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7 JANUARY 1842, Friday

At Treverbyn, in the parish of Probus, in the 31st of December, Mr. John MINERS, a respectable farmer, aged 68 years.

At Polperro, on the 27th ult., Mr. Robert HICKS, aged 47 years.

At East Looe, on the 31st ult., Mary Ann, daughter of Mr. Joseph CLOGG, aged 5 years.

On the 25th ult., at Northill, near Launceston, Mrs. CAUNTER, relict of Mr. Caunter, late of Battersea, in that parish, at an advanced age.

Last week, at Padstow, Capt. Thomas GARD, aged 81 years.

On Wednesday, the 23rd ult., suddenly, at Trevarth-lane-end, in the parish of Gwennap, Mr. Wm. BRAY, aged 62 years, having for nearly 40 years been a useful member of the Wesleyan Methodist body.

On the 1st instant, at Helston, Mr. Thomas STAUNTON, tailor, aged 31 years.

At Castle Hornech, on the 31st ult., Caroline, the beloved wife of Samuel BORLASE, Esq., aged 37 years.

At Penzance, much and universally respected, Mr. John THOMAS, conveyancer, &c.

At Madron Churchtown, on Sunday last, Mr. Thomas HODDER, aged 76 years.

At St. Ives, on the 3rd instant, Mrs. PAYNTER, wife of Captain Thomas PAYNTER, of the schooner "Naverino" aged 38 years.

On the 25th of December, Sophia Margaret, much beloved and affectionate wife of Mr. Michael M. WILLIAMS, of Dynevor-place, Swansea.

14 JANUARY 1842, Friday

On Sunday last, at Truro, in the house of her sister, Mrs. CLEMMOW, the wife of Mr. Wm. BROWN, hatter, of Bodmin, aged 41 years.

On Monday last, at Truro, Mr. John ATKINS, aged 45 years.

At Truro, on Monday last, Mrs. Mary BICKLER?, aged 72 years.[might be Bi.ker; two letters aren't clear poss. Bie.ker jm]

On Tuesday last, at Truro, Mrs. Honor COURTENAY, grocer &c., aged 70 years.

At Truro, on Sunday last, the infant daughter of mr. Hanry SHEAR, painter &c., aged 3 years.

On the 10th inst., at his lodgings on Wood-lane Terrace, Falmouth, Dr. CALVERT, M.D., aged 40 years.

At Harriet-place, Falmouth, on Tuesday last, Harry, the youngest son of Mr. J. OLVER, builder, aged seven years.

On Thursday, the 30th ultimo, at St. Just in Penwith, Mrs. Jane SIMMONS, aged 87 years.

At Hayle, on Monday last, Mr. William ELLIS, butcher, aged 75 years.

On Tuesday last, at Hayle, Mr. Thomas RICHARDS, blacksmith, aged 89 years, 43 of which he had been a member of the Wesleyan Methodist Society.

At St. Ives, on Saturday last, Mrs. TONKIN, wife of Mr. John TONKIN, shoemaker, aged 80 years.

On Sunday last, at St. Ives, after a lingering illness, Mr. Paul QUICK, jun., aged 30 years. Also, Mr. James RICHARDS, jun., joiner, aged 40 years.

At Penare House, near Penzance, on the 4th instant, Ellen, youngest daughter of Mr. BARWIN, aged 4 years.

On Tuesday last, at Penzance, Capt. Thomas ROSEWALL, aged 35 years.

On Monday last, at Newlyn West, Mrs. Alice HICHENS, aged 96 years.

At Liskeard, on Thursday, the 6th inst., Mr. John PETERS, jun., aged 38 years.

At Bridgerule, near Stratton, on Thursday, the 6th instant, after a short illness, Mrs. KNOTT, aged 64 years. The deceased was for many years a faithful and trustworthy assistant in the shop of Mr. W. E. NICHOLLS, grocer &c., Launceston, by whom, as well as by a large number of friends, her loss will be long and severely felt.

At Chatham, on the 3rd instant, of scarlet fever, in the 20th year of his age, Richard Gerveys, eldest son of the Rev. Henry GRYLLS, Vicar of St. Neot.

At Holwell House, near Tavistock, on the 7th instant, occasioned by a fall from a donkey, Josiah, youngest and beloved son of Mr. and Mrs. Josiah GLENCROSS, of Devonport, aged 8 years, sincerely regretted by his afflicted parents.

On the 3rd inst., at Bideford, John Arundel RADFORD, Esq., solicitor, son of the late Rev. John RADFORD, Wincanton, and grandson of the late Rev. John RADFORD, Rector of Lapford, Devon.

On the 2nd instant, at Birkenhead, Cheshire, after a short illness, in the 34th year of his age, much beloved and deeply lamented, Robert BEVEN, Esq., solicitor, formerly of Swansea.

21 JANUARY 1842, Friday

On Friday last, at Truro, Miss Caroline COUCH

On the 19th instant, at Falmouth, Mr. TREVARTON, painter, aged 60 years, regretted by a large circle of friends.

On Sunday last, at Rice, near Goran Haven, Mr. John HENNA, aged 68 years.

At Redruth South-turnpike, on the 17th instant, Mr. Samuel KENDALL, formerly of Gwennap, aged 51 years. He was a member of the Methodist Society for more than twenty years, lived a Christian life, died a triumphant death, and was universally beloved and respected by all who had the pleasure of his acquaintance.

At Helston, on the 15th instant, the infant child of Mr. T. W. CURRY, mercer and tailor, aged 6 months.

On the 7th instant, at Helston, Mrs. SLADE, housekeeper to C. W. POPHAM, Esq., of Trevarno.

At Treloar, in Wendron, on Sunday last, Mrs. THOMAS, widow of the late Mr Wm. Thomas, of that parish.

At Camborne, on the 13th instant, Ann, wife of Mr. W. RICHARDS, aged 37 years. Her amiable disposition and exemplary piety, endeared her to a large circle of friends.

At Hayle, on Saturday last, Miss Nanny BURRALL, aged 25 years, the last six of which she had been a consistent member of the Wesleyan Society.

On Monday last, at Hayle, Miss Jane PENROSE, aged 30 years.

On Saturday se'nnight, at Penzance, the infant daughter of G. D. JOHN, Esq., solicitor.

At Penzance, on Sunday last, Mr. B. MARTIN, aged 82 years.

On Sunday last, at the North Parade, Penzance, after a few hours' illness, Caroline, the beloved wife of John RESCORLA, Esq., aged 36 years, leaving five children to bewail their irreparable loss.

At Prussia Cove, on the 18th instant, Mr. C. RICHARDS, aged 27 years.

At St. Columb Major, on Thursday, the 13th instant, Ann, the beloved wife of Mr. William HAWKEN, yeoman, aged 45 years, leaving a husband and nine children to lament their loss.

On Sunday last, at Hamatethay, in the parish of St. Breward, Mrs. BASTARD, widow, aged 83 years.

Last week, at Davidstow, Mr. Simon BAKER, aged 79 years.

On Tuesday, the 11th instant, at Treneague, in the parish of St. Stephens in Branwell, after a short illness, Mr. Henry HOOPER, yeoman, aged 55 years, leaving a wife and seven children to lament their untimely loss. He was, in life, beloved and respected by all, and consequently his death is much lamented.

On Wednesday last, at Highwood Mill, near Liskeard, Mr. John RUNDLE, miller, much and deservedly lamented.

On the 5th instant, at Polsue, in St. Ewe, Mr. James Allen TREFFRY, aged 72 years, only surviving brother of the Rev. Richard Treffry, Wesleyan minister.

On Friday last, at Saltash, William CARPENTER, infant son of H. A. OLNEY, Esq.

On Saturday last, at Plymouth, Dorothy, relict of Robert Were FOX, Esq., of Wadebridge, aged 75 years.

On Saturday, the 8th instant, in Newgate-street, London, after a lingering illness, Agnes, the wife of Mr. J. BENNETT, bookseller and publisher, formerly of Newtown and Cornwall-street, Plymouth, aged 63 years.

28 JANUARY 1842, Friday

At Truro, on Friday last, Mr. Joseph MICHELL, formerly an officer in the customs, at that port, but latterly of Liverpool, aged 54 years.

At Truro, on Saturday last, after a distressing illness, Mr. John CARTER, aged 36 years.

At Truro, on Monday last, after a short illness, the widow of the late Mr EMIDY.

In Lemon-street, Truro, on Tuesday last, Elizabeth Emily, third daughter of Mr. Jacob ROWE, boot and shoe maker, aged 8 years.

On the 21st instant, at Falmouth, Melicent, the daughter of Mr. PHILLIPS, of the Navy Tavern, aged 4 years.

At Falmouth, on the 28th instant, the infant son of Mr. J. EARLE, painter, &c.

At Liskeard, on Sunday last, Mr. BROWN, solicitor, of that place, after a short illness.

On the 19th instant, at Liskeard, Miss GIDDY, aged 72 years.

On Saturday, the 22nd inst., Selina, youngest daughter of Mr. Henry BENNETT, of Bissick, aged 21 years.

On Tuesday last, at Camelford, Mr. Charles SCOTT, aged 36 years.

At Duloe, on the 13th inst., Mary, wife of Mr. Edward STEED, aged 61 years.

At Treghost in Stythians, on the 16th of December, Mary, second daughter of Mr. Walter HEARLE, aged 24 years; also, on the 25th instant, Samuel, his fourth son, aged 20 years.

At St. Ives, on Sunday last, Capt. DUNSTAN, of Wheal Providence mine, aged 51 years.

At St. Ives, Mary, daughter of Mr. James MARTIN, mason, aged 7 years; also, the infant daughter of Capt. Mark HOLLOW.

On the 13th inst., in Gibbon-street, Plymouth, of disease of the liver, Mr. H. PODDER, Master, R.N. aged 49 years. He had served between thirty and forty years, with little intermission.

At the residence of her grandfather, Roger GERRISH, Esq., Clifton, near Bristol, Mary Matilda, the eldest daughter of Capt. WILSON, late of Torpoint, aged 6 years.


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