November 2, 1838



At Liskeard, on the 25th ultimo, by the Rev. Charles Lyne, T.D. Martyn, Esq., surgeon, St. Columb, to Mary Frances, eldest daughter of P. Glubb, Esq., Liskeard.


At Topsham, Devon, on the 25th ult., Charles Burden, Esq., of Burden, Devon, to Penelope, daughter of the late Charles Kendall, Esq., of Lostwithiel, in this county.


On the 21st ult., at the Register Office of the Bodmin Union, by the Rev. James Thomson, Mr. John Palmer, of St. Mabyn, to Miss Mary Kempthorne, of the same parish.


On Thursday last, by the Superintendent Registrar of the Bodmin Union, Mr. Jonathan Wilce, to Miss Susan Woolcock, of St. Kew; and Mr. Richard Callaway to Miss Hawke, of St. Kew.


On the 23rd ult., at Egloshayle Church, by certificate from the Superintendent Registrar of the Bodmin Union, Mr. Charles Coleman, of Bodmin, to Miss Joanna Lawry, of Roche.


At Liskeard, on Tuesday last, Mr. Medland, druggist, of St. Austell, to Miss June Coath, of the former place.


At Cardinham, on Monday last, by the Rev. Thomas Grylls, Mr. Edward Bellringer, clerk with Messrs. Grylls and Hill, Helston, to Miss Jane Marshall of Coomb Cottage, near Bodmin.


At the Superintendent Registrarís Office, Helston, before Mr. John Kirby, Mr. MatthewHant to Miss Esther Bosisto, both of Helston.



On the 23rd ultimo, at the Superintendentís Register Office, Totnes, Mr. P. W. Pearce, of Plymouth, chemist and druggist, to Virginia, youngest daughter of Mr. Jackson, of Cleave, in the parish of Dipford.


November 9, 1838


On Wednesday last, at Truro, by the Rev. R. Dix, Mr. George Swan, of Camborne, to Candace, third daughter of Mr. Treleaven, of this town.


Yesterday at Kenwyn, Mr. Charles Annear, Perfumer, &c., Truro, to Miss Rebecca Simmons.


On Sunday, the 4th instant, at Camborne, by the Rev. C. Hickson, Mr. T. Roberts, of Wendron, to Ann, second daughter of the late Mr. T. Merit, of Illogan.



November 16, 1838



At Helston, on the 12th instant, Mr. Robert Broad, of Penzance, to Mary, youngest daughter of the late Mr. Thomas Sleeman, wine and spirit merchant, of the former place.


On Monday last, at the superintendent Registrarís Office, Redruth, Mr. Matthew Vivian, to Mrs. Mary Bennetts.


At St. Hilary, on the 15th inst., Mr. Thomas CFarthew, to Miss M. A. Veall, both of Marazion.


At Mabe, on the 12th instant, Mr. John Roberts, of Mawnan, to Miss Knowells, of the former parish.


At Perranzabuloe, on Saturday last, Mr. John Sobey, of that parish, to Miss Mary Ann Paddy, of St. Just.


At St. Thomasís, by Launceston, by the Rev. C. Lethbridge, on Monday, Nov. 5., Mr. James Treleaven, hatter, of Devonport, to Thomasine, second daughter of the late J. Orchard, Esq., of Week St. Mary.††


June 12, at Hubartís Town, Van Diemanís Land, John Price, Esq., J.P., third son of the late Sir R. Price, Bart., of Trengwainton, in this County, to Mary, eldest daughter of the late Major Franklin, of the 1st Bengal Cavalry, and niece of his Excellency the Lieut.-Governor.


At Thurlestone, Devon, on the 30th ult., by the Rev. W. Borlase, M.A., John A. Mould, Esq., surgeon, R.N., to Anne, eldest daughter of the late John borlase, Esq., of Castle Horneck, in this county.


On Tuesday, at Charles Church, Plymouth, by the Rev. Septimus Courtenay, James Hamblyn, Esq., Madras Medical Establishment, to Charlotte Helling, eldest daughter of the late Capt. W. Burnett, H.E.L.C. Service.



November 23, 1838



At Bodmin, on Tuesday, the 20th instant, by the Rev. J. Wallis, A.M. Sidney Wright, Esq., H. M. Ordnance department, Gibraltar, to Isabella, eldest daughter of John Parkyn, Esq., of the former place.


On Friday last, at St. Georgeís Church, Stonehouse, by the Rev. Dr. Fletcher, John Benny Serjeant, Esq., of Callington, to Sarah Louisa, youngest daughter of Major Kinsman, of the Royal Marines.


At Zennor, on Sunday last, Mr. Henry Lawrey, of Towednack, to Miss Joanna Pascoe, of the parish of Ludgvan.


At St. Ives, Mr. John Richards, to Miss Jane Smith Toms; and Mr. Hodge, to Miss Mary Gyles.


Oct. 10, at the Catholic Chapel, Ugbrook, Mr. Wm. Ellicombe, of the Labourerís Lodge Inn, Chudleigh, to Miss Sarah Tapp, of the same place.The happy bridegroom led his young and blooming bride to the Hymeneal Altar dressed in the same wedding coat that he was married in to his first wife, 45 years ago, and he had it in his possession six years before that time Ė being 50 years.



November 30, 1838


On Friday, the 9th instant, at St. Johnís church, Hoxton, the Rev. Richard Treffry, governor of the Wesleyan Theological Institution, to Mrs. Walker, of Maidenhead, Berks.


*At St. Columb, on Monday last, Mr. James Rowe, of Pentireglaze, in St. Miniver, to Miss Glasson, of the former parish.


*At St. Columb, on Tuesday last, Hart Key, Esq., of Pawton, to Miss Rowe, daughter of Mr. Thomas Rowe, of Retorth.


*At St. Columb, on Tuesday last, Wm. Drew, Esq., of Crugoes, to Miss Polkinhorn, daughter of Mr. Polkinhorn, of the Red Lion Inn, St. Columb.


* - all marriages with asterisk were shown under ďDiedĒ in the paper.