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2 JULY 1841, Friday

On Monday last, at Truro, Mrs. Henry LOWRY, a son.

On Tuesday last, at Callington, the wife of Mr. (F.?) PEARSE, surgeon, a son.

Last week, at Camelford, the wife of Mr. John EDE.(?), watchmaker, a daughter.

At Newquay last week, the wife of Mr. Richard HICKS, maltster, a daughter.

On Tuesday, the 22nd ultimo, at St. Stephens in Branwell, the wife of Mr. George TRUSCOTT, maltster, &c., a daughter.

Last week, at Hayle, Mrs. RUNNALS, a son, and Mrs. GREGORY, a daughter.

On Friday, the 25th ultimo, at St. Austell, Mrs. Wm. PARNALL, a daughter, still born.

At Helston, on the 2nd instant, the wife of Mr. John RICHARDS, merchant, a daughter.

At Penzance, on Tuesday last, the wife of Capt. CADE (?), of the schooner "Mary," a daughter.

9 JULY 1841, Friday

On the 3rd inst., at Tregolls, the seat of Sir S. T. SPRY, the lady of Lieut. Col. CARLYON, of Tregrehan, a son.

On Wednesday se'nnight, at Trevol, the Lady of J. Coryton ROBERTS, Esq., a daughter. At Newquay, on the 30th ult., the wife of Capt. CHAMPION, a son.

At Helston, last week, the wife of Mr. J. M. READ, silversmith, &c., a daughter; also, on the 2nd instant, the wife of Mr. H. ALLEN, of the New Inn, a daughter.

At Hayle, on Friday last, Mrs. POLKINHORN, a daughter. And on Monday last, Mrs. SPRAY, wife of Capt Wm. Spray, a son.

16 JULY 1841, Friday

At Truro, on Saturday last, the lady of the Rev. W.W. HARVEY, a daughter.

On Sunday last, at Padstow, the wife of Captain T. SEATON, a son.

At St. Just, on the 10th instant, the wife of the Rev. P. PARSONS, a daughter.

On Sunday, the 11th instant, at Penzance, the lady of Dr. WILLAN, a son.

On the 7th instant, in Clarence-street, Penzance, Mrs. J.P. DAVY, a son.

On the 6th instant, at Stoke, near Devonport, Mrs. E.H. ROW, a daughter.

On Monday last, at Bideford, the lady of Arthur LEY, Esq., a son.

23 JULY 1841, Friday

At Bodmin, on Saturday last, Mrs. GILLARD, a son.

At St. Agnes, on the 15th instant, the wife of Mr. Wm. PENROSE, of twins a son and daughter.

On Thursday se'nnight, at Penzance, the lady of Capt. MATHIAS, R.N., a son.

At Chyandour, Penzance, on Monday last, Mrs. J.W. ROBERTS, a son.

At St. Just in Penwith, on Sunday, the 18th instant, the wife of Mr. Alfred TONKIN, a son. Also, the wife of Mr. William TREZISE, a daughter.

At Camborne, on Tuesday last, Mrs. SWAN, a son.

On the 11th instant, at Tranquil-place, Bodmin, the wife of Capt. James NINNIS, a daughter.

On Tuesday, the 13th instant, the wife of Mr. R.C. WITHIELL, Union Terrace, Plymouth, a son.

On Saturday last, in the New Kent Road, London, the wife of Mr. R. PENTREATH, formerly of H.M. Customs, St. Ives, a son.

30 JULY 1841, Friday

At Truro, on Friday last, Mrs. BLACKMORE, Kenwyn-street, a son.

At Roseveth, in the parish of Kenwyn, on the 22nd instant, Mrs. George MASON, a daughter.

On Sunday, the 25th instant, at Goran Haven, the lady of Lieut. Wm. SAMWELL, R.N., a daughter.

On Friday last, at St. Ives, Mrs. PRAED, a son.

On Sunday last, at Charlestown, Mrs. T. WILLIAMS, a son.


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