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2 AUGUST 1844, Friday

At Truro, on Friday last, after a short but very severe illness, MR. POLYBLANK, printer &c., aged 52 years. The deceased, who was a kind-hearted man, honourable and punctual in all his dealings, and obliging to all with whom he had intercourse, was deservedly beloved by his connexions and an extensive circle of friends, to whom his death is a subject of sincere regret.

At Truro, on Friday last, MRS. ARTHUR, aged 90 years.

At Falmouth, on Saturday last, the wife of MR. HUSBAND, retired shipwright, aged 89 years.

At Goonvrea, St. Agnes, on the 19th ult., CAPT. THOMAS EUNOR, aged 68 years, for a long period a local preacher in the Wesleyan Methodist society.

At Camborne, on the 23rd ult., MARY ANNE, daughter of MR. JAMES LANYON.

At St. Erth Church-town, MRS. CATHERINE MAY, aged 83 years.

At Battey Mills, St. Erth, on Sunday last, Miss THOMASINE GILBART, aged 30 years, respected by all who knew her.

At Nansednan Gate, in the parish of Ludgvan, MR. WM. ROSEWARNE, aged 28 years.

At Plymouth, on the 23rd ult., aged 78 years, THOMAS WERE FOX, Esq., a gentleman who was universally esteemed for his great worth by all who knew him.

At Portsmouth, last week, LIEUT. VALLACK, R.N., late of Mount Charles, near Charlestown, aged 57 years.

At the Cobre Mines [Cuba], on the 11th of June, MR. BENJAMIN BAWDEN, blacksmith, aged 44 years.

Off Cape Finisterre, on the 23rd ult., on board the schooner "Margaret," of St. Ives, of which vessel he was the mate, Mr. THOS. MOLLARD, aged 63 years.

At Calcutta, C. M. LORY, Esq., son of LIEUT. W. LORY, R.N. Coast Guard, Goran.

9 AUGUST 1844, Friday

At Truro, on Tuesday last, GEORGE THOMAS, Esq., Treasurer of the Truro Town Council, aged 64 years, deservedly esteemed and lamented by all who had the pleasure of his acquaintance.

At Truro, on the 8th instant, MR. RICHARD CROSSMAN, aged 92 years.

At New Mills, in the parish of Kenwyn, lately, MRS. ANN HUSBAND, aged 63 years.

At Flushing, on the 1st instant, aged 80 years MRS. GRACE FENNER, relict of the late MR. HENRY FENNER; a lady whose qualities of mind were such as to endear her not only to her family, but to all who had the pleasure of her acquaintance.

At Hayle, on Saturday last, WILLIAM JOHN, only son of MR. JOHN DAVEY.

At Treassowe, on Wednesday, the 31st ult., JOHN BILKY, son of MR. JAMES HOSKING, yeoman.

At St. Ives, Catherine, wife of MR. WM. PARSONS, butcher, aged 16 years; MR. PAUL QUICK, joiner, aged 22 years; and the infant son of MR. WM. STEVENS.

At Marazxion, on the 1st instant, the youngest daughter of MR. LAITY, draper; and the infant daughter of MR. OATS.

At Penzance, on Saturday last, aged 63 years, MRS. SWAIN, formerly MISS DREW, of Truro.

At Penzane, on Saturday last, MR. JAMES STEVENS, brewer, aged 51 years; and on Sunday last, MRS. OATS, relict of CAPT. RICHARD OATS, aged 67 years, highly respected by all who knew her.

At St. Day, lately, ELIZABETH, infant daughter of MR. THOMAS BLAMEY, tailor.

At St. Just in Penwith, on the 25th ult., MR. THOMAS WHITE, for many years a steady member of the Wesleyan Methodist society.

At St. Austell Union, on Sunday last, MR. JOSEPH RICHARDS, late of Porthpean, near Charlestown, aged 57 years.

At Holmbush, near Charlestown, on Sunday last, Mr. JAMES ROSEVEAR, aged 27 years.

At Bodmin, on Saturday last, MRS. WILLIAMS, relict of the late THOMAS WILLIAMS, wheelwright, at an advanced age.

At Lostwithiel, on Saturday last, MARY, daughter of MR. DREW, wine and spirit merchant, aged 3 years.

At Tregarill, near Boscastle, on Saturday last, MR. THOMAS JAMES, aged 57 years.

At Gascoyne-place, Plymouth, on the 31st ult., GRACE, widow of the late JAMES RICHARDS, Esq., solicitor, of Helston, aged 77 years.

In London, on the 30th ult., MRS. ELIZA BENNETT, daughter of MR. JOHN RAPSEY, Innkeeper, Falmouth, aged 32 years.

At his residence, Richmond, Surrey, on the 24th ult., of paralysis, in the 70th year of his age, SAMUEL PAYNTER, Esq., a magistrate for many years of the counties of Surrey and Middlesex. He was respected and beloved by all who knew him.

At High Wycomb, Buckinghamshire, last week, the REV. SAMUEL ROBINSON, Wesleyan minister, aged 56 years.

16 AUGUST 1844

At Redruth, on the 8th instant, CAPT. JAMES JOHNS, aged 74 years.

At Killevose, in Camborne, on the 4th instant, the wife of MR. JAMES SKEWES.

At Crane, in Camborne, on Saturday last, MR. PHILIP RICHARDS, yeoman, aged 87 years.

At St. Ives, on Monday last, the daughter of MR. SIMS, aged 3 years.

At St. Ives, on Monday last, the infant son of SAMUEL HOCKING, Esq., surgeon.

At Helston, on Sunday last, MR. JAMES HARRUP, printer, aged 45 years.

At Porthscatha, in the parish of Gerrans, on the 6th inst., Elizabeth, the wife of MR. JOHN ODGERS PETERS, mariner, aged 28 years.

At St. Anthony, on Friday last, aged 17 years, MARY ANN, daughter of MR. THOMAS ALLEN, miller.

At Newquay, on the 7th instant, JENIFER, the beloved wife of MR. JOHN MARSHALL, of her Majesty's Customs, aged 58 years. Mrs. Marshall was greatly beloved for her exemplary piety and active benevolence, and her loss is deeply deplored by a large circle of friends.

At Trebartha, Lower St. Columb, on the 6th instant, MR. WM. TREBILCOCK, aged 78 years.

At Cokeworthy Farm, Lifton, on the 13th instant, MRS. GEORGE, aged 81 years.

At Heathfield Cottage, Creech St. Michael, near Taunton, aged 18 years, EMMA, youngest daughter of the late W. TREVENEN, Esq., Helston, and formerly of the Royal Fusileers.

23 AUGUST 1844, Friday

At Truro, on Saturday last, the infant son of MR. ROSEWARNE, of the Hope and Anchor Inn.

At Penryn, on Tuesday last, MARY, the wife of MR. JOHN TRURAN, master of the schooner "Active," of that port, aged 44 years.

At Penryn, on Saturday last, MR. W. JENKIN, tailor, aged 57 years.

At Falmouth, on Friday last, esteemed by all her acquaintance, MARIA LOUISA, youngest daughter of SAMUEL RAMSDEN, Esq., surgeon, Constantine.

At Silverwell, St. Agnes, on the 9th instant, MR. LOUIS COWLING, at the advanced age of 98 years.

At Stithians, on Monday last, after a few days' illness, ANNE, the wife of the REV. H. W. HOCKIN, vicar of that parish, aged 26 years.

At Penzance, on Sunday last, JAMES, eldest son of MR. J. ELLACOTT, millwright, aged 3 years.

At Penzance, on Monday last, JOAN, wife of Mr. DAVID CHILDS, aged 80 years.

At Tregurtha, on Sunday last, MRS. THOMAS, aged 93 years.

At St. Ives, lately, the infant son of Mr. BADCOCK; and the infant son of MR. JOSEPH JOHNS, of the "Brilliant" steamer.

At Roche, on the 15th instant, after an illness of twenty-four hours, the wife of MR. JOHN VERCOE, carpenter, aged 37 years, leaving a husband and eight small children to bewail their untimely loss.

At Camelford, on Monday last, SOPHIA, wife of JAMES ROBSON, Esq., aged 59 years, sincerely regretted by an affectionate family, and an extensive circle of friends.

At Launceston, on Monday last, MRS. SMITH, aged 72 years.

At Torpoint, on the 14th instant, T. LANG, Esq., in the 65th year of his age, lamented by all who knew him.

On the 15th instant, at Plymouth, where he had gone for the benefit of his health, after a protracted illness which he bore with patient endurance, most deeply lamented by his family and friends, CAPT. CHARLES WILLIAM GRIFFITHS GRIFFIN, of Falmouth, Commander R.N., aged 51 years. Capt. Griffin, who during the long course of his services, since 1805, was most actively employed, has been repeatedly engaged with the enemies of his country; and in the attack and capture of the American fort Oswego, on Lake Ontario, he was severely wounded. In the course of his late services in the West Indies, he caught the yellow fever three times, from the effects of which his constitution never recovered.

At Lifton, Devon, ELIZABETH COWLES, aged 59 years.

At Hindolveston, in the county of Norfolk, lately, MR. W. SLYMAN, son of Mr. THOMAS SLYMAN, of London, and formerly of Bodmin.

At Balteen mine, county Cork, Ireland, on the 9th instant, MR. WILLIAM PRYOR, late of Gwennap, in this county, aged 31 years.

Drowned, at Sierra Leone, on the 4th of July, by the capsizing of a boat, the REV. HOWNAM ILLINGWORTH, son of A. ILLINGWORTH, Esq., of Fowey, aged 25 years. Chaplain at Sierra Leone, and late Curate of the parish of St. Gluvias.

30 AUGUST 1844, Friday

At Truro, on Sunday last, MARY BLANCH HENDRA, only daughter of Mr. R. GREENWOOD, aged 3 years.

At Truro, on Saturday last, JANE, wife of MR. JOHN BAWDEN, pavier, aged 75 years.

At Treswollen, in the parish of Creed, on the 22nd instant, CAROLINE GRACE, youngest daughter of Mr. W. REYNOLDS, yeoman, aged 15 months.

At Helston, on Friday last, MRS. WILLIAMS, aged 81 years; on Sunday, ELIZABETH, the infant daughter of MR. JACOB LORY; and on Monday, Mr. AMBROSE WEARNE, aged 63 years.

At Breage, on Monday last, the infant daughter of MR. W. SMITH, schoolmaster.

At Pool, Illogan, on the 23rd instant, Mr. TREGLOWN, aged 75 years, for many years an innkeeper of that place.

At Camborne, On Monday last, MRS. GORDON, mother of the wife of JAMES BUDGE, Esq., aged 68 years.

At Hayle Foundry, on Friday last, suddenly, the wife of MR. THOMAS BICKEL, engineer.

At Lelant town, on Saturday last, the infant son of MR. THOMAS TREGLOWN.

At Halse-town, near St. Ives, Mr. EUDY BRAY, aged 55 years.

At St. Ives, on Wednesday last, the infant daughter of Mr. RICHARD KERNICK, junr.

At Penzance, on the 21st instant, CHRISTIANA HOSKING, aged 52 years; and on the 22nd, RICHARD OXNAM, Esq., aged 75 years.

At Nansloe, on the 17th instant, MISS E. H. FAULL, aged 17 years.

At the Bottoms, St. Levan, on Monday last, ELIZABETH, daughter of the late REV. JAMES BEVAN for many years curate of St. Levan and Sennen, aged 75 years.

At Newquay, on Friday last, ELIZABETH, wife of Mr. RICHARD HOCKIN, aged 60 years; and on Saturday last, MR. WHITE, aged 82 years.

At St. Austell, last week, SIMON, the infant son of Mr. RICHARD CRABB.

At Charlestown, on Friday last, the infant son of MR. JEWEL, of the Charlestown Ironworks.

At Polruan, on Sunday last, Mr. SAMUEL HICKS, innkeeper, aged 40 years.

At Lostwithiel, on Sunday last, Mr. W. HICK, aged 71, for many years landlord of the Town Arms Inn.

At Langone, in the parish of St. Stephens by Launceston, Mr. PROUT, late of the firm of Pearse, Prout, and Co., manganese miners and proprietors.

At Bideford, on the 12th instant, aged 79 years, MRS. YARDE, relict of the late JOHN YARDE, Esq., of Trowbridge, near Crediton.

At St. Heliers, Jersey, on Friday last, LYDIA, third daughter of MR. WILLIAM WARD, grocer, formerly of Bodmin, aged 17 years.


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