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1837 Articles and Other Items

6 JANUARY 1837, Friday

Truro Christmas BALL - A CHRISTMAS BALL will be held at the ASSEMBLY ROOM, Truro, on WEDNESDAY, the 11th of January, 1837 - Dancing to commence at Nine o'clock precisely. LORD BOSCAWEN, H.P. ANDREW, Esq., L.C. DAUBUZ, Jun., Esq. Lieut. GEORGE POOLEY, R.N. - Stewards, Truro, December 30, 1836

BUDE HARBOUR AND CANAL - To Mr. James COLLOM, Clerk of the Bude Harbour and Canal Company - WE, the UNDERSIGNED, Proprietors of Shares in the BUDE HARBOUR and CANAL COMPANY, do hereby require you to call a Special General Assembly of Proprietors, to be held at the New London Inn, in the City of Exeter, on Wednesday the First day of February, (1837) next, at Twelve o'clock at Noon, for the following purpose - For taking into consideration a plan to be submitted by Robert Woolcombe, Esq., the Local Managing Director of the London, Exeter, and Falmouth Railway Company, for forming a junction with the Bude Canal at stated points. Signed, William Pratt Call, John Blackall, George C. Call, J.L. Gidoin, Nathaniel Cole, George Bond, John M. Willcocks, George Leach, Charles Coldridge, John D. Burdon, J. Dymond, Henry Davey, James Green, Joshua H. Stabback, William Browning, John Harris, William Molesworth, John Vowler, jun., Thomas Snow, Henry King, G.Brook, Hugh Cann, Jos. W. Crabb, Edward Shearm [?], R. Cornish, Henry James, Pitman Jones - Agreeably to the request of the aforesaid Proprietors in the Bude Harbour and Canal, I hereby convene a SPECIAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY of PROPRIETORS in the said Undertaking, to be held at the NEW LONDON INN, in the said City of EXETER, on Wednesday, the 1st day of February next, at Twelve o'clock at Noon precisely, for the above-mentioned purpose. JAMES COLLOM, Clerk of the Company, Bude Canal Office, December 29, 1836

Valuable Paintings, removed from Chiverton House, for Sale by Auction. W. Salter begs to inform Connoisseurs in the Fine Arts that he is authorized to offer for SALE on WENDESDAY the 25th day of January instant, at the ASSEMBLY ROOMS, TRURO, at eleven o'clock, a splendid COLLECTION OF PICTURES By the most celebrated Masters of the old and modern Schools, viz: Infant Jesus, Mother and Elizabeth 1 feet by 4 Rubens, Eliezer's Interview with Rebecca 7 feet by 5 Rembrandt, The Last Supper 6 ft 4 by 4 ft 10 Correggio, Christ raising Lazarus 4ft 6 by 3ft 6 Caracci, Elymas, the sorcerer, struck blind 3ft 0 by 3ft 8 Andrea del Sarto, Christ Stilling the Tempest 7ft 7 by 6ft 3 Westall, Abraham and Isaac at the Altar 8ft by 5ft 8  King, In an elegant Gothic frame, well adapted for an Altar-piece, Landscape with Cattle 4ft 5 by 3ft 10  Moreland, Ditto with Cattle & figures 2ft 11 by 2ft 4 Claude Lorraine, Ditto, with gypsies 2ft 7 by 2ft 5 Tenick[?], Ditto, with Figures 2ft 10 by 2ft 3 Poussain, Ditto, ditto 3ft 6 by 2ft 10 Ruysdael, Ditto, angling 5ft 8 by 4ft 9 Bath, Fortune distributing her favors 3ft by 3ft VanDyke, Spanish piece 3ft 7 by 3ft 1 Velasquez, Shell fish and fruit 2ft 10 by 2ft 5 Vanhuysum, A Bacchanalian Scene 3ft 5 by 3ft Zuccharelli, A group of Cupids 2ft 10 by 2ft 6 Rubens, Jovial Party 4ft 4 by 3ft 6 Teniers, A portrait of the Earl Godolphin 3ft by 2ft 6 Sir Peter Lilly - The whole of the above are in a high state of preservation, and in Frames of the most elegant description. Catalogues may be had on application to the Auctioneer, or at Mrs. HEARD's, West Briton Office. The EXHIBITON will be open for inspection every day previous to the Sale, from Ten to Four, Truro, January 5, 1837


These Sessions commenced on Tuesday last, at Bodmin, before E. W. W. Pendarves, Esq., M.P. Chairman, and a numerous Bench of Magistrates. The Court opened about eleven o'clock, and after the Act against riotous assemblages, and the Kings proclamation for the encouragement of piety and virtue, and for the preaching and punishing of vice and profaneness had been read, the Chairman proceeded to address the Grand Jury.

... I have nothing of local interest to mention, but will make a few observations on the New Poor Law Act. It will doubtless soon commence its operation in the Eastern part of this County, when I hope it will extend from thence to the Western part. I have not the slightest doubt, Gentlemen, that if it is managed with discretion, moderation, and calmness, the effect will be beneficial.  Much mischievous matter has been written, and many mischievous things spoken against it; amongst other things, that no relief would be granted to anyone outside the walls of the work-houses; but I can assure you there is no such clause to be found at all Act, and the persons fabricating this report, must be utterly unacquainted with its different sections.  But whatever the law, Gentlemen, it is our duty to observe it, not only with sullen obedience, but by every means in our power to enforce it, each in our respective spheres. ....

It was agreed by the Magistrates to petition the King in Privy Council, that Callington be added as another polling place for the Eastern Division of this country.

The following cases were tried:

Mary BURT, the younger (25) committed Nov. 12 by George Simmons, jun. Esq. Mayor of Truro, charged on oath with having feloniously stolen at Truro two pairs of Kid gloves, the property of Richard Barrett, Draper.  Guilty.

Mary BURT, committed Nov. 12, by Edmund Turner Esq. charged on oath with having feloniously stolen at Redruth a piece of lace, the property of Catherine Boase and Charles Bennett. This prisoner is the mother of the last one, and on the house being searched to find some articles supposed to have been stolen by the last prisoner, the lace was found with some sheeting, on which prisoner was charged and committed.  Guilty.

William HELBORNE (on Bail) charged with stealing five pounds of beets, property of Charles Phillipps, of St. Miniver.  Acquitted.

Joseph EDE, (on Bail) charged with stealing two pounds of bacon, the property of John Wiltz, of St. Kew.  Guilty.

John ROWE, the younger (18) committed November 30th, 1836 by Edmund Turner, Esq.  Charged on oath with having stolen in the parish of Kenwyn a Bay Gelding, of the value of Ten Pounds, the property of Richard Michell Hodge.  It appeared that the prisoner had acted as groom to Mr. Hodge, five weeks previous to his committal: and on the morning that the horse was missed, the prisoner rode it out, under the pretence of airing it; but instead of doing so, rode off with it.  Other witnesses were produced on the part of the prosecution, who clearly proved the charge against the prisoner, and he was accordingly found Guilty. The Chairman immediately sentenced the prisoner to be transported for life.

William MERRIFIELD, the younger (on Bail) pleaded guilty to a charge of stealing four metal teaspoons.

Ann MOORE, (on Bail) charged with stealing one silk shawl, the property of William Harvey and others, of Chacewater.  Acquitted.

James PARDEN (11) committed Nov. 17, 1836, by John Sheepshanks, Clerk, charged on oath with having feloniously stolen a quantity of brass, the property of Thomas Brown Jordan.  Guilty.

George DAWE (28) committed Nov. 29, 1836 by Edward Rodd, D.D., charged on oath with having stolen in the parish of Lewannick, a bridle, the property of Richard Luskey. Guilty.

Samuel ELLEN (22) committed Dec. 6th, 1836, by John Kendall Fletcher, Cler, D.D. charged with having stolen a quantity of grains, the property of William Hodge, and a hemp-sack, the property of Richard Lee.  Guilty.

Thomas BOLITHO (21) committed Dec. 16th, 1836 by Richard Buller, clerk, charged with having stolen one hat, the property of Henry Stevens.  The prosecutor lives in the parish of Pelynt, and was at Trewas[?] Gate, in the parish of Lanreath, when he put his hat on the bed, and on going after it found it missing.  Another witness was called who saw the prisoner take the hat from the bed, and wear it away.  The prisoner was pursued as far as Dubwalls, near Liskeard, where they found the hat in prisoner's possession. Guilty.

Richard BRANCH (28) committed Dec. 27, 1835 by William Hockin, Clerk, charged on oath with having stolen a cake of copper, the property of Messrs. Carne and Vivian.  Guilty.

John KERN (19) committed Nov. 7, 1836, by Edward Rodd, D.D. and Francis Rodd, Esq., charged on oath with having taken two cows and claves, the property of Richard Doidge, his master; with having sold one of the cows and calves without his consent, and with having feloniously appropriated part of the money to his own use.  The facts in this case were clearly proved, and the prisoner having set up no defence to the action, the Jury immediately found him guilty, and he was sentenced to be transported for life.

William NILES (32) committed December the 19th, 1836 by Thomas Ching, Esq. Mayor of Launceston, charged on oath with having stolen an ash pole, the property of Richard Wise, of Launceston.  Guilty.

Thomas BUCKINGHAM (19) committed November the 22nd, 1836, by George Simmons, jun. Esq. May, and Charles Pengelley, Esq. Justice of the Borough of Truro, charged on oath with having feloniously stolen from the person of William Harvey, of Truro, aforesaid, one silver watch, the property of said William Harvey.  The prosecutor distinctly swore that the prisoner took the watch out of his fob, and the Jury after a short consultation found him - Guilty.

Francis WOOLCOCK (on bail) indicted for stealing 20 gallons of Wheat, the property of Mr. John Williams; Guilty.


Dreadful Accident - Last week a poor woman of Tintagel, of the name of French, was burnt so severely by her clothes taking fire, that she lived but a day or two after.

Launceston - The Duke of Northumberland has given large quantities of wood to the poor of Launceston and St. Stephens, and has caused a number of deer to be killed and distributed among them, during the last fortnight.

Melancholy Event - On Saturday last, Mr. John Rowe, formerly a respectable mercer and tailor, of Launceston, and for many years a Town Sergeant and Crier, hung himself in a fit of temporary insanity, in a loft behind the Exeter Inn, in that town.

On Sunday afternoon last, Joseph Hocker and his wife, residing at Pengiggan, in the parish of Camborne, went to the Methodist Chapel in the above village, leaving five children at home. The eldest, a boy of about nine years of age, was requested to take care of the rest, but he left the house for a short time, and in his absence, his brother, a little more than four years of age, began to play with the fire, when his clothing ignited, and he was burnt so severely that he died the next morning about eleven o'clock.

Isles of Scilly, Dec. 28 - Winter has set in here with a degree of severity unprecedented for many years.  After several weeks of rain and gales (chiefly from the westward) the wind has veered to NE and E with heavy squalls, and much snow, hail, &c. Numerous vessels have, in consequence, sought shelter at Scilly - some of them having experienced much damage.  ...Several heavy vessels, being unable to beat up into the Roads, have been obliged to anchor in Broad Sound and St. Mary's Sound.  Others have been seen to the Southward, vainly endeavouring to reach this port.  About 100 vessels are here at present.  The wind has fallen much, but the cold is severe.

Accident from Fire Arms - A serious accident arising from the incautious use of fire arms, occurred at Camborne on Monday se'nnight.  Two young men, named Benjamin Tregona, and Henry Bawden, were out on a shooting excursion, when the former perceived a rabbit start from near him.  He hastily turned to fire, when by some means his gun unexpectedly went off and lodged its contents in the side of the head of his companion, who was at the time not more than a dozen yards from him.  As the skull does not appear to be injured, it is hoped he will soon recover.

- Bridge End St. Winnow, Helland Bridge, and St. Keverne Jan. 10th
- Grampound  18th
- Bodmin    25th
- Quethiock   30th

A Cattle Market will be held at Tregony, on the 15th, and Penzance, on the 19th day of January.


Sir: The Editor of the "Mining, Railway, and Steam Navigation Gazette" has thought fit to notice my last. ...  He says there are but four smelting "establishments". The Houses and Companies are:
- Calstock House, Devon Smelting Co.
- Higher Blowing House, Daubuz and Co.
- Carvedras, Daubuz and Co.
- Trethellan, Grenfell and Boase
- Calenick, Michell and Co.
- Bolitho and Sons
- Angarrack, Bolitho and Sons
- Joseph Carne
- Trelissick, Grenfell and Pascoe
- Treloweth, Daubuz and Co.
- Chyandour, Bolitho and Sons
- William Cornish
- Trereife, Batten and Sons
- Wheal Vor, Wheal Vor Adventurers

Now here are eleven different "establishments" and nine different merchants; how much more competition would the gentleman desire?  Whether Messrs. Bolitho, Daubuz, Williams, Davey, Harvey, Batten, Grenfell, and others are "plague-spots" in the county of Cornwall, I will leave the foul-mouthed slanderer to determine.  If I be "either knave or fool" why does he notice so bad a character or so weak an argument? ....YOS, Samuel Smelter, January 4, 1836 [as printed jm]

Redruth - To be sold or let, public house situate at the South Turnpike Gate, the GEORGE and DRAGON, property of Mr. Henry Chipman, of the King's Arms Inn, Redruth.



At a PUBLIC MEETING of the Nobility and Gentry of the Diocese of Exeter, held at the Subscription Rooms, Exeter, pursuant to a Requisition numerously signed - LORD COURTENAY, in the Chair The following Resolutions were adopted: That a Society be formed to be called The Exeter Diocesan Association for Promoting the Building and Enlarging of Churches and Chancels.... That annual Subscriptions and Donations be solicited... that the latter be payable in not more that four annual installments...that the Right Honorable Lord Rule be the Patron of this Society... That the Right Rev. Lord Bishop of Exeter be the President of this Society...[A list of subscribers, some in the amount of £100, are listed - half of which carry the title "Reverend". jm]

To Grocers - WANTED, a SITUATION by a young Man, eighteen years of age, who has been accustomed to the Grocery Business, and to whom Salary is not so much an object as the comfort of a home.  Apply to the Printer of this Paper. Respectable references can be given

North Coast of Cornwall - To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, the FEE-SIMPLE of all that very Desirable and Delightful RESIDENCE, BROOMHILL HOUSE With any quantity of very fertile Land, Orchards, Lawn, Gardens, and Plantations (in all about 76 acres) which will, if desired, be divided in any way to suit the convenience of the purchaser. It is situated in the much admired Parish of Poughill, in the County of Cornwall. Free of Great Tithe. There is a good Pew in the Church, which is but a few minutes' walk; and has been, for the last few years, the residence of Cory Kingdon, Esq. M.D., and only half a mile from the Post and Market Town of Stratton, and about the same distance from the much frequented and healthy Watering Place, Bude, commanding a fine view of the harbour and sea, as well as the surrounding picturesque neighbourhood.

The HOUSE is nearly new, and consists of an Entrance Hall, 26 feet by 16; Dining Room 21 feet by 16; and Drawing Room, 25 feet by 18; all above 11 feet high, with nine Bed Rooms, Kitchens, Cellars, and every other necessary appendage, with Stables, Coach House, Barn, and other useful Out-buildings; and is well calculated for a family of distinction. For treating of the same, apply to Mr. John Squire, Poughill, near Stratton, Cornwall, the Proprietor, if by letter postage free. Dated January 10th, 1837

BANKRUPTS ESTATE AND EFFECTS SALE  - Fowey, Cornwall To be SOLD at PUBLIC AUCTION, by Order of the Assignees of WILLIAM GEACH the elder, and WILLIAM GEACH, the younger, Bankrupts, at the undermentioned times and places, respectively, viz. all the SHARES in VESSELS, STOCK-in-TRADE, HOUSEHOLD Furniture and EFFECTS, of the said Bankrupts, at the SHIP INN, FOWEY, on Monday the 20th of February instant, at Two o'clock in the Afternoon.

1/16th part or share of the Schooner, Speculation  register 70 tons  James Geach,Master

ditto ditto Sloop, Cornish Trader 46 Jacob Beer, Master

ditto ditto Sloop, Lively 70 James Geach,Master

ditto ditto Sloop, Spring 60 Rchd Scantlebury, M

ditto ditto Sloop, Glory 60 William Salt, Master

ditto ditto Four Friends 80 Thos. Scantlebury, M

ditto ditto Sloop, Fancy 70 Phillip Pill, Master

ditto ditto Sloop, Flower 60 James Tipett, Master

ditto ditto Schooner, Newhouse 99 Peter Tadd, Master

ditto ditto Sloop, Rose 60 Benj. Brokenshire, M

ditto ditto Sloop, Charlotte Ann 70 Robert Pearne, Master

ditto ditto Sloop, Elizabeth & Ann 66 Charles Hodge, Mastr

All the above Vessels belong to the Port of Fowey, are substantially built, and well found in Stores of all descriptions, and all at Sea, and expected in Port daily.

At the SHIPWRIGHT's YARDS in POLRUAN, on Tuesday, the 21st, precisely at One o'clock, several hundred feet of Oak, Rim, and Balk Timber, a quantity of Oak Plank, several dozen spars, five very good Pilchard drift nets, several Boats, Shipwright's Tools, Steamers, boilers, some Thousand Toenails, Vessel Moulds, Fire Wood, &c.

At the DWELLING-HOUSE and STORE ROOMS in POLRUAN, on Wednesday the 22nd and following days... A quantity of Groceries, Drapery, Hardware, Drugs, Oils, various paints, Nails, Pitch... HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE Comprising Mahogany and other Bedsteads and Furniture, Beds and Bedding, Mahogany, and other tables and chairs, sofa, excellent eight-day clock....The above Property is well worth the public attention, and will be all sold in convenient Lots to the best bidders under the Fiat of Bankruptcy, and may be viewed on the morning of each day's sale.

For further particulars, apply to Messrs. Commins and Son, Bodmin, Solicitors to the said Assignees, Mr. John Hicks, Merchant, Lantegloss, or to Mr. William SEARLE, Auctioneer &c, Lanreath Dated February 9, 1837


- Minutes of the proceedings of the Council of the Borough of Truro
- Meetings of the political parties

Court case, sent to the West Briton for inclusion, [regarding the Church of St.Mary and it's wardens, versus the Mayor, four Aldermen, and Capital Burgesses of Truro; after the Municipal Corporation Act, the boundaries of the Borough of Truro were changed to include the entire town (including parts of the parish of Kenwyn and St. Clement). As a result, the Church wardens denied Borough officials not living in the parish reserved pews in the Church. The Court held that it was a long-established tradition, but not a law, that the pews be reserved, and suggested the Church relent in that the ladies might have a pew reserved for their use. jm]

Local News

Truro Christmas Ball - This ball, which took place on Wednesday evening last, at the Assembly-Room, was very fully and fashionably attended; upwards of forty couples were present. The ball was opened by Lord Boscawen and Miss Foster, and dancing was kept up with great spirit till a late hour. The walls of the room were covered with the splendid pictures which are there for exhibition with the view of being sold by auction on Wednesday the 25th instant.

Melancholy & Fatal Accidents

On Thursday, the 5th instant, in consequence of a horse starting that was in a cart, at West Looe, an old man called John Braben, who belonged to that town, was killed on the spot.  An inquest was held on the body, and a verdict of accidental death returned.

On Thursday last, an inquest was held at Tintagel, on the body of William Matthews, a shoemaker, who was found dead in a slate quarry, on Tintagel cliff. The deceased, who was an active man, though about 80 years of age, was at a neighbouring village on Wednesday evening; and the evening being dark when he left to return home, it is supposed that he must have missed his road, and fallen over a precipice upwards of 100 feet high, as the bones of his chest and some of his limbs were fractured in such a way as must have caused immediate death.

Missionary Bazaar - We understand that the Wesleyan Missionary Bazaar, which was held last week at St. Ives, produced £50 clear profit.

Coroner's Inquest - On Wednesday last, an inquest was held before Hosken James, Esq. at the dwelling house of James Dunstan, in the parish of Feock, on the body of James Dunstan, Yeoman, aged 77 years, who lived at Quench Well, in that parish. It appeared from the evidence, that for some years, the deceased had not been on terms with his family, and consequently resided in a house by himself. Not having been seen since Sunday, his house was opened by his neighbours on Tuesday, about one o'clock, when he was found on his knees leaning against a chair by his bedside quite dead. His coast and waistcoat were off, as if he had been preparing to go to bed, and from appearances about the house, it is supposed he must have died on Sunday evening. No marks of violence were found on his person, and although he lived separately from his wife, his sons had been in the habit of visiting him occasionally, and attending to his wants.  Verdict - Died by the Visitation of God.

Church Rates - A Public Meeting of the inhabitants of Barnstaple, was held last week, on the subject of Church Rates, when the following Resolution was carried unanimously: "That this meeting regarding all compulsory payments for the support of religion impolite and unscriptural, feel themselves called upon deliberately to protest against church rates - as oppressive to the conscientious dissenter, who supports his own minister and place of worship - degrading to the churchman, by implying an unwillingness to support the church he conscientiously approves; and in their influence on society - unfriendly to its peace and religious advancement."  It was further determined to petition the House of Commons on the subject; and an Anti-Church Rate Society was formed.

Falmouth Quarter Sessions

On Wednesday, the quarter Sessions for the town of Falmouth were held before Thomas Paynter, Esq. Recorder, J. Cornish, Esq., Mayor, and the Borough Magistrates.  There were but three bills brought before the Grand Jury, one of which was thrown out. Bills were found against Abraham Oates and William Cornish, of Penryn, the former for stealing a Brush from the shop of Mr. Geach, saddler &c, and the second for stealing a coat from  Mr. Brewer of the Ship and Castle Hotel. Both prisoners were found guilty, and sentenced to three weeks imprisonment.

We understand that in consequence of the court having been kept waiting on account of the thin attendance of the gentlemen of the Grand Jury, the recorder read the clauses of the Act relating to non-attendance of Jurymen, and said that in future fines would be enforced.

Launch - On Thursday, the 5th instant, a fine new schooner was launched at East Looe, from the yard of Mr. Henry Shapcott, in the presence of some hundreds of spectators, who were highly gratified at the sight. The launch was as fine a one as ever was seen in Cornwall, and the evening was spent in the greatest harmony at the Buller Arms, where an excellent supper was provided, and partaken of by upwards of one hundred persons. After the cloth was removed, many appropriate toasts were drunk in flowing bowls of punch. The schooner is about 130 tons burthen, and is called the "Caroline".  We wish her success.

St. Ives - We are informed that the new road from Trelyhon is now open to the public, and that it is one of the pleasantest roads of its length in the country.

Wesleyan Missions - On Wednesday the 28th ult, the friends of the Wesleyan Missionary Society in Bodmin and its neighbourhood took tea together in Cullis's New Rooms, which were procured for the occasion.  About 300 persons were present. The rooms were tastefully decorated with laurels and evergreens, and the fireplace was ornamented with a well executed transparency, representing the Wesleyan Missionary Society, under the appropriate emblem of a first class Merchant ship, called "The Invincible", with sails filled with the auspicious gales of Heaven, colours flying, and copper bottomed.  Onward this gallant vessel bounds over the surge, and as she nears the distant Isles of the sea, thousands of natives are represented as eagerly looking out for her arrival.... The meeting was addressed by Rev. Mr. Hobbs (Independent); the Rev. Mr. Wilson (Sunday School Union); Rev. W. R. Williams of Camelford; and by the Rev. Messrs Rouch, Roberts, Parsons, and Sanger, and preachers of the Bodmin Circuit. The repast was provided by an enterprising, zealous lady of Bodmin, whose heart is in the Mission cause, and the utmost good feeling pervaded all present. The proceeds of the tea meeting, after deducting all expenses, amounted to £6. 3s. 4d, which sum was applied to the Mission fund.

It is truly gratifying to the friends of the Society, to be able to state in addition to the above, that the income of the Bodmin Circuit Missionary Society, for the last year, amounted to the sum of £210.1s.9d, being an increase on the amount of the year preceding of £19.10s.11d.

Lander Column - On Tuesday last, a meeting of the Lander Committee was held at the Council Hall in this town, W. M.Tweedy, Esq. in the chair, at which arrangements were entered into for the immediate erection of the Lander Column. We understand that Mr. Pryor, who has just completed the erection of the De Dunstanville Monument, has offered his services, and we have every reason to believe that the work will be resumed and finished in a manner worthy of the object. But, to that end, considerable additional subscriptions are necessary, and we take this opportunity of informing the public, that lists are open at several banks in the County, in the hope that liberal contributions will be received.

PACKET INTELLIGENCE - On Friday last, H. M. Brig "Express", Lieut. Croke, arrived here from the Brazils, having sailed from Pernambuco, on the 17h of October; Bahia, on the 21st; and Rio de Janeiro on the 12th of November. She brings on freight £19,000 in gold and diamonds. At Rio, everything was tranquil when the packet left.  Funds were rising, and things looked well.

"Skylark", Lieut. Ladd, from the West Indies sailed from St. Thomas' on the 29th of November, brings on freight 80 ounces of gold dust, and 1,000 ounces of silver.

Properties for Sale:

Trelissick Farm, in the Parish of Feock, late in the occupation of Thomas Daniell, Esq. but now of the right Honorable Earl of Falmouth, Mr. John Bray, Mr. William Martin, Mr. Peter Oliver, and others.

Also, Barton and Farm called CAMMERRANS, situate in the Parish of St. Just in Roseland, now occupied by Mr. Thomas Rogers.

Residence of the late Rev. C. W. Woodley, deceased, in the parish of Stithians, comprising household and farm stock.  Sold by Mr. Corfield, Penryn.

Falmouth Arms public house and premises, situate in Kenwyn Churchtown, in the parish of Kenwyn, now in the occupation of Mr. Tregunna, at a rental of £18.10s per annum.

Dwelling house, situate next to the above lot, in the occupation of Mr. Paul Clerk, as tenant from year to year, at a rental of £4.10s per annum.

Dwelling house and premises, situate in Constantine parish, Lot 1 in the occupation of Mr. John Treloar, held for three lives, aged respectively 11, 13 and 15 years. Lot 2 in the occupation of Mr. Robert Hocking. Lot 3 Mr. John Tremain. Lot 4 Mr. John Matthews. Lot 5 Mr. William Veal. Lot 6 Mrs. Jane Mordan. To be sold by Mr. Corfield, Penryn,  at Auction.

Tenement, Farm and Premises called Polglaze, situate in the Parish of Crowan, in the occupation of Henry Semmens, at a yearly rent of £10. Details obtained from: Mr. R.E. Tippet, Solicitor, Marazion.

St. Minver: notice of landholder's & tithe owner's meeting regarding Church Rates; signed D. Stephens, W.A. Yeo, Samuel Symons, Charles Lemon (by his Attorney, Thos. Whitford)

Helston - Trelissick Estate in the Parish of Feock Sold at the Angel Inn, Helston, the estate called TRELISSICK, otherwise RESUGGANS, NANCASSICK, and NAMPHILLOWS, late in the occupation of Thomas Daniell, Esq. but now of the Right Honorable the Earl of Falmouth, Mr. John Bray, Mr. William Martin, Mr. Peter Oliver, and others Includes Farm houses, King Harry's Quay, thirty acres of valuable Plantation, and Meadow land. Grylls, and Hill, Solicitors, Helston

St. Just - Captial, Barton and Farm called CAMMERRANS, situate in St. Just in Roseland, now in occupation of Mr. Thomas Rogers. Grylls and Hill, solicitors, Helston

Stithians - Mr. Corfield, to sell by auction, the Farm of the late Reverent C. W. Woodley, Farm, Stock, and Household Possessions Farming stock on the first day, household and furnishings on the second and third.

Penryn, Jan. 4, 1837 - Kenwyn and Constantine
- Public house and premises known as the FALMOUTH ARMS, situate in Kenwyn, occupied by Mr. Tregunna, as tenant from year to year with a rent of £18.10s per annum.
- Dwelling house and garden attached to above, now in occupation of Mr Paul Clerk, tenant year to year, rental £4.10s per annum
- Dwelling house and premises in Constantine Church-town, occupied by a Mr. Ajohn Treloar, tenant from year to year
- Same description as above, in the occupation of Mr. Robert Hocking
- Same description as above, in the occupation of Mr. John Tremain
- Ditto, in the occupation of Mr. Ajohn Matthews
- Ditto, in the occupation of Mr. William Veal
- Ditto, in the occupation of Mrs Jane Mordan
Mr. Corfield, Auctioneer, Penryn  Jan. 4th, 1837

Crowan - At the Godolphin Arms, to be sold at auction, the Tenement, Farm, and premises, called POLGLAZE, now in the occupation of Henry Semmens, yearly rent of £40 Ordered by the Assignees of the Estate and Effects of William Semmens, the younger, an Insolvent Debtor. By Mr. R. E. Tippet, Solicitor, Marazion Jan. 9 1837

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