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6 NOVEMBER 1840, Friday

On Sunday, the 1st instant, at Liskes, near Truro, Miss VINCENT, aged 64 years.

On Saturday last, at Redruth, Mr. George POLLARD, aged 88 years, a great number of which he had been a consistent and respected member of the Methodist society.

At Hayle, on Saturday last, the infant daughter of Mr. William PEARCE.

At Chyandour, near Penzance, on Tuesday last, Mr. J.W. ROBERTS, aged 37 years.

At Ludgvan, last week, Mr. James POLGRAIN, aged 71 years.

At Marazion, on the 31st ult., Harriet, youngest daughter of Mr. W. LAITY, aged 4 months; also on the 1st instant, Ann, eldest daughter of Mr. BYER, aged 3 years.

At St. Michael's Mount, on the 2nd instant, Jane, only daughter of Mr. H. TREVITHICK, of Hayle Foundry.

At St. Austell, on Tuesday last, aged 30 years, Mrs. BENNETTS, widow of the late Mr. Richard Bennetts, late of the Cornish Arms Inn, St. Blazey, whose death we announced a short time since.

At Bodmin, on Sunday last, after a short but severe illness, Elizabeth Ann, the beloved child of Mr. and Mrs. E.M. WRIGHT, aged four years and eight months.

At Liskeard, on Saturday last, after a long illness, aged 51 years, Mrs. GLANVILL, widow of the late Mr. Glanvill, currier, of that town who met with his death by a fall from his horse about two years ago, leaving a large young family, now parentless.

On Friday last, at Liskeard, Miss Mary POPPLESTONE, aged 20 years.

Last week at Camelford, Mr. James SCOTT, aged 46 years.

Lately, at Bossiney, in the parish of Tintagel, Mrs. SYMONS, widow of the late Mr. John Symons, aged 57 years.

On the 16th ult., at Blois in France, where he had gone for the benefit of his health, A.K. BAYNES, Esq., of Tredanle (?).

13 NOVEMBER 1840, Friday

At his seat, Tullimaar, near Truro, on Saturday last, the 7th instant, in his 72nd year, Benjamin SAMPSON, Esq. When mathematical, mechanical and philosophical knowledge in general was little, if at all considered as useful to a Cornish miner, Mr. Sampson perceived its value, and assiduously applied himself to its acquirement; and even then (50 or 60 years ago) he soon reaped the fruits of his labours. Born at Gwennap, in the centre of our most populous and productive mining district, his early occupations were among the mines, and his rare talents and acquirements quickly received the due notice and attention they deserved. The first, and we believe even to this day, one of (if not the) very best series pf mining plans and sections in Cornwall, that of North Downs (including the curious Geological Phenomenon of intersecting lodes at Wheal Peever?) was prepared from actual survey by Mr. Sampson, about 40 or 45 years ago. Soon after this, he undertook the management of the iron foundry, at Perranwharf, and continued for full 30 years the resident and managing partner. Here his great mechanical talents had full power, and many of our old engineers have profited by his advice, and been indebted to his ingenuity. Here he had ample opportunity for acquainting himself with the details of every alteration made on the steam-engine in Cornwall for Perran was at that time the only extensive foundry in Cornwall; and here he obtained the best general history (a living history so to speak) of the steam engine, from the days of Mr. Watt to the present time. The mining experience obtained in early youth, he made eminently useful in maturer age; and it has long been proverbial in Cornwall, that almost every mine in which Mr. Sampson has taken shares, has turned up rich. He also largely embarked in the gunpowder manufacture, and for many years has been at the head of the only establishment of that kind in Cornwall. In every station of life, Mr. Sampson was loved and respected; and as his life closed full of years, honours and riches, he has departed amid the regrets of a most extensive circle of friends and acquaintances, and with the heartfelt grief of his numerous servants and dependents. Poverty and misery never vainly appealed to the sympathy of his generous heart. He was a kind and warm fiend, a good neighbour, and a liberal and considerate master.

At his lodgings, in Falmouth, on Tuesday the 10th instant, Richard CURGEAVEN, Esq., aged 67 years. From declining health, he resigned a few years ago, contrary to the wishes of his noble patron, the Stewardship at Tregothnan, which he and his father had held for nearly a century. On Sunday, the 25th ultimo, his chair was found by the servant unoccupied, with the bible open before it, and himself speechless and prostrate on the floor, from a paralytic seizure, from the effects of which he remained in a morbid stupor until Tuesday morning, when he expired without a struggle. Throughout life he was remarkable for the warmth of his friendship, the meekness of his disposition, and the sprightness of his character.

In London, on Tuesday, the 3rd instant, in the 83rd(?) year of his age, the Rev. W.H. VIVIAN, uncle of Sir R. H. Vivian, K.C.B., Master-General of the Ordnance.

At Falmouth, on Monday last, where he had been residing for his health, Mr. William MITCHELL, of London aged 21 years.

At Flushing, on Monday last, John HARTNEY, Esq., late commander of H.M. packet "Osborne," aged 76 years.

At Charlestown, on the 5th instant, Mr. Daniel BOND, aged 55 years.

On Wednesday last, after a lingering illness, at Gorran Haven, aged 25 years, Richard, son of Mr. Wm. OLIVER.

At Stratton, on the 4th instant, Mr. Wm. SCOWN, at an advanced age, having been for many years a respectable butcher at that place.

At St. Ive, near Callington, on the 5th instant, Jane Ann, youngest daughter of W. POLLARD, Esq., aged 22 months.

At Calcutta, on the 25th of April last, of cholera, Edward, eldest son of Mr. Thomas RUNDLE, grocer of Charlestown, second officer of the H.E.I.C. ship "Lord Amherst," deeply regretted, and much respected by all who knew him.

At Trelino, Southpetherwin, near Launceston, after a short illness, Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. John WILLS, aged 18 years

On the 28th ult., at Tiverton, Henry CAREW, Esq., Commander R.N., aged 83 years. The deceased was youngest son of Sir John Carew, brother of Sir Thomas, and grand uncle to the present Baronet Sir Walter Pole Carew, of Tiverton Castle and Harcombe, Devon.

In the Island of Jersey, on the 3rd instant, Mr. R. GOHAN, late of the Royal navy, aged 78 years. He was beloved and esteemed by a large circle of relatives and friends, and was the last surviving son of the late George Gohan, Esq., of Coolquil, in the county of Tipperary, who was for several years Commandant of the Islands of Scilly.

At Plymouth, on the 9th instant, at the advanced age of 83 years, Peter WELSFORD, Esq., purser, R.N., and for many years the head of the establishment in that town for manufacturing sailcloth. His memory will be long held dear amongst those to whom he stood either in the relation, of friend or benefactor.

On Monday, the 2nd instant, at Wakefield, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Joseph HORNER, miller and cornfactor. Her piety towards God, her hospitality to her friends, her kindness to the poor, and her attention to her family, rendered her the object of universal regard and esteem. Her religion was a counterpart of Ist Corinthians, XIII.

20 NOVEMBER 1840, Friday

At Wadebridge, aged 46, Dr. JEWELL, late of Truro, and of Golden-square, founder of the Royal Adelaide Lying-in Hospital.

At Truro, on Friday last, Eliza, daughter of Mr. Jeremiah REYNALDS, merchant, aged about three years.

At Marazion, on the 13th instant, Elizabeth, only daughter of Mr. REYNOLDS, aged 20 years. She was beloved and respected by all who knew her.

At Penzance, on Wednesday, the 11th instant, Mrs. LISLE, relict of the late Mr. Richard Lisle, excise-office, aged 41 years.

At Penzance, on Saturday last, Mrs. CARA.

On Friday last, at St. Ives, Mr. Alexander VINGOE, of Penzance.

At Probus, on the 12th instant, Mrs. STACEY, aged 57 years.

At Trenance, St. Austell, on Sunday last, Mr. Joseph PEARCE, sen., aged 86 years.

At Treator, near Padstow, on Tuesday, the 17th inst., Mrs. PEARSE, wife of John Pearse, Esq., aged 52 years.

At Colrannick, in Cardinham, on Saturday, the 7th instant, Mr. John BATE, aged 51 years.

At Bodmin, on the 8th instant, Miss Loveday BELLING, aged 77 years.

At Lanlivery, on Saturday last, Mr. James BAWDEN, from an injury of the spine, received at Tretoil mine, about a fortnight ago.

On Thursday, the 12th instant, at Boscastle, Mrs. LANGFORD, aged 75 years.

On Wednesday, the 11th instant, at Leigh-house, Launcells, Samuel, the infant son of Thomas SHEPHARD, Esq.

On the 9th instant, at Hayling Island, aged two years and a half, the only son of Lieut. HOCKER, R.N., now on duty in Syria.

Lately, at Totnes, John FOGWELL, Esq., Mayor of that borough. Mr. Fogwell was one of the most zealous reformers of his day, an upright man in all the relations of public and private life, the memory of whose worth and excellence will long be preserved within the sphere of his useful and honourable life.

At Exmouth, Count de Vismes, Prince de Pointhieu.

On the 14th instant, at Staplake Mount, Devon, William SWEETLAND, Esq., many years Captain of the Port, and Superintendent of Quarantine, at Gibraltar.

27 NOVEMBER 1840, Friday

At Truro on Tuesday last, Mr. Robert COLLINS, whitesmith, aged 49 years.

At St. Austell, on Thursday, the 19th instant, Mrs. Thomas JULYAN, aged 67 years.

At Penzance, on Monday last, Mrs. MARSH.

On the 19th inst., at Hayling Island, Mrs. E. HOCKER, wife of Lieutenant Hocker, R.M., now in Syria. We announced the death of his only child, in our last week's publication.

At Falmouth, on the 18th instant, aged 54 years, W. GOFFE, Esq., many years keeper of Chronometers to the Board of Admiralty at that port, and highly respected by a large circle of friends.

At Falmouth, last week, at an advanced age, Patrick O'KEEFE, a native of Ireland, but a resident at Falmouth for 25 years. In bygone days, he kept the "Beggar's Opera," but several years ago it was closed by the parish officers, and since that time there has been no home of the kind in the place. At the opening of the Catholic chapel, about 18 years since, he was appointed clerk, and continued in that capacity till a short time ago, when he renounced the Romish faith and embraced that of Protestantism.

On Tuesday, the 10th instant, in the parish of Wendron, Mr. James JEWELL, aged 43 years, leaving a wife and 11 children to deplore their loss. He was much respected and is deeply regretted by a large circle of acquaintances.

At Ludgvan, last week, Mrs. Elizabeth BOND, aged 75 years.

At Lelant, on the 19th instant, Mr. Henry HOSKING, yeoman, aged 75 years.

At Kertenwood, St. Erth, on Sunday last, Mr. Wm. OSBORN, aged 68 years.

In Haslar Hospital on Thursday, the 19th instant, John LANGDON, Esq., Master R.N., well known in the Hydrographical Office, at the Admiralty.

On the 17th instant, at her residence, in the Crescent, Plymouth, Lucretia Bedford, relict of the Rev. John JAGO, D.D. late Vicar of Milton Abbot, in the county of Devon.


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