice Horrell
W. G. Wallace
Wm. Glisson Wallace
Willie Don Barnhill


My grandfather also purchased 31 plus acres of land through the land bank on which he farmed. The acreage was located up behind William Glisson Wallace's property on which he resided and on which his grist mill was located. After my grandfather died the land produced income for my grandmother until her death. At the time of my grandmother's death, the farm acreage was divided among the living children, with the exception of the oldest daughter, who received the 2 1/2 acres on which the home and several other buildings were located.

The farm land has remained in the family as my brother bought 15 acres of the land from our aunts, with the exception of one, who lives on her property. Several Cousins live on the properties passed to them by their father and the widow of an uncle resides on her property.

The old dirt road leading to the property from Beatty's Bridge Road was officially named by the County as "Barnhill Lane".