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4 NOVEMBER 1842, Friday

At Truro, on Monday, the 31st ult., after a lingering illness, deservedly regretted and lamented, WILLIAM WARREN, Esq., aged 60 years.

On Thursday, the 27th ult., at Truro, MR. AMOS COLLETT, aged 82 years.

At Kiggan Mill, near Truro, on Monday last, MR. JAMES JOHNS, miller, aged 46 years.

At Perranarworthal, on Saturday last, Capt. ROWSE.

On the 27th ult., at Falmouth, LIEUT. ANTHONY REED, R.N., aged 60 years.

At Penryn, on Thursday, MARIA JANE, daughter of MR. JOHN GILL, printer &c, aged 5 years.

At Ladock, on Friday last, JOHN, eldest son of the late MR. JOS. VERCOE, of St. Columb, aged 9 years.

On the 25th ult., at Liskeard, JOHN, only son of the REV. JOHN FRASER.

At Padstow, last week, the two infant children of MR. J. SLEEMAN, cooper.

On the 26th ult., at Scarne, near Launceston, ELIZABETH SEYMOUR, youngest daughter of LIEUT. J. COOKE, R.N., aged 5 years.

At Redruth, on Saturday last, CAPT. THOMAS TEAGUE, aged 46 years.

At St. Ives, the infant son of JOHN N. TREMEARNE, Esq.

At Penzance, on Monday last, WILLIAM and JOHN, sons of MR. RUNNALLS.

Lately, in London, WILLIAM SYMONS SOWDEN, aged 7 years; and a few days afterwards, JOHN SYMONS SOWDEN, aged 4 years, sons of MR. NATHANIEL SOWDEN, of the Stamp Office, Somerset House, London, and grandsons of MR. NATHANIEL SOWDEN, of Liskeard, Cornwall.

At Whitesville, Mississippi, North America, on the 13th of September last, after a few days' illness, MR. JOHN MERRIFIELD, builder, &c., formerly of Truro, leaving a wife and eight children to mourn his loss.

On Monday last, at Mount Nebo House, near Taunton, the REV. RICHARD WINSLOE, M.A., of Magdalen College, Oxford, Rector of Minster and Forrabury, in this county, and perpetual curate of Ruishton, in Somersetshire, aged 72 years.

On the 25th ult., at the Rectory, Monksilver, Somersetshire, FRANCES WILSON, wife of the REV. WILLIAM FRANCIS CHILCOTT, aged 41 years.

11 NOVEMBER 1842, Friday

At Southleigh, Truro, on the 7th instant, sincerely regretted, WILLIAM PAUL, esq., aged 40 years.

At Penryn, on Sunday last, after a painful and protracted illness of nearly six years, which she bore with the resignation and piety of a true Christian, FANNY, the beloved wife of Mr. BROKENSHIR, aged 60 years. Her end was a striking display of triumph in death.

On the 3rd inst., at her residence in the Regent's Park, London, after a most painful illness, patiently borne, CAROLINE, the beloved wife of WILLIAM RASHLEIGH, Esq., of Menabilly, in this county, and mother of the Member of Parliament for East Cornwall, in the 55th year of her age. As a wife and mother, if this truly excellent lady possessed any fault at all, it was that she devoted her whole life to the comforts of her husband and children. On them a wide, deep wound has been inflicted. Those who had the privilege of knowing her as a relation or friend, have lost one indeed, who with the highest sensibility for others, scarcely ever heard them ill spoken of without pain. The poor in her neighbourhood have lost a kind and affectionate protector. Beloved by every grade, she will be long long lamented never forgotten. The remains of this truly estimable lady were interred yesterday, in the family vault, Kensal Green. We understand that the bells in the several parishes of Tywardreath, Fowey, St. Sampsons, and St. Veep, told the mournful tale to many a sorrowing heart.

On Sunday last, at Ladock, MR. JOHN BEEL, aged 77 years.

On Monday last, at St. Austell, MR. JOSEPH GROSE, carpenter, aged 67 years.

On the 2nd instant, at Tywardreath Parsonage, of scarlet fever, aged 2 years and 7 months, ARUNDELL JAMES, youngest son of the REV. CHARLES LYNE.

On the 4th instant, at St. Day, CAPT. WM. JENNINGS, late of the Tregothnan Consols, aged 46 years.

At St. Day, on the 3rd instant, after a long and painful illness of five years, MR. JAMES BARNETT, ironmonger and grocer, aged 54 years, leaving a wife and eight children to lament their loss.

On Monday last, at Cosgarne, in Gwennap, JOSEPH JOHN, eldest son of Mr. PASCOE, aged 10 years.

At Helston, on Saturday last, MRS. PUCKEY, aged 85 years.

At Penrose, on the 8th instant, MR. KENDALL, coachman to the REV. CANON ROGERS, aged 32 years.

On Friday last, at the house of her sister, MISS GRIBBLE, Chapel-street, MRS. EVA, wife of MR. J. EVA, Tolcarne, Camborne, aged 65 years.

At St. Ives, on the 5th instant, CAPTAIN ROBERT WELCH, late master of the schooner "William and Mary."

At Penzance, on Saturday last, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. WM. RICHARDS.

At Gulval, on Saturday last, MRS. STEVENS, aged 80 years.

On the 2nd instant, at Roche, ELIZABETH JANE, eldest daughter of CAPT. WILLIAM COCK, jun., of Great Wheal Prosper mine.

At St. Columb, on Saturday last, after a short illness, the wife of F. C. PAYNTER, Esq., solicitor.

On Saturday last, at St. Neot, MR. MATTHEW CRAPP, aged 92 years, leaving 12 children, 115 grand-children, and 37 great-grand-children.

At Polruan, near Fowey, on Monday last, MR. EDMUND HILL, aged 84 years.

On Sunday last, in the 15th year of her age, HANNAH PLUMTRE, second daughter of the Rev. JOHN HATCHARD, vicar of St. Andrew's, Plymouth.

At Barnstaple, J. MILLER, Esq., proprietor of the Derby lace manufactory, and an Alderman of that Borough, aged 55 years. Deceased had suffered for several years most distressingly, from a disease, which a post mortem examination discovered to be a cancer in the head.

On the 30th ult., in London, in the 82nd year of his age, the REV. SOLOMON HERCHELL, 40 years Chief Rabi, and during that long period, beloved and respected by all classes of persons, without reference to religious opinions.

On the 6th of September, on board the ship "Commodore," on his passage from Jamaica to London, THOMAS WALLIS BULLOCKE, Esq., of Worthy Park, formerly of Penzance, aged 43 years, much beloved and regretted. He was attorney for several properties in Jamaica.

18 NOVEMBER 1842, Friday

On the 12th instant, at Flushing, aged 63 years, R.S. SUTTON, Esq., one of her Majesty's Justices of the Peace for this county.

On Sunday last, in Edward-street, Truro, after a long season of debility and suffering, which she bore with patience, in the joyful anticipation of a glorious immortality through the merits of her Saviour, MARIA, wife of MR. RICHARD SHELL, butcher, in the 77th year of her age, leaving an aged husband, a numerous family, and a large circle of friends to mourn their loss.

At Tresole, in Probus, on Friday last, MR. WM. RICHARDS, a respectable farmer, aged 39 years.

At Probus, on Friday last, ALFRED, son of MR. RICHARD ANNEAR, aged 8 years.

At Ladock, on Saturday last, MR. SAMUEL MAY, aged 54 years.

On Saturday last, at Petervile, St. Agnes, JOHN, son of MR. WILLIAM PARNELL, tin dresser, aged 9 years.

On Monday last, at Trenithick, St. Agnes, MRS. BOUNDY, the beloved wife of Captain WILLIAM BOUNDY, of Wheal Ellen mine.

On the 5th instant, at Penryn, JOANNA, third daughter of Thomas Keevill, Esq.

On the 10th instant, at Falmouth, Mr. JOHN RICHARDS, formerly of Flushing, aged 78 years.

At Redruth, on Thursday, the 10th instant, after a long and painful illness, sustained with pious resignation, MISS SALLY ANDREW, aged 38 years.

At Camborne, on Sunday last, JOHN EVA, infant son of Mr. WM. NICHOLLS.

At Trevole, in the parish of Crowan, on Wednesday last, Mr. SAMUEL RODDA, aged 70 years.

At Penzance, on Thursday se?nnight, MISS C. PAULL, aged 56 years.

On Thursday, the 10th instant, at Penzance, whither he had gone for change of air, MR. THOMAS RICHARDS, jun., of Hayle, aged 22 years.

At St. Erth Church-town, on Monday last, MRS. SARAH PENBERTHY, aged 77 years.

On Sunday last, at Polyphant, in Lewannick, JANE, the beloved wife of MR. JOHN THOMPSON, and daughter of the late NICHOLAS MALE, Esq., of St. Teath, aged 46 years.

At St. Austell, Watering, on Tuesday last, CATHERINE, aged 8, and GRACE, aged 6 years, daughters of MR. JOHN CORNELIUS.

On Saturday last, at Newton, in the parish of St. Mellion, MRS. JANE HARRIS, aged 48 years.

Last week, at Rillaton, in the parish of Linkinhorne, Mr. W. BRENT, aged 34 years.

On Thursday last, at Callington, aged 72 years, MR. ARCHELAUS JOHNS, late of Try's Mill, in the parish of Lezant.

At Fowey, on the 15th instant, after an illness of upwards of five years, GRACE, wife of MR. WM. STRIKE, nursery and seedsman, of that place, aged 68 years.

On the 2nd instant, at Grantland Farm, Poughill, after a lingering illness, MR. J. BOWDEN, aged 40 years.

On Friday last, at Poughill Mill, Poughill, at the advanced age of 79 years, MRS. MARY MOXEY, relict of the late MR. JOHN MOXEY.

At Poughill, on the 11th instant, in the 29th year of her age, GRACE, relict of the late MR. GEO. SHARLAND.

Last week, at Padstow, MRS. E. BOYDE, aged 90 years; and Mr. W. BROWN, and ELIZABETH RABEY, at advanced ages.

At Launceston, on Monday last, HELEN, the fourth daughter of H. PETHICK, Esq., surgeon.

On the 2nd instant, at Tavistock, MARY JANE, eldest daughter of MR. TRENEAR, of Trevidick, in the parish of St. Columb Minor, aged 15 years.

On the 6th instant, at Madras House, Hackney, Middlesex, DR. ALEXANDER ALLEN, a descendant from a family long resident in Truro, aged 27 years. As a scholar, he attained an unusual degree of proficiency, and was highly respected in his profession. Most deservedly valued and esteemed by his family and friends, his premature decease is a subject of the deepest regret.

At Fort William, Calcutta, on the 4th of September last, in consequence of an injury to the head, occasioned by having been thrown from his gig, H H. SPRY, M.D., F.R.S., &c., Assistant Garrison Surgeon, and Secretary to the Agri-Horticultural Society of India, aged 38 years. He was the brother of E. J. SPRY, Esq., of Truro.
**there is an obituary in the paper

Drowned, on the 10th instant, CAPTAIN WRIGHT, only brother of the REV. P. J. WRIGHT, while on his passage from London to Goole. He had escaped the perils of the late storm, and while sailing up the river, very near Goole, the main boom jibed, knocked him overboard, and before the boat could possibly reach him he sank to rise no more. Drowned, on the 5th of September, in the Ganges, whilst on his passage from Calcutta to Dinapore, FREDERICK EDWARD SCOBELL, Esq., a Lieutenant in her Majesty's 62nd Regiment, third son of the late JOHN SCOBELL, Esq., of Holwell-house, Whitchurch, near Tavistock, Devon. He was proceeding with the headquarters of his regiment up the Ganges, and when near Rajmahal, his boat was overturned by one of those sudden squalls so frequent in that quarter. He is sincerely regretted by his relatives and brother officers.

25 NOVEMBER 1842, Friday

On Sunday last, in Trennick Row, Truro, CATHERINE, daughter of the late MR. JOHN BOYLE, aged 38 years.

At Truro, on Monday last, MR. JOHN WILSON, formerly of Thornhill, Dumbriesshire, aged 32 years.

At Probus, on the 17th instant, RICHARD, son of MR. THOMAS ROOK, aged 8 years.

At Probus, on Friday last, MISS ELIZABETH COCK, aged 70 years.

At Probus, on Friday last, the infant son of Mr. RICHARD ANNEAR.

At Parkengear, near Penryn, after a few days' illness, on Saturday last, MR. J. T. MICHELL, yeoman, aged 35 years.

At Penryn, on Sunday last, MR. THOMAS ROGERS, ship agent and warfinger, aged 63 years.

At Penryn, on Sunday last, MR. JOHN PAWLEY, mason, aged 64 years.

On Monday last, at Falmouth, after a lingering illness, CHARLOTTE, youngest daughter of MR. JAMES WYNN, proprietor of the Gas Works, aged 35 years.

On Friday last, at Camborne, CAPT. EDWARD ANGOVE, aged 63 years.

At Helston, on Saturday last, MR. WM. SKEWES, for many years collector of the market tolls of that borough.

On the 17th instant, at Penzance, after two years of more than ordinary suffering, ANNE, relict of the late RICHARD MILLETT, Esq., aged 72 years. The deceased was the second wife of that gentleman, and as a step-mother, her conduct was most exemplary.

On Friday last, at Penzance, MR. JOHN PENROSE, aged 75 years.

At St. Austell, on the 18th instant, CATHERINE, aged 4 years, and on the 19th, FANNY, aged 3 years, daughters of MR. R. GLANVILLE, grocer &c., at Bojea; on the 19th, FANNY, aged 8 years, on the 22nd, CALEB, aged 2 years, and on the 23rd GEORGE, aged 6 years, three out of four children of MR. PEDLER; at Mount Charles; on the 19th, MARY ANN, aged 8 years, daughter of MR. INCH; on the 23rd, ELLEN, infant daughter of MR. HODGE, of the Stag Inn, aged 11 months; and on the same day, MARY ANNA, infant daughter of Mr. JOSEPH HART, aged 11 months.

At Camelford, on Monday last, in the 81st year of her age, SUSANNA, widow of the late MR. THOMAS PEARSE, sincerely regretted by an extensive circle of friends and connexions.

At Padstow, HENRY BRENTON and JAMES TOM, at advanced ages; also, SUSANNA APPS.

On Sunday last, at Higher Manaton, Southhill, at the advanced aged of 85 years, MR. GEORGE FITZE, sincerely regretted by a large circle of friends, to whom his numerous virtues had greatly endeared him.

On Sunday last, at MR. GRIBBELL's, Tavistock, MRS. TRUSCOTT, relict of the late MR. JOHN TRUSCOTT, of the Bedford Hotel, aged 73 years.

At St. Mary's, Scilly, on Friday last, MR. WILLIAM EDWARDS, farmer, aged 76 years.

At St. Agnes, Scilly, on Sunday last, MR. JOHN WOODCOCK, mariner, aged 34 years.

On Saturday last, at 15, Devonshire-place, London, the HON. MATTHEW FORTESCUE, aged 89 years. The deceased, who was the only brother of the late Earl FORTESCUE, was born in 1754, and was twice married - first, in 1778, to HENRIETTA, daughter of COLONEL ARCHER; and secondly, in 1795, to the widow of SIR THOS. DYKE ACKLAND, Bart., M.P. He had two sons by his first marriage, and one by the second, all of whom survive their venerable father. The late hon. Gentleman was a retired captain of the British navy, in which branch of the service he was the oldest lieutenant, the date of his commission being as far back as September 1775, and as captain, May 1782.


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