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7 JANUARY 1848, Friday

At Strangeways Terrace, TRURO, on the 25th ult., after a protracted illness, Myf..... Wallis, second son of the late REV. James PASCOE, Vicar of St. Keverne, in this county.

At TRURO, on Sunday last, FRANCIS DANIELL, infant son of William BAYNARD, Esq.

At TRURO, on Saturday last, MR. JOHN STEPHENS, draper and tea dealer, aged 25 years.

At ST. CLEMENT, near Truro, on Friday last, Mrs. LAVIN, aged 79 years.

At FALMOUTH, on the 30th ult., Mr. James JENKINS, a respectable merchant of that place, aged 58 years.

At GREAT KYNANCE, in the parish of Mullion, Mr. Edward HERSOM, aged 45 years.

At HELSTON, last week, Miss TALLACK, at an advanced age; and JANE, daughter of Mr. HARRIS, saddler, aged 6 years.

At PORTHLEAVEN, last week, Miss HENDY, aged 21 years.

At REDRUTH, on the 28th ult., Mr. JOHN RICHARDS, formerly of Marazion, a respected member of the Society of Friends, aged 81 years; and on Sunday last, Capt. JAMES REYNOLDS, aged 51 years.

At CAMBORNE, on Monday last, ELIZABETH ANN, daughter of Mr. Joseph PASCOE, aged 19 years.

At St. IVES, Capt. Andrew STEVENS, aged 80 years; and Mrs. Ann RICHARDS, aged 40 years.

At Lowerquarter, in the parish of Ludgvan, on Tuesday last, Mr. Richard BENNETS, aged 61 years.

At TREVASSACK, near Hayle, on Monday last, Mrs. PENPRAZE, aged 82 years.


At Ludgvan Church-town, on Wednesday last, at an advanced age, Mr. James YEATS.

At GARRIS, in the parish of Gulval, on Friday last, Mr. Stephen NICHOLAS, late of the parish of Ludgvan.

At NEWTOWN, on Monday last, Mrs. Margery WALL, aged 22 years.

At CROWLAS on Tuesday last, Mrs. Elizabeth RENFEW[?], aged 55 years.

At PENZANCE, on the 29th ult., Mr. WM. CARNE, aged 75 years.

At BOSKENNING, in the parish of MADRON, on Saturday last, Mr Stephen NICHOLAS, farmer, aged 27 years.

At LAMORRAN Parsonage, on Monday last, of an affection of the chest, in hope of a blessed resurrection through the atonement of his Saviour, and deeply lamented by his family, his friends, and parishioners, the Rev. William CURGENVEN, rector of that parish in the 77th year of his age; a gentleman whose distinguished characteristics were meekness and fidelity: so conciliatory was his deportment, that all though he was Rector of that parish for nearly half a century, he never obtained the ill will of any of his parishioners. This aged minister, was the brother-in-law, and almost the last surviving acquaintance, of one whose memory will be ever dear to Cornishmen and who entered long ago his rest, the Rev. Henry MARTYN, the Oriental Missionary.

At TREWARTHA, in the parish of VERYAN, on Friday last, Catherine, wife of Mr. Richard BEHENNA, aged 37 years.

At Langorrow, House, in the parish of CRANTOCK, on the 29th ult., William MARTYN, Esq., aged 80 years.

At CHARLESTOWN, on the 30th ult., Mr. S. WILSON, a native of FIFESHIRE, and seaman on board the "Queen Victoria," of PLYMOUTH, aged 23 years.

At ST.AUSTELL, on Tuesday last, Mrs. Elizabeth AVARD, AGED 87 YEARS.

At RUE, in the parish LANLIVERY, on the 30th ult., Mr. John DYER, aged 24 years.

At MEVAGISSEY, on the 29th ult., Mr. John WARRICK, late of PLYMOUTH, and formally of the firm of Dickens and Warrick, at a very advanced age.

At BODMIN, on Saturday last, Miss PROWSE, sister to the late Admiral PROWSE, aged 84 years; and Miss ADAIR, niece of Miss PROWSE aged 70 years. They died in the same house, and within a few minutes of each other.

At PADSTOW, on the 30th ult., Mrs. H. NICKELLS, aged 74 years.

At LEMALLE, near WADEBRIDGE, on Sunday last, Emily Ann, daughter of Mr. John HAWE, jun., aged 2 years.

At LISKEARD, almost suddenly, Mr. Francis QUILLER.

At Kilworthy House, TAVISTOCK, on the 24th ult., Mr. Henry M. LETHBRIDGE, aged 26 years.

At MOUNT RADFORD, EXETER, on the 25th ult., Mrs. KEKEWICH, relict of the late Robert KEKEWICH, Esq., and aunt of S. T. KEKEWICH, Esq., of PEAMORE, aged 82 years.

At NEW YORK, on the 7th ult., Henry ANDREW, Esq., formally of PENZANCE, in this county, and of 195 Broadway, in that city, and late member of the state legislature.

14 JANUARY 1848, Friday

At TRURO, on Wednesday last, after a lingering and painful illness, Jane, only daughter of the late F. HINGSTON, Esq., formally Controller of the Customs at the port of Truro, aged 11 years.

At TRURO, on Sunday last, Mrs. DAVEY, aged 75 years.

At ST.DAY, on the 13th instant, the wife of Mr. Jos. GRENFELL, innkeeper, aged 47 years.

At REDRUTH, on Friday last, Martha, wife of Mr. Henry CHIPMAN, late of the Dunstanville Arms, aged 61 years; and on Sunday, Mr. James EATHORNE, cooper and turner, aged 59 years. He had been many years a classleader and local preacher of the Wesleyan society, and was very highly esteemed.

At CAMBORNE, at the residence of his son, on Saturday last, the Rev Thomas Peter GURNEY, aged 85 years; for thirty-six of which he was the faithful minister of the church of St.Allen in this county. He bore his last illness with Christian meekness and resignation, and was the last surviving child of the late Rev. Gregory GURNEY, of TREVORGAS, and Vicar of St. Merryn, and Tregoney.

At TREGURTHA, in the parish of ST.HILARY, the wife of Mr. James PICKENS, aged 68 years.

At PENPOL, near HAYLE, on the 13th instant, the Rev. John Curnow MILLETT, aged 78 years.

At HAYLE, on the 6th inst., Mr. Daniel ROBERTS. shoemaker, aged 86 years.

At GUILFORD, near HAYLE, on Tuesday last, Mr. James BAKER, aged 29 years.

At ST.IVES, Mrs. Mary WILLIAMS, relict of Mr. James WILLIAMS, aged 80 years.

At PENZANCE, on the 4th instant, Mr. Joseph BULLOCKE, shipowner, aged 80 years.

At PENZANCE, on the 5th instant, Mr. Joseph PHILLIPS, sale-maker, aged 76 years; and Mr. RABJOHN, for many years driver of the London mail; and on Tuesday, Mrs. Elizabeth SEMMENS, aged 77 years.

At MOUSEHOLE, on Saturday last, Charles, eldest son of Mr. Charles WRIGHT, aged 16 years.

At NEWQUAY, on the 5th inst., Mrs. Mary HAWKEN, aged 73 years.

At ST.AUSTELL, on the 6th instant, Mrs. Anthony NANCOLLAS, aged 84 years; and on Friday last, Mrs. Elizabeth ELVINS, aged 76 years.

At PENHALE in ST.AUSTELL, on the 4th inst., Mr. P. NICHOLLS, aged 84 years.

At MOUNT CHARLES in ST.AUSTELL, Mr. S. WEBB, aged 23 years; and Mrs. Elizabeth STEPHENS, at an advanced age.

At EAST LOOE, on the 8th instant, Mrs. Rebecca CLEMENCE, aged 80 years.

At EAST LOOE, on Tuesday last, Mrs. MARFORD, aged 74 years.

At WEST LOOE, on Monday last, Mrs. Ann HANCOCK, aged 84 years.

At POLPERRO, on Saturday last, Mrs. Dorothy CRAPP, at an advance age.

At the Hotel, BODMIN, on Monday last, Mrs. OLIVER, mother of Mr. OLIVER, aged 76 years.

At BODMIN, on Tuesday last, Miss Susan SIBLEY, aged 85 years.

At PENQUITE, in the parish of ST.GERMANS, on the 30th ult., Mrs. Grace STEPHENS, aged 84 years.

At MENHENIOT, last week, Mary ROWE, aged 98 years.

At LISKEARD, on Monday last, Mrs. GASKIN, aged 70 years.

At LISKEARD, on the 1st instant, Mr. Richard CORDY, aged 97 years; and on the 2nd, Mr. Robert HILL, at an advance age.

At STOCKWELL, in the parish of ST.DOMINIC, on Sunday last, Elizabeth, relict of Mr. George SARGENT, yeoman, aged 83 years.

At EAST HARROWBEER, in the parish of CALSTOCK, on Sunday last, Mary, relict of Mr. Daniel HANCOCK, of CLIMSON, STOKECLIMSLAND, yeoman, aged 90 years.

At LITTLE PATHERICK, on Tuesday last, Mr. Jonathan BALL, aged 84 years.

At STRATTON, on Friday last, the wife of Mr. PORTER, stationer and perfumer.

At TORPOINT, on the 2nd ult., Lewis Philip Drake, third son of Mr. John BROCKMAN, of the Duke of Cornwall's Rangers, aged 16 years.

At PLYMOUTH, on the 1st instant, Richard BLACKMORE, Esq., of TAMERTON FOLIOTT, aged 83 years.

At HARTLAND QUAY, near BIDEFORD, on Sunday last, Mr. Frank HOCKIN, aged 42 years.

At BATH, on the 3rd instant, Elizabeth Dowager, Lady D..P....ER, aged 84 years.

21 JANUARY 1848, Friday

At the house of Miss CARLYON, Lemon Street, TRURO, on Friday last, Ann, widow of the late Mr. John HALLS, of ST.AUSTELL, at the advanced age of 89 years; she was a faithful servant of the late Thomas CARLYON, Esq., of TREGREHAN, in this county, having lived with him and his family for upwards of 48 years.

At CARVEDRAS, TRURO, on Sunday last, William Henry, eldest son of the late Mr. Wm. ROUSE, of REDRUTH, aged 12 years.

At PENRYN, last week, Mr. DINGLE, for many years town crier of that place, aged 85 years; Mrs. HOSKEN, aged 83 years; Mrs. VIVIAN, aged 81 years; Mr. John ROACH, shopkeeper, aged 44 years; Mrs. HEARLE, late of STITHIANS, aged 42 years; and on Sunday last Mr. PAWSON, superannuated officer of Customs, aged 74 years.

At FALMOUTH, on the 11th instant, Elizabeth, relict of the late Nicholas CORY, Esq., of ST. MAWES, aged 82 years.

At Middle Terrace, FALMOUTH, on Saturday last, John, youngest son of the late Mr. Henry PHILP, aged 20 years.

At FALMOUTH, on Friday last, the wife of Mr. R. LOWRY, pilot, aged 62 years.

At REDRUTH, on Friday last, Mr. Thomas HARRIS, grocer, aged 50 years.

At BAREPPA, in the parish of CAMBORNE, on the 9th instant, the wife of Mr. BAWDEN, blacksmith, aged 77 years.

At TRESLOTHAN, in the parish of CAMBORNE, on Sunday last, Mrs. Ann PRYOR, aged 85 years.

At NAVE-GO-BY, in the parish of CAMBORNE, on Sunday last, the widow of the late Capt. Charles THOMAS, aged 75 years.

At PORTHLEAVAN, on Tuesday last, Mr. William THOMAS, AGED 75 YEARS.

At HAYLE, on the 9th inst., the infant daughter of Mr. Thomas POLGLAZE, engineer; and on Friday last, Miss Elizabeth HOARE, aged 17 years.

At HALLENKAIN, near HAYLE, on Saturday last, Mr. Richard CARBINES, aged 65 years.

At GWITHIAN, on the 9th inst., Charlotte Emily, wife of Mr. William FARR, late chief boatman in the Preventive service, aged 64 years.

At ST. IVES, on the 13th instant, Capt. Thos. BAWDEN, aged 87 years.

At BRUNION, in the parish of LELANT, on the 13th inst., Mr. Thomas ROBERTS, aged 78 years.

At ST. ERTH CHURCH-TOWN, on the 4th inst., Eliza, youngest daughter of Mr. James HOSKING, aged 6 years,

At TREMENHEERE, in the parish of WENDRON, on the 13th inst., Mr. T. MICHELL, aged 35 years.

At P(.......), on the 13th instant, Richard, son of Mr. James ROWE, gardener, aged 2 years; and on Tuesday, the wife of Mr. Henry LOVE, of the smack "Prewith,"

At ST. AUSTELL, on the 12th inst., Mr. DYER, aged 82 years; and on Sunday last, John, youngest son of Mr. John WARNE, shoemaker, aged 12 years.

At POLKERRIS, in the parish of TYWARDREATH, on Saturday last, Mr Richard VINCENT, aged 78 years; for more than thirty of which he was allowed an annuity of 50 pounds, and the use of a cottage, as a reward for his faithful services as butler in the family of William Rashleigh, Esq., of MENABILLY.

At FOWEY, on Friday last, Mr. William BASSETT, aged 25 years; and on Monday Mrs. Ann MILLINGTON, widow.

At EAST LOOE, on the 13th inst., universally lamented, Ann, widow of the late Paul NICHOLAS, Esq., aged 88 years.

At POLPERRO, Mrs. Elizabeth ROWETT; Mrs. Philippa ROWETT; and Mr. Robert HICKS, all at advanced ages.

At LISKEARD, last week, Miss Elizabeth ROWE, sister to the late Capt. ROWE, R.N.

At PADSTOW, on Sunday last, after a protracted illness, Mr. William RIPPER, aged 67 years.

At CALLINGTON, on Monday last, Mr. Richard HORNABROOK, aged 80 years.

At DEVONPORT, on the 6th instant, Elizabeth Mary, eldest daughter of the late Mr. MAY, of BOTUS FLEMING, in this county, aged 40 years.

At DEVONPORT, on the 13th instant, Mr. CHUBB, for many years a faithful clerk to Messrs. Rundle and Sons, wine merchants, aged 57 years.

At DEVONPORT, on the 12th instant, the wife of Henry LITTLE, Esq., and third daughter of the Rev. Thomas STABBACK, Vicar of Cubert, in this county, aged 32 years.

At Hound (Alier? ) near Uffculm, on the9th instant, Margaret, relict of Mr. John JACKMAN, formally of CHARLTON FITSPALNE, and last surviving sister of Thomas Cory HAWKES, Esq., surgeon, OKEHAMPTON, aged 80 years.

At DEAN PRIORS, near ASHBURTON, on the 8th instant, Mr. John HAMLYN, Land Steward for John Yards Buller, aged 77 years.

At BRIDESTOW, on the 9th instant, Mr. William BROCK, of the Royal Oak Inn.

At KINGSWOOD, near BRISTOL, on Saturday last, the wife of the Rev. D. CARVOSSO, aged 55 years.

At DERBY, on the 12th instant, Mr. Benjamin CUBITT, locomotive engineer to the Great Northern Railway Company, aged 54 years.

At 39 Brewer-street, Golden-square, LONDON, lately, Mrs. Ann Powne FLETCHER, daughter of the late W. Slade GULLY, Esq., of Trevennen House, in this county, aged 62 years.

In Hyde Park Place, LONDON, on the 9th instant, the Rev. William Price LEWIS, of NEWHOUSE, GLAMORGANSHIRE, aged 66 years.

At SHEFFIELD, on the 20th December, Mrs. WORMSLEY, widow of the late Rev. John WORMSLEY, Wesleyan minister, aged 73 years.

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