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5 January 1849, Friday

At BISSOE, in the parish of PERRANARWORTHAL, on the 28th ult., Mrs. Mary TRYTHALL, aged 90 years.

At CHASEWATHER, on the 26th ult., Mrs. Alice RICHARDS, aged 82 years.

At ST.DAY, on the 23rd ult., Esther Ann, daughter of Mr. George GREGOR; and on the 25th, Mr. George GREGOR, father of the above.

At TREVISKEY, in the parish of GWENNAP, on the 28th ult., Harriet Ellen, infant daughter of the late Mr. J.T. MAY, of ST. AUSTELL.

At HAYLE, on the 28th ult., Mr. John ROBERTS, miller, aged 83 years.

At GWITHIAN, on Friday last, the infant son of Mr. Matthew RICHARDS.

At ST.IVES, Mr. John GYLES, aged 64 years.

At ST.MARY'S, SCILLY, on Friday last, Mr. George SHERRIS, aged 75 years.

At ST.MAWES, on Sunday last, Mr. SARVIS, aged 80 years.

At ST.ENODER, on the 26th ult., Mr. Richard JOLLY, aged 66 years.

At CHARLESTOWN, on Friday last, the twins of Mr. Slogget INCH.

At FOWEY, Mr. William POWNE, aged 77 years.

At LERRIN, near LOSTWITHIEL, on Sunday last, Mr. Wm. PARKYN, aged 71 years.

At ENDELLION, on Tuesday last, Mr. Thomas BROWN.

At PILLATON, near CALLINGTON, on Monday last, much respected Mr. John BREEN, yeoman, aged 80 years.

At CALSTOCK, on the 19th ult., Fanny, youngest daughter of Mr Walter DUNN, aged 4 years.

At WOLSDON, in the parish of ANTONY, on the 26th ult., John BOGER, Esq., aged 79 years.

At Royal Naval Hospital, DEVONPORT, on Sunday last, deeply lamented, Mr. Jeremiah RYAN, Master, R. N., formally of FALMOUTH, aged 51 years.

In Regent Street LONDON, on the 25th ult., Mr. Robert PARKYN, formally of TRURO, aged 37 years.

At his father's residence, BLACKHEATH, on the 15th ult., Mr. Robert. S. ROGERS, surgeon, son of the Rev. Thomas ROGERS, Wesleyan Minister, and Grandson of the late William FLAMANK, Esq., of ST.AUSTELL, aged 25 years.

At ROTHERHITHE, on Saturday last, Mr. William BECK, aged 65 years; for many of which he faithfully represented the house of Messrs Thomas and Sons, stationers, CORNHILL.

At SWANSEA, on the 23rd ult., Emily Amelia, youngest daughter of Mr. William HANCORNE, draper and sister of Mr. Edward Mansel HANCORNE, of HAYLE, in this county.

12 JANUARY 1849, Friday

At TRURO, on Saturday last, Mr. McDOWELL, auctioneer, of FALMOUTH.

At FALMOUTH, on Saturday last, Mr. George STILL, aged 82 years.

At FALMOUTH, the wife of Mr. N. MERIFIELD, of the coast guard, aged 34 years.

At HELSTON, on Tuesday last, the wife of Mr. John RICHARDS, aged 70 years.

At ST. AGNES, on the 4th inst., the wife of Mr. Thomas STEPHENS, and daughter of the late John TREGELLAS, Esq., of GOONVREA, aged 90 years.

At ILLOGAN, on the 5th instant, Mr. Thomas SYMONS, aged 54 years.

At REDRUTH, Mary Jane, daughter of Mr. Richard CLEMENCE; and Mrs. Eleanor THOMAS, aged 72 years.

At CAMBORNE, on Friday last, the infant son of Mr. Thomas TYACK, ironmonger.

At TUCKINGMILL, on Wednesday last, Mrs. SHAKERLEY, relict of the late Mr. SHAKERLEY, schoolmaster, formally of ST.BURYAN, near PENZANCE.

At HAYLE, on Friday last, Miss Peggy TREVASKIS, aged 27 years.

At ST.IVES, on the 4th instant, Alice, relict of Capt. Paul QUICK, aged 85 years.

At ST.IVES, the infant son of Mr. John SHUGG; the wife of Mr. FRAZIER, late of the preventive service, aged 65 years; and the wife of Mr. John PHILLIPS, carrier, aged 70 years.

At PENZANCE, Mrs. Mary SWEAT, aged 82 years.

At PENZANCE, on Monday last, Hannah, widow of the late Mr. Matthew JOHNS, aged 70 years.

At NEWLYN WEST, on Monday last, Mr. Joseph JOHNS, aged 26 years.

At NEWQUAY, on the 4th instant, the wife of Mr. Elias CLEMENS, aged 32 years.

At ST.AUSTELL, on Monday last, the infant son of Mr. N. MARTIN.

At EAST LOOE, on Friday last, Mr. William WALTERS, aged 39 years.

At ST.MARTINS by LOOE, on Sunday last, George RABY, Esq., aged 49 years.

At BUDE, the infant daughter of Capt. J. BUDGE, of the "William and Betsy," of that port.

At CAMELFORD, on Saturday last, the infant son of Mr. William BATE.

At PADSTOW, last week, the wife of Mr. W. DORMAN, of the coast guard; and on the 2nd instant Mrs. Nancy MITCHELL, aged 87 years.

At PARK VILLA, in the parish of ENDELLION, on the 2nd instant, Capt Thomas BROWN, aged 54 years.

19 JANUARY 1849, Friday

At PLYMOUTH, on Sunday last, Mr. John STROUD, carpenter, aged 22 years.

At ST.AGNES, on Tuesday last, Mr. Mark TREDINNICK, schoolmaster.

At ST.IVES, Mr John MATHEWS, aged 21 years; Mr. Richard WILLIAMS, aged 43 years; Mr. BARBER, aged 50 years; and Mrs. HARRY, aged 70 years.

At PENZANCE, on Saturday last, Mr. George PARSONS, aged (?) years; and Jane, widow of the late Mr. CLYMA, formally of TRURO, aged 83 years; and on Monday last the infant son of Mr. Roger GINGO.

At -ESTOW in the parish of LADOCK, on Monday last, the wife of Mr. Richard WARD, yeoman, aged 36 years.

At ROCHE, on Sunday last, the infant daughter of Mr. Jos- OSBORNE, miller; and on Tuesday, Mr. John BE---RRICK, grocer, aged 72 years.

At BODMIN, ON Saturday last, Mr. Wm. MARSHALL, aged 86 years, formally and for many years postmaster of that town.

At LERRIN, near LOSTWITHIEL, on Saturday last, Mr. William HUSOM, aged 35 years.

At LOSTWITHIEL, on Monday last, the wife of Mr. Wm. B---D, watch maker.

At ROSEHILL, near LOSTWITHIEL, on Tuesday last, the wife of Mr. John VARCOE, late of RESTORMEL, aged 63 years.

At LISKEARD, on the 5th instant, Mr. John MARTYN, at an advanced age.

At ST.KEYNE, on the 8th instant, Mrs. CLEMENS of the London Inn, LISKEARD, AGED 24 YEARS.

At PADSTOW, on Friday last, Mr. John RANDALL, aged ?1 years.

At WADEBRIDGE, on the 11th instant Mr. John BLAKE, builder, aged 53 years.

At PLYMOUTH, on the 10th instant, the wife of Mr. W. CORISH, late of TRURO, and eldest daughter of Mr. F. SYMONS, of FALMOUTH, aged 34 years.

At PLYMOUTH, on the 2nd instant, the wife of Mr. Henry PADDON.

At EXETER, on Sunday last, Alice Elizabeth, infant daughter of Mr. Henry BESLEY.

At NEW YORK, Mr. John A. MANCUR, of LONDON, and formally of WHEAL SPARNON, REDRUTH, and Alten Mines, in NORWAY.

26 JANUARY 1849, Friday

At Truro, on Wednesday last, the wife of MR. BLEWETT, grocer.

At Falmouth, on the 17th instant, MRS. PEARCE, aged 77 years; and on the 25th, MR. BONDS, of the Pilot Boat Inn, aged 34 years.

At Helston, on Friday last, FRANCIS JAMES, Esq., solicitor, aged 59 years. The decease of this gentleman is severely felt by the corporate body of that borough, he having devoted a great part of his time for many years past to the public affairs of the town. As a last mark of respect, the Town Clerk requested the whole of the town council on the 25th instant, to meet half an hour prior to the funeral, at which they walked in procession.

At Helston, where he had recently returned from New York, for the benefit of his health, after a lingering illness, MR. JOSIAH SHUGG, aged 26 years.

At Helston, on Monday last, MRS MOYLE, wife of M.P. MOYLE, Esq., surgeon, &c. aged 56 years.

At Trescow, in the parish of Breage, on the 15th inst., much respected, Mr. BENJAMIN ROWE, aged 35 years.

At Chacewater, on the 14th instant, MR. WILLIAM SIMS, aged 44 years.

At Trevethan, in the parish of Gwennap, on Monday last MRS. MARY GOLDSWORTHY, aged 89 years.

At St. Day, on the 10th ult., the wife of MR. WILLIAM COLLINS, of Cuba.

At Redruth, on the 15th instant, MARY ELIZABETH, eldest daughter of MR. WILLIAM HOSKING, aged 18 years; and on Friday last, SAMUEL, youngest son of MR. RICHARD HILL, aged 2 years.

At Hayle, on the 16th instant, Mr. THOMAS JORDAN SYMONS, aged 20 years; and on Saturday, the infant son of MR. JOHN MILL.

At Wheal Carn, in the parish of Towednack, on the 18th instant, MR. THOMAS JAMES, aged 84 years.

At White Cross, in the parish of Ludgvan, on Friday last, MR. RICHARD TRENEER, aged 30 years.

At Halloo, in the parish of Roche, on Wednesday last, ELIZABETH ANN, fourth daughter of Capt. T. BONE, aged 12 years.

At Camelford, on Sunday last, after a lingering illness, MR. JOHN JONES, post master, aged 67 years.

At Fowey, on Wednesday last, MRS. JANE CONGDON, aged 87 years.

At Tavistock, on the 14th instant, the infant daughter of MR. JONATHAN BLANCHFORD.

At H. M. Gunwharf, Devonport, on the 15th instant, MR. THOMAS HOWARD, for many years Master of the Endowed School at Landrake.

At Mount Pleasant Cottage, Plymouth, on Monday last, ANN, relict of the late JOHN CURGENVEN, Esq., of St. Kew, in this county, aged 82 years.

At Belmont, Torquay, on the 17th instant, CAROLINE MACE, eldest daughter of WILLIAM LANGMEAD, Esq., aged 48 years.

At Mount Radford, Exeter, on Saturday last, ANNA, widow of MR. JONAHAN DYMOND, late of that city.

At the Chantry, Exeter, on the 18th instant, ANNE ELEANOR, wife of the Venerable Archdeacon JOHN MOORE STEVENS.

At Heavitree, Exeter, on the 17th instant, W.J. P. WILKINSON, Esq., aged 62 years.

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