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7 APRIL 1843, Friday

On Wednesday last, at his residence, Princess-square, Plymouth, Robert Lovell GWATKIN, Esq., aged 86 years.

At Ludock, on Thursday, the 30th ultimo, Jane Ann, infant daughter of Mr. William MINERS; on Sunday, Mr. William SAWLE, late schoolmaster of that place, aged 27 years; and on Wednesday, M. J. WOOLCOCK, aged 5 years.

On the 3rd instant, at Higher Mill, in Veryan, Mr. William CLYMA, aged 44 years.

On Monday last, at St. Austell, Jane, widow of the late Mr. Richard HODGE, iron-founder, aged 52 years.

On the 26th ult., at Pentewan, near St. Austell, while on duty, Francis HOLMAN,of the coast guard service, who, owing to the darkness of the night, walked over the pier and was drowned.

At St. Mewan, on Tuesday last, Mrs. BENNETTS, relict of the late Mr. Francis BENNETTS, of Penbalick, in Tywardreath, aged 66 years.

On Tuesday last, at Mount Charles, near Charlestown, Mr. Joseph CLEMAS, aged 42 years.

At Goran Haven, on Tuesday last, at an advanced age, Mr. John GUY, formerly a farmer at Lauledra, in Goran.

At Bodmin, on Saturday last, in the 18th year of her age, after a long and severe illness, Lucy, second daughter of the late Capt. PHILLIPPS, Bengal Native Infantry.

On Wednesday last, at Delenathe, in the parish of St. Teath, aged 9 years, William, son of Mr. Wm. SKINNER, from injuries received at Delabole slate quarry about a fortnight since, having had one leg amputated and the other seriously injured.

On Sunday last, at Stratton, George, the infant son of Mr. Richard SCOWN.

On the 1st instant, at Fowey, Joseph, infant son of Capt. HANSEN, of the schooner "Emerald," of Fowey; on the 2nd, William, infant son of Mr. HADY, blacksmith; and on the 3rd, Miss Sophia HOCKIN, aged 28 years.

At Helston, on Saturday last, Mrs. NETTLE, aged 76 years.

At Ludgvan, on Sunday last, Mrs. James ALLEN, aged 42 years.

On Monday last, at Lelant, Miss Nanny OULD, aged 21 years.

At Wendron Church-town, on Wednesday last, Mrs. Bennett JOHNS, aged 40 years.

At Penare House, near Penzance, on Sunday last, the infant son of Mr. BARWIS.

On the 25th ultimo, at the Redruth Union Workhouse, Mary RIDLEY, at the advanced age of 98. She was a remarkable instance of that happy contented state of mind which is a continual feast; and she enjoyed good bodily health till within a day or two of her death, never either requiring or desiring the least change from the usual diet of the house.

On Saturday, the 1st instant; at ?80 Gaseoigne-place, Plymouth, Susan Antia, fourth daughter of the late Jas. RICHARDS, Esq., of Helston.

On the 21st ultimo, at his residence, Grets House, Keswick, Dr. SOUTHEY, in the 69th year of his age.

At Melbourne-place, Swansea, on the 29th ult., Edwin, son of Mr. James POOLEY, aged two years and three months.

At Barbadoes, in October last, of consumption, aged 27 years, Henry, youngest son of Mr. P. SAMBELL, of Truro.

14 APRIL 1843, Friday

At Croft West, near Truro, on Monday last, aged 79 years, MR. CHARLES GOULD, huntsman of the F.B.H., for nearly 40 years, with the late JOHN VIVIAN, Esq., and for several years subsequently, with MR. DANIELL and Mr. ENNIS VIVIAN. He was distinguished for his uprightness of character and strict integrity; in his life time he was much respected by all who knew him, and he has died sincerely regretted by his friends, and a numerous circle of friends.

On the 10th instant, at Falmouth, the infant daughter of MR. W.J. CLARKE, draper.

At Tregudgeon, in St. Ewe, on Friday last, MR. RICHARD PARSONS, farmer, aged 82 years.

At St. Agnes, on Wednesday last, after a short illness, THOMAS, only son of Mr. T. BOUNDY, grocer and draper, aged 19 years.

On Tuesday last, at Trevolland, in Probus, GEORGE, youngest son of the lat MR. FRANCIS JAMES, aged 5 years.

At Ladock, on the 11th instant, the infant daughter of MR. POLLARD.

At Padstow, on the 8th instant, MR. R. COOTH, aged 74 years; and Mr. BENJ DORRICK, gardener, aged 81 years.

At Bodmin, last week, MR. JOHN BLAMEY, aged 68 years.

On the 30th ult., at Croan, in the parish of Egloshayle, MRS. SAMUEL WEST.

At Bodillick, in the parish of St. Breock, on Wednesday last, MR. THOMAS KEY, aged 87 years.

On Sunday last, at Liskeard, after a short illness, the REV. HENRY BOTTRALL, Wesleyan Minister, greatly respected.

At Liskeard, after many weeks of acute suffering, MISS JEMIMA ROWE, deeply lamented.

At St. Ives, on the 8th instant, CAPT. JAMES PAYNTER, late master of the schooner "Sarah," aged 47 years; and, on the 9th, MRS. JENNY HODGE, aged 74 years. MR. WILLIAMS STEVENS, aged 65 years, and the infant son of Mr. WM. BENNETTS.

At St. Mary's, Scilly, on the 6th instant, MISS CATHERINE ALLEN, aged 17 years.

At Penzance, on Friday last, MR. ROBERT TAYLOR, of Plymouth, aged 37 years.

On the 4th inst., at Salcombe, near Sidmouth, SARAH, relict of the late GEORGE CORNISH, Esq.,

On the 3rd inst., at an advanced age, at Grove House, Enfield highway, Middlesex, ANDREW LOVERING SAREL, Esq., of Surrey-street, Strand, and of Hengar House, in the parish of St. Tudy, in this county, after a life devoted to the good of his fellow creatures, and especially to that of his numerous tenantry, whom he ever regarded with maternal care.

On the 27th of January, at Graham's Town, South Africa, aged 45 years, MR RICHARD BLEE, son of MR. ROBERT BLEE, of Truro.

21 APRIL 1843, Friday

At Truro, on the 13th instant, beloved by all who knew him, Robert, youngest son of Jas. FERRIS, Esq., surgeon, aged 21 years.

At Penryn, on Saturday last, the beloved wife of Mr. George STUART, aged 59 years.

At Falmouth, on Friday last, the infant daughter of Mr. Jamess POLGLASE, ironmonger.

At Falmouth, on Tuesday last, Mrs. TOOLEY, aged 86 years.

At Falmouth, on Tuesday last, after giving birth to a daughter on the previous Friday, the lady of the Rev. John STIRLING, aged 41 years. The true character of a Christian was never more fully developed than in the person of this amiable lady. In her, meeekness and charity were most happily blended, and no confirmed tale of woe ever reached her ear without receiving instant relief. The good deeds of the departed are too frequently magnified, but it is impossible to record the full worth of the labours of this lamented lady. She "Did good by stealth, and blushed to find it fame." Hundreds in Falmouth can bear testimony to her munilicence, and will fondly cherish her memory. By her decease, the sole dependence of many an indigent is suddenly cut off, and by them her loss will be painfully felt, but her seven dear children, all tender in years, have yet to learn the extent of their deprivation. On the morning of her decease, her beloved husband received a letter announcing his mother's death.

At Falmouth, on Wednesday last, after an illness of a few days, aged 32 years, Mr. Robert Masters HAWKE, for several years past a clerk in the house of Messrs. PENDER, GENN, and GENN, solicitors, of Falmouth, leaving a widow and three young children to lament his sudden death.

At Gwithian, on Saturday last, Mrs. Alice COCK, aged 70 years.

At Lelant, on the 13th instant, Mrs. FARQUHARSON, relict of the late Mr. FARQUHARSON, of the Three Tuns Inn, Penzance, aged 81 years.

At St. Ives, on Monday last, after a few days' illness, in consequence of her clothes catching fire, Mrs. Betsey BASSETT, aged 82 years.

At Penzance, on Friday last, Mrs. T. BREWER, aged 38 years.

At Chyandour, on Friday last, Mrs. J. GRENFELL, aged 48 years.

Last week, at Chingneal, in the parish of Towednack, Mrs. Jane CHELEW, aged 81 years; and at Embla, on Saturday last, the infant son of Mr. Samuel MARTIN, aged 7 years.

At Marazion, on the 13th instant, the infant child of Mr. Thomas ROBERTS.

At Ladock, on Sunday last, Mr. William MINERS, aged 32 years.

At St. Austell, on the 19th instant, Clara, daughter of Mr. Wm. HANCOCK, assistant overseer, aged 2 years.

At Fowey, last week, the infant daughter of Mr. Thomas RICHARDS, stone-mason.

At Bude, Anne, daughter of Mr. TOMS, of the Cana Inn, aged 7 years.

On Thursday, the 13th instant, at Berry's, near Bude, Mrs. COTTON, aged 76 years.

On the 10th instant, at Galmptom Farm, near Kingsbridge, Devon, Mr. John JARVIS, yeoman, aged 79 years, father of Mrs. WESTLAKE, grocer, &c., Falmouth.

On Tuesday, the 11th instant, at his residence, Manor House, North Huish, Devon, Thomas KING, Esq., aged 53 years.

At Plympton, Devon, on Sunday last, Miss Mary JERMAN, daughter of Mr. Samuel JERMAN, of that place, aged 21 years, much respected by all who knew her.

28 APRIL 1843, Friday

On Saturday last, at Truro, in the 61st year of her age, Susanna, relict of the late Mr. John KNEEBONE, merchant.

On Monday last, at Truro, William, son of Mr. Charles TIPPET, of the Western Inn, aged 6 years.

Suddenly, at Lanner, in the parish of Gwennap, at her daughter's house, Mrs. Caroline CHAMPION, of Falmouth, aged 48 years.

At Penryn, on the 16th instant, Mrs. Jenifer HARVEY, relict of the late Mr. Henry HARVEY, of that place.

At Treveal, in the Parish of Ladock, on Monday last, Eliza, youngest daughter of Mr. Robert TRETHEWY, yeoman, aged 3 years.

At Charlestown, on the 6th instant, at the house of Capt. C. COOMB, Mrs. Elizabeth RUNDLE, aged 82 years.

At St. Columb, on the 22nd instant, after a short illness, Mary, daughter of Mr. William HICKS, draper.

At Cadwin, in the parish of Lanivet, on Sunday last, Miss Mary Ann THOMAS, aged 41 years.

At Padstow, on Sunday last, after a protracted illness, Mr. G. H. GEACH, draper, &c., aged 30 years.

On the 18th instant, at Tresangers, in the parish of Endellion, aged 85 years, Mr. Samuel WORDEN, a farmer of the old school, highly esteemed by an extensive connexion.

At Costislost, in the parish of Egloshayle, Hannah Vercoe, the beloved child of Mr. John LUKEMAN, in the 9th year of her age.

On the 10th instant, at Fowey, Mr. James THOMAS, aged 87 years. It may truly be said of him, "the grave had not received a more honest man."

On the 12th instant, at Cartuther, in the parish of Menheniot, Mr. HANCOCK, yeoman.

At Sidborough, Devon, aged 91 years, Mr. Ambrose BATER, yeoman. He lived on the farm where he breathed his last upwards of 70 years.

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