cornwall england newspaper


4 March 1836, Friday

Yesterday, at Helston, the lady of Frederick Hill, Esq. of a son.

On the 18th ult, the lady of Mr. Vandrey, Surgeon, Hayle, of a daughter.

On Monday last, at Truro, the wife of Mr. James Lander, of a son.

On the 23rd ult. the lady of Dr. Dansey, of Saltash, of a son.

Last week, at Bodmin, Mrs. Pedroscelli, of a daughter.

At Hayle,on the 19th ult, Mrs. William Pearce, of a daughter.

At Falmouth, on Monday last, the wife of Mr. T. N. Dixon, of a daughter.

On Wednesday last, at Pool, Mrs. Treglown, of a son.

On Saturday last, at Falmouth, Mrs. Hollacombe, of a son.

11 March

On the 6th instant, the lady of the Rev. W. Gee, of Week St. Mary, of a daughter.

On Sunday, the 6th instant, at Falmouth, Mrs. J. Turner, of a son.

On Wednesday, at Penzance, Mrs. Stephen Cara, of a daughter.

Lately, at Lille, a woman named July, of four daughters, all living.  The first was born on Friday night, at eleven o'clock, and the three others, at ten, eleven, and twelve on Saturday morning.

In Renfield Street, Glasgow, Mrs. White, of three daughters, all healthy and doing well.

18 March

At Torpoint, the lady of Capt. Shanson, R.N. of a daughter.

At St. Austell, on Monday, Mrs. J. H. Drew, of a son.

At Charlestown, on Tuesday, Mrs. Chas. Coombe, of a son.

Lately, at Penzance, Mrs. R. Eddy, of a daughter.

On Monday last, at Camborne, Mrs. Geo. Smith, of a daughter.

On Tuesday last, at St. Neot, the lady of the Rev. Henry Grylis, of a daughter.

At Falmough, on the 15th instant, the wife of Mr. John Smith, grocer, of a daughter.

25 March

On the 18th instant, at St. Blazey, the lady of the  Rev. C. W. Carlyon, of a daughter.

At Merther, on Monday last, the lady of the Rev. F. Webber, of a son.

At Creed, on Firday the 18th, the lady of the Rev. John Daubux, of a still-born son.

At Truro, Mrs. Sharp, of a son.

At Redruth, on Saturday last, Mrs. Donnithorne, of a daughter.

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