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3 MAY 1844, Friday

At Truro, on Monday last, JOHN, son of CAPT. GREEN, of the schooner "Swan," aged 2 years.

At Falmouth, on the 16th ult., MARY GODDARD, the eldest daughter of EDWARD HILLBORNE, Esq., Collector of Excise, aged 27 years.

At Falmouth, on Saturday last, MR. GUNDRY, aged 80 years.

At Falmouth, on Wednesday last, after a short illness, MRS DOHERTY, of the firm of Hingston and Doherty, ship chandlers &c., aged 50 years.

At Falmouth, on Wednesday last, MR. JOHN HOTTEN, cabinet-maker, aged 60 years.

At Hayle, on the 25th ult., ANN JULIAN, aged 6 years, and on the 30th, JAMES, aged 2 years, son and daughter of MR. HENRY MILDREN, wheelwright.

At Lanlivery, on Monday last, occasioned by a fall from his gig as mentioned in last week's paper, the REV. NICHOLAS KENDALL, 39 years vicar of Talland, and 29 vicar of Lanlivery, aged 62 years. He was much beloved by his parishioners, and his decease is universally lamented.

At Fowey, on Tuesday last, MR. WILLIAM SIERS, of Pridmouth, miller, in the prime of life.

At Padstow, last week, ANN HELLYER, aged 93 years; and the wife of MR. WM. STEAR, aged 43 years.

At Manheim, on the Rhine, on the 10th ult., ELIZABETH, wife of the REV. H. E. GRAHAM, rector of Ludgvan, aged 45 years.

On the 14th ultimo, after a few days illness, FRANCES AMELIA ESTHER, only child of MAJOR GILBERT, late of H.M. 28th Regiment.

At his residence, Bedford Square, London, on the 25th ult., of apoplexy, Mr. COMMISSIONER MERIVALE, father of HERMAN MERIVALE, Esq., Recorder of Falmouth, Helston, and Penzance, aged 66 years.

At Brunswick-place, City-road, in his 93rd year, the REV. HENRY MOORE, the confidential friend and biographer of the late REV. JOHN WESLEY.

10 MAY 1844, Friday

At Truro, on the 2nd instant, the infant son of MR. JOHN BROWN, tailor.

At Truro, on Saturday last, MR. RICHARD SOPER, wheel-wright, aged 93 years.

At Truro, on Tuesday last, MR. C. RULE, aged 29 years; and CHARLES, the youngest son of MR. JOHN TIPPET, Kenwyn-street, aged 3 years.

At Truro, on Wednesday last, CORNELIA MARSHALL, youngest daughter of MR. HUGO, dyer.

At Falmouth, on Tuesday last, the infant son of Mr. RICHARDS, tailor, &c.

At Dreawlas, in the parish of Gwinear, on the 1st instant, MR. JOHN POLLARD, aged 71 years.

At Hellesvean, near St. Ives, on Saturday last, MATTHEW MAJOR, Esq., aged 69 years.

At St. Ives, on Sunday last, LOVEDAY, wife of MR. W. JENNINS, coast guard service, aged 46 years.

At Trelissick Downs, in the parish of St. Erth, last week, MR. THOS . JAMES, aged 78 years.

At St. Erth Church-town, on Monday last, MR. THOMAS KENT, aged 18 years; also, ELIZABETH, daughter of the late MR. WM. CLEMMENS, aged 5 years;on Saturday last, the infant daughter of MR. ABRAHAM BURGAIN; and recently, JOHN DAVY, aged 14 years.

At Penzance, on the 2nd instant, MR. JOHN DROWN, formerly of Falmouth, aged 85 years.

At Penzance, on Friday last, MR. JOHN FOX, aged 78 years.

At Boskenna, in the parish of St. Buryan, on Sunday last, ELIZABETH, eldest daughter of MR. JOHN TONKIN.

At St. Austell, on Saturday last, the wife of MR. W. RENDLE, gardener, aged 84 years; and on Sunday last, MR. C. JENKIN, basket-maker, aged 72 years.

At Holmbush, on Friday last, MISS GRACE PHILLIPS, aged 21 years.

At West Looe, on the 2nd instant, THOMAS, son of MR. J. ANGOVE, aged 26 years; and on Tuesday last, the son of CAPT. J. SYMONS, of the schooner "Unity," aged 2 years.

At Devonport, on Friday last, MRS. WEAKLEY, the highly respected hostess of Weakley's hotel.

At the residence of her brother-in-law, Daniel TOM, Esq., Millbrook, Devonport, on the 3rd instant, after a long and protracted illness, in the 73rd year of her age, MISS BEDFORD, sister of the late CAPT. J. BEDFORD, R.N.

At his residence, Hoegate-stree, Plymouth, on the 29th ult., after a short illness, in his 60th year, Rear-Admiral WISE, C.B. Charitable without ostentation, his life was the practice of benevolene; he ranked among the most influential and liberal supporters of the charitable institutions of Plymouth, while the poor, generally, were large recipients of his bounty. His active and persevering exertions during the ravages of the cholera will be long remembered.

At his residence, Lansdown Crescent, Bath, on the 2nd instant, the celebrated WILLIAM BECKFORD, Esq., formerly of Fonthill Abbey, aged 84 years.

17 MAY 1844, Friday

At Truro, on Sunday last, MRS. JANE, relict of the late Mr. AMBROSE JANE, formerly a clerk in the Miners Bank, aged 84 years.

At Truro, on Monday last, MR. JAMES GIBSON, gardener, aged 48 years.

At Truro, on Wednesday last, MR. THOMAS THOMAS, painter, aged 23 years.

At Truro, on Wednesday last, MR. WM. JONES, aged 68 years.

In Calenick-street, Truro, on Thursday, the 16th instant, the infant son of MR. WM SOLOMON, shoemaker.

At Devoran, on the 5th instant, MARIA LOUISA, youngest daughter of MR. HENRY FRANCIS, aged three years and ten months.

At Point, in the parish of Feock, on Tuesday last, after a short but severe illness, and much lamented by a numerous circle of friends and acquaintances, FRANCIS JOHN, third son of MR. RICHARD CHELLEW, of H. M. customs, aged 21 years.

At Redruth, suddenly, on Tuesday last, MR. WM. MICHELL, aged 44 years, for many years a consistent and respected class-leader in the Wesleyan Methodist Society.

At St. Day, on the 15th instant, at the residence of MR. GOFFE, excise-officer, WILLIAM SETH, aged 5 years.

At Herland, Gwinear, on Monday last, the infant son of MR. JOHN UREN.

At Conner Downs, Gwithian, on Monday last, MR. JAMES HOSKING, aged 90 years.

At Hayle, on Monday last, the infant son of MR. JOHN WEARNE.

At Marazion, on the 1st instant, MRS. THOMASINE CORNISH PENBERTHY, aged 25 years.

At Trebeher, in the parish of St. Levan, on the 9th instant, RICHARD, son of MR. WM. OATS.

At Padstow, on the 9th instant, MRS. E. TAILOR, aged 93 years.

At Bodieve, in the parish of Egloshayle, on the 9th instant, ELIZABETH, wife of MR. RICHARD FRADD, aged 45 years.

At Liskeard, on Sunday last, after a protracted illness, MR. A. MARKS, cooper and timber surveyor, aged 67 years.

At Boscastle, the Rev. ATHANASIUS LAFFER, curate of St. Juliot, aged 63 years.

At her residence, Cheltenham-road, Bristol, on the 3rd instant, Elizabeth, the beloved wife of MR. JOSEPH FOSTER, builder, of that city, and youngest daughter of the late P. JENKYNS, Esq., of Plymouth, aged 33 years.

At Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire, on Monday last, FRANCES KATHERINE, wife of MR. J. J. G. BORLASE, solicitor, aged 30 years.

24 MAY 1844, Friday

At Park, near Truro, on the 16th instant, RICHARD, youngest son of MR. STEPHENS, aged 5 years.

At Falmouth, on the 11th instant, MR. AVERY, formerly of the packet service, aged 65 years.

At Tuckingmill, on Friday last, the infant son of MR. THOS. S[W]EET.

At Penzance, on the 16th instant, the wife of MR. JOHN MARTIN, aged 52 years.

At Penzance, on Saturday last, MR,. JAMES THOMAS BREWER, cabinet-maker, aged 70 years.

At Newlyn west, on Friday last, MR. FREDERICK BADCOCK, aged 28 years.

At Charlestown, on the 13th instant, Charles, son of Mr. WM. ROBERTS, aged 16 years.

At Mevagissey, on Wednesday last, JOHN PEARCE, Esq., aged 86 years.

At Rock Cottage, Roche, on Friday last, THOMAS TRETHEWY, eldest son of CAPT. SAMUEL ROBINS, of Beam min, aged 13 years.

At the house of her son, MR. JOHN LEAN, innkeeper, Lanreath, on Tuesday, the 14th instant, MRS. ELIZABETH LEAN, aged 97 years.

At Bodmin, on Sunday last, MRS. WHITE, grocer, aged 72 years.

At Camelford, on Sunday last, Elizabeth, daughter of MR. IVEY, aged 23 years.

At St. Mary's, Scilly, on the 15th inst. the infant daughter of MR. THOMAS EDWARDS, ship-builder.

At Tavistock, on Monday last, in the 75th year of his age, FRANCIS ANNESLEY HUGHES, Esq., S.L.B., eldest son of the late GENERAL HUGHES.

At Exeter, on the 11th instant, FRANCIS SEARLE, Esq., of the Devon and Cornwall Bank, aged 53 years, - a gentleman much respected and deservedly beloved by all who knew him.

At Bartholomew Hospital, London, on Wednesday, the 15th instant, CAPT. JOSEPH ODGERS, of Camborne, aged 72 years. It appears that the deceased left Cornwall for Bristol in August last, and remained there till about the middle of December, when he left for London. On his way there he caught cold, which, at his age, and by subsequent exposure to the dense fogs of the metropolis, brought on cough, shortness of breath, and pain of the side, rendering him low and weak, though not confining him to the house. About the latter end of March, he expressed a wish to be taken into the hospital, and was soon after received. In this place all possible attention was paid to his case, and at first the physician told him that he expected he would be raised up again in a short time. He spoke much of the kind treatment he received, and continued in the hope of recovery till within a few days of his death; when, finding his weakness to increase, he seemed convinced that he should die, and ! on the day already mentioned, at four o'clock, a.m., he departed this life, passing out of the world like one in sleep.


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