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5 DECEMBER 1851, Friday

At TRURO, on Monday last, Mrs. GUBBIN, aged 72 years.

At HELSTON, on Saturday last, Mrs. Margaret HAWKE, aged 85 years; and on Sunday Mrs. BASSET, aged 82 years.

At Antron House, in the parish of SITHNEY, on the 27th ult., the wife of Charles DANIELL, Esq., aged 60 years.

At PENZANCE, on Tuesday last, the wife of Mr. Thomas BECKERLEG, compositor, aged 42 years.

At PENZANCE, on Saturday last, Mrs. BRANWELL, relict of the late Benjamin BRANWELL, Esq., aged 63 years.

At PENZANCE on the 25th ult., William son of Mr. BRYANT, aged 4 years; on the 27th, Joseph Nicholas, son of Mr. Phillip HILL, aged 2 years; Mrs. Anna TRESIDDER, aged 64 years; on Saturday last the infant son of Mr. TUCKER, excise officer, and Alexander son of Mr. J. B. READ, currier, aged 10 years; and on Monday, Mr. John PASCOE, high bailiff of the county court.

At ST. JUST in PENWITH, on Saturday last, Mary, daughter of Mr. THOMAS, aged 12 years.

At NEWQUAY, suddenly, on Monday last, Catherine, wife of Mr. Davis LLEWELLYN, chief office of H. M. Coastguard at that place, aged 55 years.

At ROCHE, on Friday last, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. John BATE, carpenter, aged 45 years.

At LOSTWITHIEL, on the 25th ult., Mrs. Ann COLLINGS, aged 32 years.

At LERREN, near LOSTWITHIEL, on the 27th ult., the wife of Mr. Thomas BROWN.

At LISKEARD, on the 27th ult., the wife of Mr. SIMMONS, butcher, aged 43 years.

At CRAFTHOLE, in the parish of SHEVIOCK, on the 27th ult., Johanna, wife of Mr. Thomas HARRIS, aged 70 years.

At LUMPSTONE, DEVON, on the 25th ult., in the 55th year of his age of lingering consumption, contracted by over toil in the Hydrographic Office of the Admiralty, in which he filled a highly responsible and laborious appointment for 18 years, Commander Alfred MILES, R.N., deeply regretted by all who could estimate private worth, and respect genuine talent zealously devoted to the performance of public duty. Captain MILES has left a widow and two children, a son and daughter to lament their irretrievable loss, while a large circle of sorrowing relatives and attached friends bare testimony to the high and unblemished character which he bore in every relation of life.

At EXETER, on Monday last Mrs. ODGERS, wife of the Rev. James ODGERS, Wesleyan Minister, aged 76 years.

At ASHBURTON, on the 25th ult., much respected Mr. John RENDELL, tanner, aged 60 years.

At LUCKNOW, on the 23rd of September last, Major T. H. SCOTT, C. B., of the 38th B. N, I, formally of TREWARDREVA, in this county.

At SOUTHWOOD, HIGATE, on Sunday last, Mrs. Judith LONGMAN, the last surviving sister of the late Thomas Norton LONGMAN, Esq., of PATERNOSTER- ROW, aged 84 years.

At NIAGARA, on the 7th of October last, of rapid consumption, Mr. James HARVEY, formally of this county, aged 37years.

At MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, on the 25th February last, Jane, wife of Mr. BROCK, and youngest daughter of Mr. James MATTHEWS, of PAUL, in this county. Aged 33 years.

12 DECEMBER 1851, Friday

At TRURO, on Friday last, Mr. John FERRIS, Sen., one of the oldest tradesmen, but recently retired in that town, aged 80 years.

At TRURO, on Saturday last, Mr. RABJOHN, guider, aged 37 years; and on Tuesday, Mr. Joseph TAMBLYN, cordwainer, aged 64 years.

At TRESILLIAN, on the 11th instant, Mary, relict of the late Mr. Richard CHRISTIE, for 45 years gardener at Pensalenick, aged 87 years.

At PENRYN, on Monday last, Mr. John ARTHUR, aged 55 years.

At FALMOUTH, on Tuesday last, Mr. John SCABOYER, for many years coachman to the late Mr. FOX, of GROVEHILL, aged 78 years.

At PENZANCE, lately, the wife of Mr. Bartholomew BOTTRELL, Jun.; and Mr. James ROWE, blacksmith, aged 22 years; on Friday last, Charles William, infant son of Mr. Charles S. CARR, gunner of H. M. cutter "Silvia;" on Saturday, the youngest son of Mr. John RODDA, mine agent, aged 11 years; and on Sunday Francis William Henry, infant son of Mr. F. O. EMLY.

At ROSVIDNEY, in the parish of LUDGVAN, on the 1st inst., Mr. John TREGONING, aged 40 years.

At CHELLEW, in the parish of LUDGVAN, on the 4th instant, Mr. William RENOWDEN, aged 37 years.

At EMBLA, in the parish of TOWEDNACK, on Saturday last, Mr. John MARTIN, aged 92 years.

At HENVER, near GOLDSITHNEY, on Friday last, Mr. Wm. KING, aged 49 years.

At GWITHIAN, Mrs. Mary UREN, aged 62 years.

At GWINEAR, on Monday last, Mrs. Catherine PEARCE, aged 84 years.

At HAYLE, on Sunday last, Mary Gudge, daughter of Mr. William READ, and Miss Jane CHEGWIN, aged 16 years.

At HAYLE, on Wednesday last, Mr. Henry CARBINES, plumber and grazier, aged 37 years.

At CAMBORNE, on Saturday last, John, son of Captain TAYLOR, of Tin Croft mine, aged 2 years; and on Wednesday, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. J. P. OPIE, boot and shoe maker, aged 35 years.

At REDRUTH, on the 1st instant, the wife of Mr. Charles CORNISH, ironmonger, aged 39 years.

At Trefula House, near REDRUTH, on Monday last, John Paull, only child of Captain John RICHARDS, of the Consolidated Mines, aged 18 years.

At TREVEMPER BRIDGE, in the parish of ST. COLUMB MINOR. On Monday last, the wife of Mr. William KNEEBONE, aged 52 years.

At ST.AUSTELL, on Friday last, Mr. William HAWKE, shoemaker, aged 43 years; and on Monday, Mr. John VERCOE, late of Restormel Farm, aged 77 years.

At BODMIN, on the 30th ult., the wife of Mr. FROST, superannuated excise officer, at an advanced age.

At FOWEY, Charles, son of Mr. John HOCKIN, aged 8 years; the infant son of Mr. Thomas ROLLAND; and Mrs. Mary RICKETT, widow, aged 82 years.

At LOSTWITHIEL, on the first instant, Mr. James KNIGHT, aged 88 years.

At EAST LOOE, on the 27th ult., the infant daughter, of Mr. William TRESIDDER.

At PADSTOW, last week, Mr. Henry MITCHELL, Sen., aged 80 years.

At Dean Cottage, LISKEARD, on Friday last, Harriet Ann, eldest daughter of Mr. Richard LANGFORD, aged 17 years; and on Saturday, Mary, eldest daughter of Mr. Jacob BASTIN, grocer, aged 38 years.

At LONGCARNE, near CAMELFORD, on the 28th ult., Mrs. HAWKEN, aged 84 years.

At TREVEN, in the parish of TINTAGEL, on the 1st instant, Miss Edith MARSHALL, aged 24 years.

At Whiteford House, in the parish of STOKECLIMALAND, on the 3rd instant, Sir William Pratt CALL, Bart., aged 73 years.

At CROSS, in the parish of ST.GERMANS, on Friday last, Sarah Jane, widow of the late Mr. Benjamin CORNISH, of SHEVIOCK, aged 55 years.

At TIDEFORD, in the parish of ST.GERMANS, on Saturday last, Jane, daughter of Mr. William INGLES, saddler, of that place, aged 26 years.

At his residence, MILLBROOK, on Sunday last, George F. TAVERS, Esq., of the East Indian Company's Civil Service, aged 76 years.

At EXETER, on the 2nd instant, Mr. John GREGORY, P. G. Tyler of the Provincial Lodge of Freemasons of Devon, aged 66 years.

At the Eagle Steel Works, BRISTOL, on the 4th instant, sincerely and deservedly lamented by all who had the pleasure of her aquaintance, after a few day's illness, borne with truly Christian fortitude and resignation, Anne, wife of John WALLER, Esq.

At CHELTENHAM, on the 4th instant, Barbara Crawley TREFUSIS, last surviving sister of the late Robert George William TREFUSIS, fifteenth Lord Clinton, aged 77 years.

At Mona Lodge, in the county of ANGLESEA, on Saturday last, Mr. James TREWEEK, aged 73 years, for upwards of forty of which he was manager of the Mona Mine, on the Parys Mountain, and the works connected with it, on behalf of the late Earl Uxbridge, and the present Marquis of Anglesea. The deceased who was originally of FERN SPLAT, in the parish of GWENNAP, was brother of the late Capt. Nicholas TREWEEK, of CHYCOOSE, who for a great many years was agent at Wheal Unity and Wheal Unity Wood Mines.

At CALIFORNIA, on the 5th of October last, Henry, eldest son of Mr. John JENKIN, butcher, ST.AUSTELL, aged 29 years.

19 DECEMBER 1851, Friday

At TRURO, on Wednesday last, Emily Louisa, only child of Mr. HEMPEL, professor of music, aged 1 1/2 years.

At POINT, much respected by all who knew him, Mr. John TREVASKIS, of H. M. Customs, aged 31 years.

At FALMOUTH, on Friday last, Mr. William BATTING, Sen., aged 77 years; and the wife of Mr. VINSON, builder.

At CONSTANTINE, on the 11th instant, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Henry Langdon DUNSTAN, an only daughter of Mr. James HILL, builder, of that place, aged 26 years.

At HELSTON, on Tuesday last, after a long illness, borne with Christian resignation, Harriet, relict of Francis VYVYAN, Esq., late Captain 1st Regt. Of Foot Guards, and brother of the late Sir Vyell VYVYAN, Bart., of TRELOWARREN, aged 79 years.

At HELSTON, on the 11th instant, Mr. John W. STEPHENS, painter, aged 33 years; and Mr. John CHIPMAN, shoemaker, aged 49 years.

At LOWER TOWN, in the parish of WENDRON, on the 11th instant, Mr. John CHEGWIDDEN, aged 78 years.

At ST.MARY'S, SCILLY, on the 8th instant, Mr. William WATTS, aged 82 years; and on Friday last, Mary, wife of Mr. Samuel JENKINS.

At PENZANCE, on the 9th instant, Miss Ellen DEVELING, aged 27 years; on the 11th Jane, relict of the late Mr. Richard FOSS, aged 79 years; and Charles son of Capt. HALE, of the "Mecca," aged 4 years.

At TREWELLARD, in the parish of ST.JUST in PENWITH, on the 10th instant, Miss S. OATS, aged 53 years.

At HAYLE, on the 9th instant, Mr. Josias, BOULDEN, aged 20 years; and on Saturday last, Mr. John MILLWOOD, aged 91 years.

At MT.HAWKE, ST.AGNES, on Saturday last the wife of Mr. Henry DALE, painter, aged 27 years.

At TRECKAIN, in the parish of CREED, on Saturday last, Thomas, the infant son of Mr. R. WELLINGTON.

At BOJEA, in the parish of ST.AUSTELL, on Saturday last, of Scarlet Fever, William James, aged 4 1/2 years, and on Wednesday, Joshua Henry, aged 6 years, sons of Mr. James PEDLAR; about nine years since Mr. PEDLAR, lost four children in the space of six days by the same disorder.

At BISCOVEY, in the parish of ST.BLAZEY, on Monday last, Mr. Edward PEARCE, at an advanced age.

At CHARLESTOWN, on the 11th instant, the eldest son of Mr. Wm. PIDWELL, Jun., cooper, aged 6 years.

At MEVAGISSEY, on the 10th instant, deeply regretted, by a numerous circle of relatives and friends, Margaret, relict of the late Capt, SMITH, of that place, aged 76 years.

At POLRUAN, Matthew, son of Mr. QUILLER, aged 18 years.

At FOWEY, Mr. Thomas JONES late mate of the schooner "Brilliant," of that port.

At LOSTWITHIEL, on Saturday last, Mrs. Elizabeth HEXT, relict of the late John HEXT, Esq. of Restormel Park, in this county.

At PADSTOW, Mrs. Jane LEATHER, aged 96 years.

At CRACKINGTON, in the parish of ST.GENNYS, on Sunday last, Richard COCK, Esq., aged 66 years.

At STONEHOUSE, on the 11th instant, Charles CORFIELD, Esq., late surgeon, of H. M. 17th Foot, aged 83 years.

At PLYMOUTH, on the 29th ult., Rebecca Jane, wife of Mr. James WILLIAMS, of BLACKBURN, and daughter of the late Mr. J. R. BLAKE, of WADEBRIDGE, aged 25 years.

At PLYMPTON, on the 7th instant, Mr. Richard ADAMS, of the firm of Adams and Co., drapers, PLYMOUTH, aged 38 years.

On the 13th instant, suddenly, Sir F. ROGERS, of BLATCHFORD, Devon. At the Drake Walls Mines, on Saturday last, Ann, infant daughter of Capt. Henry SKEWIS, aged 3 years.

At TAUNTON, on Friday last, Frederick CARDEW, youngest son of Francis Henry WOODFORDE, M. D. aged 1 year.

At LIVERPOOL on the 11th instant, Mr. James WASON (?), formally of this county, and for many years a merchant in BRISTOL, aged 82 years.

26 DECEMBER 1851, Friday

At Truro, on Sunday last, very deeply regretted by all her family, Louisa Ann, youngest daughter of Robert JEFFERY, Esq., Collector of H.M. Customs at that port, aged 14 years.

At Truro , on Friday last, Mr. William ANDREW, gardener, aged 84 years; and on Sunday, Mr. Stephen DOWRICK, carpenter, aged 41 years.

At Truro, on Wednesday last, Miss Susan DORRINGTON, aged 74 years.

At Carnon Downs, in the parish of Feock, on Saturday last, Samuel, second son of Mr. William MURTON, aged 18 years.

At Falmouth, on Sunday last, the widow of the late Mr. S. HALLAMORE, aged 97 years.

At Bosahan Farm, in the parish of St. Anthony in Meneage, on the 17th instant, Richard, aged 4 years; and on the 23rd John Thomas, aged 9 years, the sons of Mr. Francis SAUNDERS.

At Gunwalloe, on Sunday last, Thomas, son of Mr. NEEDHAM, coast guard officer, aged 3 years.

At Gwithian, on Saturday last, Mrs. Charity GREGORY, aged 66 years.

At Penzance, on the 12th instant, Adelaide Caroline, daughter of Mr. Meredith BEVAN, jun., aged 4 years; and on the 17th, Mr. Henry CEELY, painter, aged 41 years.

At the Folly, Penzance, on the 11th instant, the wife of Mr. TRESIDDER, carrier, aged 42 years; and Elizabeth, daughter of the above, aged 4 years.

At Marazion, on Friday last, Jane, wife of Mr. Henry RULE, shoemaker, aged 72 years; and on Sunday, Mr. Wm. ROBERTS, carpenter, aged 65 years.

At Carbis, in the parish of St. Hilary, Miss Mary LAITY, aged 18 years.

At Harris's Mill, Redruth, on the 10th instant, Mr. John VIVIAN, builder, aged 64 years.

At Redruth, on the 17th instant, the daughter of Mr. William KNIGHT, blacksmith, aged 23 years; and on the 18th, the wife of Mr. Joseph MORRISH, aged 34 years.

At Redruth, on Monday last, after a lingering illness, Thomas, eldest son of Mr. Thomas NICHOLLS, merchant, aged 18 years.

At Newquay, on the 18th instant, Mr. Richard MINERS, aged 76 years.

At Probus, on Wednesday last, much respected, Miss Ann ROWE, aged 70 years.

At Bojea, in the parish of St. Austell, on Sunday last, Fanny Jane, infant daughter of Mr. James PEDLAR, and sister of the two children whose deaths we announced last week.

At St. Austell, on Monday last, Susan, relict of the late Mr. Stephen TREMELLEN, aged 64 years.

At St. Neot, on the 17th instant, Mr. DANGAR, aged 80 years.

At Camelford, on Saturday last, Mary Jane, daughter of Mr. James MENHENITT, aged 2 years.

At Kilkhampton, on the 12th instant, Mr. Richard Andrew, tailor.

At Liskeard, on Wednesday last, Jemima, second daughter of the late Mr. John EDGCUMBE, engineer, aged 64 years.

At Launceston, on the 15th instant, Miss Catherine MARTIN, aged 89 years; and on Friday last, Mr. R. STONE, innkeeper, aged 45 years.

At Ibsley Lodge, near Exeter, on the 16th instant, after a painful illness, Anna Maria, wife of Capt. Thomas LOCKE LEWIS, Royal Engineers.

At Ashburton, on the 17th instant, Miss Philippa EALES, only sister of R. Eales, Esq., Clerk of the Peace for Devon, aged 88 years.

At Bramford Speke, on the 13th instant, Mary, relict of the late Charles NORBRUN, Esq., and daughter of the late Admiral ROWE, of Falmouth, aged 78 years.

At Bath, on the 13th instant, the wife of Mr. RAWLINGS, of Slades, in this county, and only daughter of the late Hugh BLACKMORE, Esq., of St. Austell.

At Hill Top, Birmingham, on the 18th instant, Mr. Henry WILLIAMS, formerly of Truro, aged 60 years.

At Eaton Square, London, on Saturday last, Sir Bruce CHICHESTER, Bart., of Arlington Court, Devon, aged 57 years.

At St. Heliers, Jersey, on the 8th instant, aged 69 years, James BUDD, Esq., H.M. Ordnance Storekeeper, Fort George, Guernsey, formerly and for many years of Pendennis Castle, deeply regretted by a numerous circle of friends. The body was removed by mail-packet to Guernsey, and on landing, the corpse was met by a full company of artillerymen, who conducted it to his late residence, Fort George.

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