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5 JUNE 1840

On Sunday last, at Truro, Henry, second son of E. J. Spry, Esq., surgeon, aged three years.

On Tuesday last, in London, after a long illness, aged 27 years, Richard, second son of the late Mr. Hill, for upwards of 27 years foreman in the office of this paper.

At Bodmin, on Tuesday last, Mr. Thomas Cavell, aged 38 years.

At Charlestown, on Tuesday, Mr. Thomas Hodge, aged 64 years.

At Probus, on Saturday last, the wife of Mr. Thomas Yeoman, mill-wright, aged 39 years.

At St. Ives, on the 26th ult., the infant son of Mr. D. French, of the coast-guard service.

At Sunday last, at Camborne, much respected by all who knew him, Mr. Jonathan Tyack, joiner, & c., for many years a class-leader in the Wesleyan Methodist Society, aged 60 years.

On Sunday last, at Portreath, in her eighty second year, Mrs. Wise, relict of the late Mr. Wise, surgeon, Redruth.

At Liskeard, on Saturday last, Mrs. Elizabeth Crago in the 102nd year of her age.

On Sunday morning last, at Padstow, suddenly, Mr. William Brabyn, harness-maker.

On Saturday week, at her residence, near Tavistock, Mrs. Bedford Kenyon, widow of the late Rev. B. Kenyon, of Stokeclimsland in this county.

On Sunday last, James Nicholls, of Redruth, Boiler-maker, in the employ of Mr. J. Moir, Engineer, Stone-house, aged 18 years, deeply regretted by his fellow workmen.

12 JUNE 1840, Friday

Last week, at St. Austell, aged 68, Mrs. Lanyon, widow of the late Mr. Lanyon, currier, formerly of that town.

At Corleddon, St. Austell, on Thursday, the 4th instant, Mr. Geo. Truscott, late of St. Stephens in Branwell, and formerly well known throughtout this county and Devon as a celebrated wrestler.

At Charlestown, on the 3rd instant, Mr. Jos. Stevens, aged 51 years.

At Polperro, on the 2nd instant, the wife of Captain Bate, of the schooner "Providence."

On Sunday, the 31st ult., after a lingering illness, the wife of Mr. Henry Roberts, of St, Just in Penwith.

At Holmbush, on the 9th instant, Mary, wife of Mr. Peter Knight, aged 83 years.

At Penryn, on Monday last, Julia Anna, eldest daughter of Mr. Poat, blacksmith, aged 20 years.

On Sunday last, at St. Erth church-town, after a protracted illness, Mr. Henry Colliver, aged 51 years; much respected in the circle of his acquaintance.

At Stratton, on Friday last, Lieut. Thomas Stone, R. N., aged about 60 years.

On Saturday, in Durnford-street, Stonehouse, at the residence of Mrs. Pellew, after an illness of some weeks, Miss Kevill, of Penryn, in this county.

On Friday, the 5th instant, in Upper Stamford-street, London, the infant daughter of G. B. Childs, Esq., surgeon.

19 JUNE 1840, Friday

On Wednesday, the 10th inst., in consequence of being thrown out of a cab, on his way from London to Leyton, Essex, Lewis Charles Daubuz, Esq., of the Firm of Daubuz and Co., Tin Smelters, in the 30th year of his age.

On Sunday, the 14th instant, at Nansough, in the parish of Ladock, after a severe illness, which he bore with pious resignation, Charles Foss Andrew, Esq., aged 65 years, leaving a widow and eight children. Through a useful but unostentatious life he proved a kind husband, and affectionate father, and a sincere friend; and long will he live in the memory of all who had the pleasure of his acquaintance. In him have the poor lost a most liberal benefactor and generous patron; for in kindness and urbanity to all, he had few to equal him.

At Truro, on the 17th instant, Miss Mary Ann Paddon, aged 57 years, daughter of the late Rev. William Paddon.

At St. Austell, on Thursday last, suddenly, of paralysis, Anthony Burnley, esq., solicitor, aged 55 years.

At Falmouth, on Friday last, Mrs. Celia Rowlings.

At Falmouth, on Tuesday last, Mr. George, aged 76 years.

At Rinsey, in Breage, on the 15th instant, Mr. Michell, farmer, aged 82 years.

At Blowing-house, in Illogan, on the 16th instant, after a severe illness, the wife of Capt. Samuel Daniel, aged 51 years.

On the 15th instant, at Helston,Mr. Joseph Harry, of the Horse and Jockey Inn, aged 43 years. He had risen at five o'clock on the above morning, to go on a journey, and was about to leave his room, when he was seized with a fit of apoplexy, and at five o'clock the same day, he was a corpse. His sudden dissolution has cast a great gloom on a numerous circle of relatives and friends, by whom he was highly respected and beloved.

At her son's residence, in Gwennap, in the 80th year of her age, Grace, widow of the late Capt. Edward Dunsterville, of Penryn.

Last week, at Trevena, in the parish of Tintagel, Mr. Samuel Symons, aged 52 years.

At Trebelzue, in Lower St. Columb, on the 15th inst., Mr. Richard Nicholls, a very respectable farmer of that parish.

On Monday, at St. Germans, Miss Chubb, aged 53 years.

On Thursday, the 11th inst., at St. Just in Penwith, the beloved wife of Mr. Francis Harvey.

At St. Ives, on the 16th instant, the infant son of Mr. John Trevethick; also, the infant child of Mr. Thomas Bamfield, Halsetown.

On the 10th instant, at Tremethick, in Wendron, Mr. William Pooley, aged 76 years, 53 of which he has been in the service, as hind, of John Boase, Esq., and his father, of Tremethick, near Helston.

At Kurgachee, in the East Indies, on the 13th December last, after 29 years residence in that country, Major James Cocke, commanding officer of the Artillery Reserve Force, and son of the late Josias Cocke, Esq., of Truro.

On the 10th instant, at Brunswick-terrace, Stoke, Devon, aged 65 years, regretted by all who knew her, and whose amiable disposition endeared her to all her family, by whom she will ever be remembered with undying affection, Mrs. Jane Miller, relict of the late Oth(sp?) Gidley, Esq., of South Brent, Devon, daughter of Thos. Wells, Esq., late surgeon, of Callington, and grand-daughter of the Rev. Jeremiah Miller, Rector of Duloe, in this county.

Saturday morning, in Guilford-street, Russell-square, London, Mary, the wife of Sir Thomas Wilde, her Majesty's Solicitor-General.

26 JUNE 1840, Friday

At his lodgings, Padstow, where he had gone for the benefit of his health, Captain Robert S. Phillipps, of the Bengal Native Infantry, and son of the late Rev. N. Phillipps, Rector of Lanivet. He had seen much service at Aracan, in the Birman war, from whence he returned, being invalided, to England; but that pestilential climate which has proved fatal to so many of our brave soldiers, had so injured his constitution, that his frame at length sunk under it, and he expired in the 45th year of his age.

At Hayle, on Saturday last, the infant son of Mr. Hobbard.

On Sunday last, at Penzance, Mr. W. Badcock, aged 60 years.

At Penzance, on Wednesday last, James, son of Mr. Beckerleg, printer, aged 3 years.

At Camborne on the 12th instant, Edward Evans, son of Mr. Edwards, bookseller and stationer, aged 8 years.

On Monday, the 13th inst., at the village of Belovely, in Roche, Mr. William Leddicoat, aged 81 years, leaving 8 children, 55 grand-children, and 13 great-grand-children, making in the whole 76 descendants.

At Galowras mill, St. Goran, on Friday, the 19th inst., Mrs. Dingle, aged 65 years.

At Mevagissey, on Thursday, the 18th inst., Mr. Richard Scantlebury, ironmonger, aged 28 years.

At Penryn, on Saturday, the 20th inst., Charles, third son of Mr. W. E. Tucker, aged 9 years.

At Padstow, on Friday last, Mr. William Rawlings, sen., aged 55 years.

At Bristol, on the 17th inst., aged 83 years, the Rev. James Wood, the oldest minister in the Wesleyan Methodist Connexion. He retained the use of his mental powers to the last.


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