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7 JULY 1837, Friday

On Tuesday last, at Madron, by the Rev. T. Penneck, Mr. Hosken, of Clowance Terrace, Penzance, to Miss Badcock, of that town.  [may be Clarence Terrace - jm]
At St. Ives, Capt. John Quick, of the schooner "Jane", to Miss Nancy Paynter, both of that place; also, Mr. David Trevorrow to Miss Margaret Hosking.

On the 29th ult., at Bradford, G. B. Kingdon, Esq. of Bude, in this county, to Christiana, second daughter of the Rev. W. H. Coham, of Coham.

At St. Hillary, on Wednesday last, by the Rev. T. Pascoe, Capt. Tollaway, of P..ll, near Bristol, to Mrs. Celia Mathews, of the St. Aubyn Arms, St. Michael's Mount.

14 July 1837, Friday

On Thursday last, at St. Clement Church, by the Rev. F. Jenkins, Mr. Wm. Jenkins of Swansea, to Lydia Rosevear, second daughter of Mr. John Williams, Tregulls Cottage, Truro.

At the Registry Office, Plymouth, before the Superintendent-Registrar, Dr. Hingston, to Miss Louisa Parker; also, C. Bligh, Esq. to Miss Frances Parker. These ladies are both daughters of Sir William Parker.

Lately, at Shrewsbury, Capt. Absalom Francis, of Halkin, in Flintshire, to Miss Grose, of Goldsithney, in this county.

At St. Gluvias, by the Rev. Archdeacon Sheepshanks, on Wednesday, the 12th instant, Mr. Wm. Corfield, to Lucy, second daughter of Mr. William Banks, master of the schooner "Atalanta".

Lately, at Padstow, Mr. Cook, taylor[sic], of Newquay, to Miss Elizabeth Masey, of the former place.

At Padstow, on the 2nd instant, Mr. Thomas Bartley, to Miss Mary Morrish.

At Bodmin, on Tuesday, the 4th instant, Mr. Chandler, of Basingstoke, Hants, to Miss Elizabeth Wills, of the former place.

21 July 1837, Friday

On Thursday, the 13th instant, at Liverpool, James Palmer Budd, Esq. of that town, eldest son of the late Edward Budd, Esq. of Truro, to Emily, eldest daughter of T. S Rawson, Esq., of the Elms, Liverpool.

At Fowey, last week, Mr. Forward, steward of the "Fox" revenue cutter, to Miss Rose Brokenshar, of that place.

On Sunday last, at Fowey, Mr. Edward Thomas, ropemaker &c, to Miss Ham, both of that place.

At Bombay, Loveday, youngest daughter of Mr. John Watkin, upholsterer &c., Bodmin, to Captain Bailey.

On the 2nd of June, at Rosean, in the Island of Dominica, by the Rev. George Clarke, Howard Lloyd, Esq., Stipendiary Magistrate, fourth son of John William Lloyd, Esq., of south Park, Penhurst Kent, and of Dauyrallt, Caermarthenshire, to Emmeline Rogers, second daughter of Charles Sawle, Esq. Stipendiary Magistrate.

At Truro, on the 1st instant, F. O. Hutchinson, Esq., to Mary, daughter of Capt. Oliver, R.N.

At Perranzabuloe, on the 13th instant, Mr. E. Nicholas, of Rose-in-vale, to Miss Elizabeth Ennor, of Treworrah, in St. Agnes.

At Camborne, on Wednesday last, Mr. J. Tangye, jun., to Miss Margaret Rogers.

28 JULY 1837, Friday

On Wednesday, the 19th instant, at St. Andrew's Church, Plymouth, by the Rev. John Hatchard, M.A., vicar, the Rev. Francis Ley Bazeley, M.A., Recotor of St. Dominick, in this county, to Ellen Louisa, youngest daughter of the late William Square, Esq., Willow-worthy, Devon.

On Monday last, at St. Austell, Mr. Thomas Hancock, to Miss Tabitha Saunders, both of that place.

On Monday last, at St. Austell, Mr. Potter to Priscilla, daughter of Mr. Biddier Baker, of that place.


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