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1836 Articles and Other Items

1 January 1836, Friday

Announcement of the merger between the West Briton and the Cornish Guardian newspapers.

There was a meeting between major landownders and representatives of the Duchy.

A letter from the President of the United States regarding France.

Results of the local elections.

Domestic - The Court - Neither his Majesty, the Queen, nor the Duchess of Gloucester have taken out-door exercises this day. The frost is completely broken up, and the public drives are covered with mire several inches think, so as to render traveling very uncomfortable. The fashionable promenades from the same cause are quite deserted.

FOR SALE - Berrangoose Lands, in the Parish of Probus To be SOLD, the FEE-SIMPLE as INHERITANCE of a very desirable and valuable PROPERTY, situate and lying within, and adjacent to, the Village or Church-Town of Probus, in the County of Cornwall. Namely:
    1 - All that Messuage and Tenement parcel of BERRANGOOSE, in the occupation of Messrs. Robert and William Michell, consisting of a good Farm-house, Barn, Stabling, and other requisite buildings, and about 42 acres of land, now let at the yearly rental of 84.
    2 - All that Tenement, with appurtenances, consisting of a Barn, Stable, and Mowhay, with about 10 acres of Land, in the occupation of Mr. Amos Weeks, under the yearly rent of 36.
    3 - All that Tenement, consisting of Barn, Stable, and Mowhay, and about 6 Acres of Ground, in the occupation of Mr. William Gatley, under the yearly rent of 17.
    4 - The well-accustomed Public-House, with the Stabling and Premises, known as THE CORNISH MOUNT, together with the Garden AND meadow thereto adjoining, now in the occupation of Mr. Samuel Bennallack, yearly rent 19.
    5 - That Dwelling House and Garden, with about 2 acres of land, in the occupation of Mr. Charles Annear, yearly rent 9.10s
    Likewise, the Reversion in Fee, of the Dwelling House and Premises in the occupation of Zaccharias Williams, on the dropping of three lives, conventionary rent 5s.
    Also, the Reversion in Fee of the Dwelling House, Garden and Meadow, in the occupation of Mrs. Huddy, on the dropping of three lives, conventionary rent 5s.
    The Land is of excellent quality, and being in a thriving and populous neighbourhood, and presenting many eligible scites (sic) for building, renders it a most desirable acquisition either for investment of speculation. Should not the whole be disposed of in one Lot, the same will be Sold, either as specified above, or in such other lots as may be most accommodating to purchasers.
    For the above purposes, a PUBLIC AUCTION will be held at the CORNISH MOUNT INN at Probus, on Tuesday the 2nd day of February next, at Three o'clock in the Afternoon.
    The respective occupiers will show the Premises, and every other Information given in the mean time, by Mr. MICHELL, Solicitor, Pearyn, or Mr. G. Andrew, Solicitor, Truro At whose Office a map of the Premises may be seen. Dated Dec. 29, 1835

8 January

Main stories - the debts of the Duke of York
French response to the American President's message
Quarter Sessions

On Tuesday last, an inquest was held at Bodmin by Joseph Hamley, Esq. on the body of an inhabitant of that Town called Michael Weary, who was found hanging in his dwelling house. It appeared in evidence that the deceased who was a respectable and industrious farmer, and had formerly lived in the parish of Cardinham, but latterly come to reside with his son at Bodmin, that last week his son had gone off taking with him all the property the old man possessed, from which circumstance, he had become very desponding and had committed suicide. Verdict, temporary insanity.

Joseph George, a carpenter residing at St. Teath, had his left hand dreadfully shattered a few days since, by the bursting of a gun, amputation is considered indispensable, by which this poor man will be disabled for life from following his trade.

Commercial Hotel, Padstow - George Dobb, (successor to Mrs. Hawke) begs most respectfully to inform his Friends, commercial Gentlemen, and the Public generally, that he intends carrying on the above Establishment, and hopes by strictly attending to their convenience and comfort, and by keeping a well-stocked Larder, Genuine Wines and Spriits, and good Home-brewed Beer, to receive from them a reasonable support. Dated January 4, 1836

De Dunstanville Memorial - A meeting of the Committee will be holden (sic) at Monday next, the 11th inst., at Twelve o'clock, at Pearce's Hotel, Truro. W. M. Tweedy, Secretary.

Subscriptions are received by all the Bankers in the County, by the Members of the Committee, and by Messrs. Praeds and Co. bankers, London.

Amount already advertised - 3,268 - 7- 6
John Hext, Restormel - 5 - 0 - 0
Rev. D. Jenkins - 2 - 0 - 0
John Fox, Illogan - 1 - 0 - 0
Charles Paull, ditto - 1 - 0 - 0
Gen. Reynolds, ditto - 1 - 0 - 0
Arthur Trewartha, ditto - 1 - 0 - 0
Geroge Treglous, ditto - 1 - 0 - 0
Alfred Phillips, ditto - 1 - 0 - 0
Joseph Knight, ditto - 1 - 0 - 0
John Richards, ditto - 1 - 0 - 0
Hugh Phillips, ditto - 0 - 5 - 0
William Lovey, Perranarworthal - 1 - 0 - 0
Philip Richards, ditto - 0 - 10 - 0
J. Polkinghorne, ditto - 0 - 2 - 6
Mrs. C. Molesworth - 5 - 5 - 0
J and J Badge (for the Fund) - 10 - 10 - 0
Rev. T. S. Smyth - 2 - 0 - 0
G. A. Knight - 1 - 1 - 0
Truro, January 7, 1836

15 January

- [Not a lot of "news" - however, jm] the brigand who waylaid the Wesleyan Minister [which turned out to be a policeman!] was caught. The Policeman said he mistook the Minister for another person, and so was sorry. [Didn't say if he was sorry he'd caught the wrong man, or sorry the Minister was beaten!] He was given 90 days in jail, 2 years of "keeping the peace" [parole?], and was fired from his job.

- Dunstanville Pillar support and related plans for a "Working Miners Band and Benefit Society"

- Conflagration at New York, seven hundred houses destroyed

- Ireland

22 January

TO CARPENTERS - Wanted for the Brazils, Four or Five Young Men who have just served their Apprenticeship as Mining Carpenters. Certificates of Capability and Character will be required. Application to be made to Capt. W. Hosken, at St. Agnes, or to W. & E. C. Carne, Falmouth - Dated January 18th, 1836

On Sunday last, the Rev. Jabez Besting (sic) (probably Bunting), D.D. delivered a Sermon in the large Methodist Chapel, at St. Ives, to a congregation supposed to have consisted of 2,000 persons. The collection with was made a the conclusion of the service in behalf of the Wesleyan Missions amounted to 30. The Ladies, connected to the Wesleyan interest at St. Ives, got up a very neat bazaar, the sale which took place on the 1st of January produced 40, to add to the Missionary fund. There is no town in the kingdom of the size of St. Ives where the Missionary cause is more successfully advocated and supported.

FAIRS IN CORNWALL IN JANUARY - Bodmin, the 25th; and Quethiock, the 27th.

29 January

We hear the Duke of Northumberland has given 500 towards the new road to Callington from Lanceston.

F. H. Rodd, Esq. of Trebartha Hall, in this county, has presented a donation of 50 to the Plymouth Tamar Humane Institution, for the preservation of life from Drowning.

Mr. John William Colenso, who has gained the high honour of second Wrangler at Cambridge, is the son of Mr. Colenso, of St. Austell, and is a native of that town.

At Bodmin Fair, which was held on Monday last, there was a tolerable supply of fat and store cattle, which met a very brisk sale. Fat beasts sold readily at from 50s to 52s 6d per cwt; store cattle from 35s to 40s per cwt, and fat sheep at about 6d per lb.

A fine broccoli was cut on Monday from the garden of Mr. Robert Fox, of Penzance.

CAUTION - On Friday last a gang of thieves consisting of two men and two females arrived at St. Austle(sic), the women came in a van from St. Columb. They soon commenced visiting several shops in which the women took by far the most active part. Their plan of procedure appears to have been to enquire after a trifling article, and whilst the shopkeeper was engaged in serving, to convey beneath their dress whatever they could lay their hands on. In this manner the women obtained possession of some Lutestring from the shop of Mr. J. Peters, and two whole pieces of Merino from the shop of Mr. W. D. Dodge, Drapers, St. Austle. It is supposed as the robbers visited nearly all the principal shops in St. Austle, many of them more than once during the day that they obtained more goods than those we have mentioned. One of the men wore a Fustian frock coat and trowsers; corderey (sic) breeches and boots with kerseymere tops. Each of the women had on a large cloak, one of them had a velvet, and the other a taacam (?) bonnet. As it is probable they are still in the county, we trust this descriptoon will prevent their committing further depredation, and lead eventually to their detection.

A timber ship called the "Agenoria," bound to Telgamouth, landed yesterday at Falmouth, (with) ten sailors, taken off the "Frances Spright" bound from St. John's New Brunswick, to Limerick, which vessel was fallen in with, waterlogged, on the 23rd ult in latitude 40 deg. N, longitude 37 deg 21 min W. The poor men had been 28 days on the wreck, and suffered dreadfully, and for several days had been reduced to the extremity of subsisting on the dead bodies of some of their comrades.

The Right Hon. Sir N. C. Tindal has appointed Edward Johns, of Penryn, in this County, gentleman, one of the perpetual Commissioners for taking the acknowldgements of Deeds to be executed by married women, under the late Act for the abolition of Fines and Recoveries.

On Tuesday last, the "Harlequin" yacht, sailed from Falmouth for Gloucester, having on board the remains of the late Lord Vernon.

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