At Dunstanville-terrace, Falmouth, on the 21st instant, the lady of F. C. B. Armstrong, Esq. of a son.


At Padstow, on Monday last, Capt. T. Seaton, of the brig Volona, to Miss M. Langford, of that place.


At Helston, on Saturday the 24th ult., Mrs. Yorke, of a son.


At Bodmin, on Tuesday last, the wife of Mr. Thomas Pearse, draper, of a daughter.


Last week, at Charlestown, Mrs. Wm. Hodge, of a still-born child; also Mrs. J. Hodge, of a daughter.


At Newport, Launceston, the wife of Mr. Thomas Pearse, of a son.






In Dunstanville-terrace, Falmouth, on Friday, the 2nd instant, the lady of Lieut. Forrester, H. M. B. Lyra, of a son.


At Falmouth, on Friday last, the wife of Mr. Hosking, of a daughter.


At Shepherds, Newlyn, on Wednesday last, Mrs. Hotten, of a son.





At Union Place, Truro, on Tuesday last, Mrs. J. G. Borlase, of a still-born child


On Sunday last, at Liskeard, the lady of Rev J. Lakes, of a daughter


At Launceston, on the 1st instant, the lady of N.H.P. Lawrence, Esq., of a son


On Sunday last, at Redruth, the wife of Mr. W. Semmons, draper, of a son


At Mevagissey, on the 3rd instant, the lady of Lieut. J. Riddle, R.N. of a son


At Helston, on Monday last, Mrs. Johnson Bennets of the Angel Hotel, of a son.


On the 5th instant, the wife of Mr. Joseph Stephens, innkeeper, Brighton, St. Enoder, of a son


Last week, at St. Columb, the wife of the Rev. Mr. Roberts, Wesleyan minister, of a son; also, the wife of Mr. B[osis]tow, painter, of a son.


On Monday last, the wife of Mr. Edward Teague, [..]arcewater, Ladock, of twin daughters.




MARCH 23, 1838


At Roche, 12th instant, Mrs. Joseph Thomas, of a son.


At Penzance, on Friday last, Mrs. Arthur James Beckerleg, of a daughter.


At St. Ives on the 18th instant, the Lady of George Herbert Edwin Wearne 20th James Boase, ore dresser, of a daughter


At Truro, the wife of Mr. J. Candy, printer, of a ______ .


At Probus, on the 22nd instant, the wife of Mr. Nicholas Gerrans, butcher, of a son.