December 7,1838



On Friday last, at Lambourne, in the parish of Perranabuloe, at the advanced age of 91 years, Mr. William Hodge, deservedly respected and lamented by all who knew him.


At Truro, on Tuesday last, Richard John, son of Mr. Clyma, hatter, aged 3 years.


At Newlyn, on Thursday last, Mrs. Oxnam, fourth daughter of the late Mr. John Whitford, of Tredinnick, at that parish.


At St. Austell, on Sunday last, William Henry, youngest son of Mr. Titus Geach, aged 2 years.


At Camborne, on Saturday last, Mr. Joseph Soddy, jun., of the Plough Inn, aged 32 years.


At Helston, on Friday last, the wife of Mr. Charles Lander, shoemaker, aged 46 years.


At Padstow, last week, Mr. George Sloggatt, aged 78 years.  His end was peace.


At Charlestown, on Thursday, the 29th ult., Mr. Piddel, aged 88 years.


At her residence in Gwinear Church-town, on Thursday, the 29th ult., at the advanced age of 86 years, Mrs. Dorothy Rosewarne, relict of the late Mr. Rd. Rosewarne, of Polkinghorn, in the said parish.  Through life she was a most tender parent, and a faithful friend; and while she conducted her household with frugality and care, she exercised a cheerful hospitality, as many who read this paragraph will, we doubt not, be ready to testify.  Though in the last three years of her existence she was in a state of second childhood, yet her family have every reason to [know] her end was peace.


At Liskeard, on Saturday last, the widow of the late Mr. John Davis, currier, Liskeard, aged 81 years.


On Sunday last, at St. Cleer, aged 90, Mr. Henry Baker, a respectable farmer of that parish.


At Lelant, on the 28th ult., Mr. Henry Roach, aged [31] years.


At St. Ives, Mrs. Dale, aged 69 years.


At Trelyon, near St. Ives, Mrs. Ann Uren, aged 72 years.


On the 17th ult., at Leghorn, of a decline, Capt. Wm. Elton, late of the 7th Dragoon Guards, second son of the late T. M. Elton, Esq., and brother of Sir E. M. Elton, of Widworthy Court, Devon, Bart.


On the 9th ult., at Maderia, Sandford Neville, Esq., of the Inner Temple, aged 33 years.


On the 24th ult., at Pennycross, at the advanced age of 92 years, Mr. William Hill, farmer of that tithing; so respected was he during a very long life, for just dealing and sterling integrity, that his remains were followed to the church-yard by a great many farmers, and other respectable persons of the neighbourhood, and by a con[course] of the inhabitants of the tithing.


At Rome, whither she had accompanied her noble father and mother, who were preparing for the solemnization of her marriage with Prince Doria, Lady Mary Althea Beatrix Talbot, daughter of the Earl of Shrewsbury.  She is said to have been ill but a fortnight.  The lamented lady was in her 24th year.  She was one of the ladies selected to hold the Queen’s train at the Coronation. 



December 14, 1838



At Falmouth, Mrs. Ann Carpenter, relict of the late John Carpenter, Esq., aged 70 years.


At Saltash, on the 30th ult., Jane, daughter of the late John H. A. Olney, Esq., aged 3 ˝ years.


On Wednesday, the 5th instant, at Newlyn, Mr. Nichs. Kelynack, aged 50 years.


On Monday last, at Lerrin, near Fowey, Miss Phillips, aged 28 years.  Her sufferings, which were great, were borne with Christian fortitude, and she died with her hopes fixed on her Redeemer.


At Hayle, on Wednesday last, Mrs. Millwood, aged 80 years.


At Lean Hill, Liskeard, at an advanced age, on Friday last, Mr. Stephen Trehane, who has left a great number of legacies to both poor and rich of the neighbourhood.  The mass of his property amounting to many thousands, he has, however, left to some relations in America.


At Helston, on Monday last, the infant child of Mr. Wm. Tyacke, innkeeper.


At Bodmin, on the 4th instant, Mrs. Bounds, wife of Mr. John bounds, hair dresser.


At Falmouth, on Monday last, Mr. James Varker, aged 63 years, for many years master of a Plymouth trading vessel.


At her residence, near Dublin, Frances, daughter of the late Ignatiius Purcell, of Crumlin, in the county Dublin, Esq.


A few days since, at the hospital at Chaillot, where he had been forced to seek asylum, the Polish General Wroniecki.  He was in the prime of life, and was one of the most distinguished officers of the Polish army, created by the Grand Duke Constantine; his works on the art of war are highly esteemed.  Having taken part in the last revolution of his unfortunate country, he was forced to emigrate, and had since resided in France.


December 21, 1838



On Wednesday last, at Truro, after a lingering and painful illness, which she endured with truly Christian fortitude, Mrs. Mary Ann Powell, aged 30 years, wife of Mr. William Powell, of the Unicorn Inn.


Suddenly, at Higher-town, near Truro, on Saturday last, Mr. Wm. Sholl, aged 23 years.  He was a young man of most estimable character, and his loss will be felt by all who were acquainted with him, but especially will his death be deeply lamented by those who best knew him, and to whom by natural and friendly ties he was most affectionately endeared.


At Bodmin, on Friday last, James, third son of Mr. Lutman, organist, aged nine years.


At Bodmin, on Friday last, the infant child of Mr. Boundy, hair dresser.


At Redruth, on the 12th instant, Mr. Philip Richards, aged 31 years.  


At Lime Park, near Sidmouth, on Tuesday, the 11th ultimo, deeply lamented, Ann, fifth daughter of Lieut. General Walker.


On the 18th instant, in River-street, Truro, Miss Knight, aged 61 years.


At St. Ives, John, youngest son of Mr. John French, coast guard service, aged four years.


On the 15th instant, at Benallack, Probus, Mr. Francis Searle, aged 51 years.  Mr. Searle died of a disease of the heart, occasioned by a sudden effort made some years since, in attempting to catch a horse about to run away.  He was a very intelligent man – very liberal in his religious and political opinions, and a very sincere Christian.  Hiss loss is deeply regretted by a large circle of friends.



December 28, 1838



At Truro, on Monday last, much respected by his numerous circle of friends and regretted by his neighbours, Mr. William Solomon, painter and glazier, aged 51 years, after a painful illness of two years.


On Monday se’nnight, at Redruth, after a long illness, much respected, Anna, wife of Mr. Alexander Runnells, butcher.


At Redruth, on Wednesday last, Mr. Joseph Phillips, aged 64 years.


At Probus, on Saturday last, Mr. Thomas Roche, aged 81 years.


At Bodmin, on Tuesday last, after giving birth to a boy on Saturday last, the beloved wife of Mr. T. Pearse, of the Post-office. 


Last week at Liskeard, aged 27 years, the wife of Mr. John Bowden.  On Monday last,  Miss Mary Keast, baker, of Liskeard.


On Wednesday se’nnight,at his residence, Bridgerule, in this county, Mr. Knott, formerly of Launceston, after an illness of several months.


On the 22nd of December, at his residence in Albany-street, Regents Park, London, General Mackleran, R.E. aged 80 years.


On the 19th instant, at Honiton, Courtenay Gidley, Esq., in his 83rd year.


At Treneere, near Penzance, Miss Catherine Ann Pengelly, aged 11 years, eldest daughter of Mr. Thomas Pengelly.   


A few days since, at Rescassa, St. Goran, Mrs. Kerkin, at an advanced age.  She had been a great sufferer for a long time, and her end was peace.