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1 JUNE 1849, Friday

At the Registrar's Office, Helston, on Monday last, Mr. WILLIAM DREW, of Grade, to Miss ELEANOR JOHNS, of Ruan Minor.

At Perranzabuloe, on Saturday last, CAPT. FRANCIS EVANS, of Budnick Consols Mins, to EMMA,eldest daughter of Mr. BAWDEN, of the Hotel, St. Agnes.

At St. Ives, on Monday last, Mr. RICHARD ROWE, to MISS MARY BERRIMAN.

At Madron, on the 24th ult, Mr. G. D. GRAVER, of Wendron, to MISS E. K. LEIGH, of Penzance; and on Monday last, Mr. JOSEPH THOMAS, to MISS FANNY HARRIS, both of Polgoon; and Mr. WILLIAM ROWE, of Kea, to MISS ELIZA FOX, of Rock Cottage.

At Wesley Rock chapel, Madron, on Saturday last, Mr. PHILIP HICKS, to MISS ELIZABETH RICHARDS.


At Bude Haven, on the 24th ult., MR. JAMES SMALE, to Miss M.A. BADGE, both of that place.

At Stonehouse, on the 13th ult., Mr. JOHN HANNAFORD, of Buckfastleigh, to MARY ANN, second daughter of Mr. JAMES HEARD, grocer, of the former place.

At Lewannick, on the 24th ult., by the Rev. CHARLES H. ARCHER, the brother of the bride, Major EDWARD BOND, of her Majesty's 39th regiment, to ELIZABETH, daughter of the late, and sister of the present, EDWARD ARCHER, Esq., of Trelaske, in this county.

At St. Mary's Chapel, West Cowes, on Tuesday last, by the Rev. E. CLARKE, the Rev. RUSSELL HOWELL, second son of the late DAVID HOWELL, Esq., of Ethy, in this county, to JULIA ELIZA, second daughter of ROBERT SAUNDERS, Esq., and niece of GEORGE WARD, Esq., of Northwood Park, Cowes.

At St. Vincent's, West Indies, on the 19th of April last, by the Bishop of Barbadoes, JOHN MARSHALL GRANT, Esq., Royal Engineers, youngest son of COLONEL GRANT, R.A., and grandson of the late D.K. MARSHALL, Esq., of Truro, to EMILY, youngest daughter of ALEXANDER CUMMING, Esq., of St. Vincent's.

At Brooklyn, New York, on the 12th ult., Mr. J.L. CHANNER, late of London, to LOUISA JANE, eldest daughter of Mr. JACOB ROWE, late of Truro.

8 JUNE 1849, Friday

At ST.GLUVIAS, on Monday last, Mr. Richard Nottle JAMES, to Juliana, youngest daughter of the late John DUNKIN, Esq., of PENRYN.

At PENZANCE, on Tuesday last, Andrew BAIRD, Esq., of GLASGOW, to Fanny Margaret, eldest daughter of Mr. Samuel YORK, of the former place.

At MADRON, on Saturday last, Mr. HICKS, of ST.JUST in PENWITH, to Miss Louisa WORSLEY, of PENZANCE; and Mr. David PHEBEY, to Miss Catharine, MOORE, both of PENZANCE.

At ST.AUSTELL, on the 31st ult., Mr. James ROBERTS, to Miss A. CALF, both of that place; and Mr. James GAVED, to Miss Eliza GAVED, both of GREAT POLGOOTH.

At ST.COLUMB MINOR, on the 31st ultimo, Mr. Thos. James TEAGUE, to Miss Martha TEAGUE, both of NEWQUAY.

At POUGHHILL, on the 22nd ult., Mr. Wm. BONETTA, to Mrs. Sarah CRUSE, both of that place.

At PLYMOUTH, on the 30th ult., by the Rev. C.M. Gibson, Vicar of St. Clement, George Rundle COOBAN, Esq., to Louisa, youngest daughter of Archibald B. GIBSON, Esq., both of PLYMOUTH.

At PLYMOUTH, on the 29th ult., the Rev. Mamerto GUERITZ, Curate of Shepton, Beauchamp, and Barrington, SOMERSETSHIRE, to Anne Derby, youngest daughter of the late Commander George LAWRENCE, R.N.

At PLYMOUTH on the 31 ult., Henri VIGNES, Esq., of BORDEAUX, to Cordelia Emily, only daughter of H. TOCKER, Esq., solicitor.

In LONDON, on the 31st ult., Charles Frederick MICHELMORE, Esq., of HIGHFIELD, near TOTNES, DEVON, to Sophia Harriet, eldest daughter of John EDYE, Esq., of EXETER.

At WHITE RODING, ESSEX, on the 29th ult., J. D. WILLIAMS, Esq., of Pierce Williams, in that county, to Emma Mary, eldest daughter of the Rev. H. BUDD, Rector of White Roding.

At LANGUICKE, on the 26th ult., - COURTIS, Esq., of BRISTOL, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late Michael WILLIAMS, Esq., of SWANSEA.

15 JUNE 1849, Friday

At KEA, on Tuesday last, the Rev. Edmund PAIN, Curate of KENWYN, to Miss HARDIE, sister of the Rev. John HARDIE, of KEA.

At MADRON, on Friday last, Mr. Richard HUGO, of PENZANCE, to Ann, only daughter of Mr. John ARGALL, of POLEGOON.

At ST.ANTHONY in ROSELAND, on the 5th instant, Mr. T. USHER, maltster and brewer, of TROWBRIDGE, WILTSHIRE, to Mary, youngest daughter to Mr. James LAWRY, of PLACE BARTON, in the former parish.

At BODMIN, on the 14th instant, Mr. John RUNDLE, of LANLIVERY, to Jane, eldest daughter of Mr. Charles PHILIP.

At NORTHPETHERWIN, on Tuesday last, Mr. POOLEY, of Landue Mill, in the parish of LEZANT, to Miss BROOKING, of the same parish.

At EXETER, on the 7th instant, the Rev. James Bryant MESSENGER, eldest son of J.B. MESSENGER, Esq., of Heath Cottage, CALSTOCK, in this County, to Susan Christiana, eldest daughter of Major MILLES, of Filleigh House, near CHUDLEIGH, DEVON.

At BARNSTAPLE, on the 5th instant, Lawrence DESBOROUGH, Esq., solicitor, of LONDON, to Fanny, only daughter of Cadwallader PALMER, Esq., solicitor, of the former place.

At PADDINGTON, on the 7th instant, the Rev. Robert SCOTT, Rector of DULOE, and Prebendary of EXETER, to Mary Jane Anne, daughter of the late Major Hugh SCOTT, D. A. G. Madras Army.

In LONDON, on the 9th instant, Mr. William Hicks DEWEN, of LOSTWITHIEL, to Caroline Sarah, daughter of the late Mr. GARLAND, of TRURO.

At BLANDFORD, on the 9th instant, Charles Thomas WILSON, Esq., of OUNDLE, NORTHHAMPTONSHIRE, to Louisa Passingham, second daughter of Henry William JOHNS, Esq., of BLANDFORD.

At LIVERPOOL, on the 3rd instant, Mr. Jonathan COWLS, of the Brigantine "Anna Sophia," to Miss Susan STEPHENS, of HAYLE.

22 JUNE 1849, Friday

At ST.CLEMENT, on the 21 instant, Mr. Thomas GLEESON, Jun., jeweller, of LONDON, to Miss E. A. WINTER, of TRURO.

At the Registrar office, HELSTON, Mr. John WILLIAMS, of the lizard, to Miss Jane BASHER, of CURY.

At the Wesleyan chapel, HAYLE, on Wednesday last, Mr. John TIPPETT, of GWENNAP, to Miss Elizabeth WILLIAMS, of REDRUTH.

At ST.COLUMB MINOR, on Saturday last, Mr. W. PHILLIPS, to Mrs. Mary CLEMENS, both of NEWQUAY.

At ROCHE, on Saturday last, Mr. Thomas PARKYN, to Miss Mary Ann BROKENSHIRE.

At ST.AUSTELL, on Tuesday last, Mr. James FURSE, of ST.CLEER, to Miss Ann SOLOMON, of the former place.

At TYWARDREATH, on the 14th instant, Charles Edward, second son of the Rev. George RASHLEIGH, Vicar of HORTON KIRBY, KENT, to Charlotte Hinxman, eldest daughter of William RASHLEIGH, Esq., on MENABILLY, in this county.

At BIDEFORD, on the 14th instant, Mr. R. BAYNES, to Miss CHAPMAN, both of that place; and Mr. John VEAL, of LONDON, to Miss M. A. SMITH, of LAUNCESTON.

At HARTLAND, near BIDEFORD, Mr. HEBBERT, of CARDIFF, to Miss Mary DENNIS, of the former place.

In LONDON, on the 12th instant, Mr. Amos WEEKES, saddle and harness manufacturer, to Jane, eldest daughter of the late Mr. John BENNETT, of PICCADILLY.

At the Friends' meeting-house, OLVESTON, GLOUCESTERSHIRE, on the 13th instant, Mr. William TANNER (of the firm of Tanner, Brothers, Bristol), to Sarah, daughter of the late Mr. Daniel WHEELER, formally of SHOOSHANY, near PETERSBURGH.

29 JUNE 1849, Friday

At St.Mary Church, TRURO, on Monday last, Mr. Frederick George BURT, chemist and druggist, PLYMOUTH, son of Mr. G. M. BURT, R. N., to Alice Ann, youngest daughter of the late Mr. Thomas EVA, of HELSTON; and on Tuesday Mr. Henry GUY, of GATESHEAD, NEWCASTLE, to Elizabeth, only daughter of Mr. John RAPSEY, TRURO.

At FALMOUTH, on the 21st instant, John W. TICKELL, Esq., to Miss Rosa J. GRIFFIN, daughter of the late Lieut. GRIFFIN, of H. M. packet service; and Mr. Charles OLIVER, to Emma, 6th daughter of Mr. LOUTTIT, of H. M. Customs, all of that place.

At Roman Catholic Chapel, FALMOUTH, on Wednesday last, Capt. LAFERIA, to Elizabeth Ann, second daughter of Mr. AGOSI, mathematical instrument maker.

At ST.IVES, on Monday last, Mr. Richard NOALL, to Miss Caroline JENKIN.

At St. Mary's Chapel, PENZANCE, on Sunday last, Mr. Edward TRYTHALL, to Miss Jane PENGELLY, both of that place.

At MADRON, on Saturday last, Mr. Charles PROUSE, to Miss Charlotte HOSKEN, both of that place; and on Tuesday, Mr. Thomas HEYNES, to Juliana, only daughter of Mr. D. HUGO, both of PENZANCE.

At PROBUS, on Wednesday last, Mr. William MINERS, to Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. Edward KENDALL, both of that parish.

At LANTEGLOS by CAMELFORD, of Tuesday last, Mr. Samuel HOSKING, to Miss Mary FORD, both of CAMELFORD.

At ST.MELLION, on Friday last, Mr. William BOLITHO, of CALLINGTON, to Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. W. BOLITHO, of WOLLATON, in the parish ST. MELLION.

At STOKE, on Tuesday last, Mr. R. ROSEVEAR, of SAINT AUSTELL, to Miss Ann ROBERTS, of the former place.

At EXETER, on the 17th instant, Mr. C. F. ALFORD, of TAVISTOCK, to Ellen, eldest daughter of the late Mr. William SWEETLAND, of ALPHINGTON.

At KILSBY, NORTH HAMPTONSHIRE, Mr. Charles F. HEMPEL, organist of St. Mary's TRURO, to Emily Grace, fourth daughter of George ANDREWS, organist of St. Mary's, Bridgwater.

At CAMBRIDGE, on the 21st inst., the Rev. Joseph NEWTON, of Brighton Collage, to Emma Cradock, daughter of the late Rev. Nicholas EVERY, Vicar of St. Veep, in this county.

In the Chapel, at Buckingham Palace, on the 20th instant, by the Bishop of London, the Hon. and Rev. Charles Leslie COU[R]TENAY, youngest son of the Earl of Devon, to the Lady Caroline M. Somers COCKS, eldest daughter of the Earl of Somers.

At Cliveden House, BUCKS, on the 20th instant, the Marquis of Stafford, eldest son of the Duke of Sutherland, to Anne, only daughter of John Hay MACKENZIE, Esq., of CROMERTIE.

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