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6 SEPTEMBER 1839, Friday

At Truro, on the 4th inst., the lady of C. W. Fox, Esq., of a son.

At Truro, on the 4th inst., the wife of Mr. John Glaston, blacksmith, of a son, being her nineteenth child.

At Truro, on Sunday last, the wife of Mr. William Coombes, lace merchant, of a son.

At St. Austell, on Friday last, the wife of Mr. Edward Stedhouse, tailor &c., of a daughter.

On Monday last, at St. Erme Highway, Mrs. Huddy, of a son.

On Monday last, at Penzance, Mrs. Joseph, of a son.

On Saturday last, the lady of W. B. Ramsey, Esq., George-street, Devonport, of a daughter.

13 SEPTEMBER 1839, Friday

At Penzance, on the 2nd instant, the lady of Captain Jago, Royal Artillery, of a son.

On Wednesday the 4th instant, at Croft Castle, Hereford, the seat of Mrs. Davies, the lady of the Rev. Joseph Edwards, of a daughter.

At Hayle, on Friday last, Mrs. Captain Spray, of a son.

On Thursday, the 5th instant, at Falmouth, the wife of Mr. Mogg, merchant, of a daughter.

On the 1st instant, at the Theatre House, Plymouth, Mrs. J. C. Hay; of a son.

20 SEPTEMBER 1839, Friday

On the 18th instant, the lady of Francis Brown Hambly, Esq., of Treharrock, St. Kew, of a son.

On the 6th instant, at Truro, the wife of Mr. Anear, hair-dresser, of a son.

At Newquay, on the 14th instant, the wife of Mr. Wm. Clemens, of a daughter.

At Newton, St. Austell, on Saturday last, Mrs. Thos. Crapp, of a son.

At Helston, on the 18th instant, the wife of Mr. Edw. Bellringer, of a son.

At St. Austell, on Sunday last, Mrs. Borrows, of the King's Arms Inn, of a son.

At Trebilcock, Roche, on Monday last, the lady of Thos. Stick White, Esq., of a son and heir.

At Swansea, on the 11th instant, Mrs. Glasson, late of Hayle, of a son.

At Fowey, on the 17th instant, the wife of Capt. Wm.Todd, of a daughter.

On the 14th instant, at Stoke, the wife of Lieut. . Watts, R.N., of a daughter.

27 SEPTEMBER 1839, Friday

Last week, at Chacewater, the wife of Capt. Sampson Trevethan, of a daughter.

At Marazion, on the 25th instant, the wife of Mr. Laity, draper, of a daughter.

On Tuesday last, at the Music Saloon, Union-street, Plymouth, Mrs. F. N. Crouch, of a daughter.

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