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transcribed and compiled by Sue Dent, OPC for Lansallos


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JANUARY, Page 43

Married.] At Camborne, J. MARSHALL, esq. to Miss RICHARDS - At Launceston, Mr. HAYNES, to Miss DUNN - At Gluvia, Mr. N. DAVIS, to Miss E. EDGCUMBE.


At Millbrook, Mrs. BASKERVILLE - J. LUGGER, esq - At St. Austell, Mr. J. CARNE - At St. Mewan, N. CREWS, esq - At Truro, Mrs. LEA – Mrs. E. COUCH, 95 - At Helston, Mr. H. ODGER - At lelant, Mr. J. SANDOE - At St. Ives, Mr. D. FREEMAN - At Tewednack, Mr. H. DUNSTONE.


Births. At Port Isaac, Mrs. NICHOLS, of a son - At Cury, Mrs. HENDY, of twins, being the third time of her having twins, and being herself a twin


Married. At Camelford, Mrs A. TREDRAY, to Miss A. PEARSON - Mr. SYMONS, to Miss B. MUNDAY, of Redruth - At East Looe, Mr. J. LEACH, to Miss BENNICK.

Died. At Penzance, Mr. H. WOOLF, 88 - At Fowey, Mrs. E. PEARCE, 82 – At Falmouth, Mr. W. BAKER - Mr. J. JOLLIFF - Mrs. CREWSE - At St. Austell, Mr. H. POLKINGHORNE - Mr. J. MAY - At Bodmin, Mr. J. SPILLER - At Portreath, Capt. REYNOLDS - At St Columb, Mr. R. WHITFORD - At St.Stephen's, Mr. J. DAWE, 76 - At Trekenning, in St. Columb, Mr. John TREBILCOCK, high-constable of the hundred of Pyder; he was carried to his grave by his grand-children and great- grandchildren.

March, Page 145

It must be highly gratifying to the subscribers to the Bude Harbour and Canal, to learn that the works have been recently inspected by their noble chairman, Earl STANHOPE, and that he has expressed himself much satisfied with the great progress which has been made in them, and with the manner in which the have been executed. Many miles of the canal are nearly finished, and the embankments in the Pancrasweek and Deer valleys, both of which are works of considerable magnitude, are in a state of great forwardness, and have in no degree been injured by the rains or frosts.

Married.] At St Keverne, Mr. J. BORLASE, to Miss M. PASCOE - At Truro, Mr. J. TORN, to Miss C. FULFIT - At St. Austel, Mr E. MITCHEL, of Gwennap, to Miss JILBERT - At Madron, Lieut. MOSS, to Mrs. MITCHELL - At St. Thomas, near Launceston, Mr R. RUNDLE, to Miss CREBER - At Kenwyn, Mr. JILBERT, to Miss B. SCOBLE.

Died.] At Tregerrick, Mrs. J MUGFORD, 85 - At Charleston, Mrs. DINGLE, 77 - At Falmouth, Mrs. COOK - At Penzance, Mr. W. HOCKIN - At Torpoint, Miss M. HOOPER - At Egloskerry, Mrs. BATE.

April, Page 201

It is announced that the Hon. William ELLIOTT has resigned the colonelcy of the Royal Cornwall Militia, and is succeeded by Lord VALLETORT. J.P.B. TREVANION, esq. has been appointed lieut.-colonel, in the room of the late lieut.-col. WILLYAMS.

Births.] At tregie, Mrs. PENROSE, of a son - Chasewater, the wife of Mr. W. RICHARD, of a daughter, her 23rd child.

Married.] At Madron, W. PASCOE, esq. to the only daughter of the late J.B. BORLASE, esq. M.P. - At Duloe, H. LANE, esq. to Miss E. SYMONS - At Kenwyn, Mr. GARTHWAITE, to Mrs ROWE, of Truro - At Penryn, Mr. NICHOLAS, to Miss H. JAMES - At Antony, by the Rev. Dr. POLE, Francis GLANVILLE, jun. esq. eldest son and heir of Francis GLANVILLE, of Catchfrench, to Annabel, sixth daughter of the Right Hon. Reginald Pole CAREW - A Ruan Langhorne, Mr. J. WILLIAMS, to Miss C. TUCKER.

Died.] At Falmouth, C. SAVERLAND, esq. agent for the packet service - At Redruth, Mrs. Rosamond PENROSE - At Menheniot, Mrs. GRYLLS - At St. Agnes, Mrs. SHERMAN - At Lansallos, Miss Caroline MILLETT - At Looe, Mrs. PENGELLY - At Penzance, Mrs. E. COCK - At Marazion, Mr. C. HANCOCK - At Penryn, Mr. BODDY.

MAY, Page 259

Directions have been received for the immediate extension of the present pier at St. Michael's Mount; the foundation-stones are ready, and will be put down the first favourable opportunity. It is expected that the whole will be completed before the ensuing winter. The depth of water by this alteration will be increased to 15 feet, at neap tides, and to 21 feet at spring tides. The pier will then be capable of affording shelter to nearly 200 sail of vessels, and will, no doubt, be the means of preserving many lives and much property, as it will afford a secure shelter to vessels in cases of distress; it will also add much to the beauty of the place.

Births.] At Truro, Mrs. J.T. NANKIVELL, of a daughter - Mrs. E. TURNER, of a daughter.

Married.] At Redruth, Mr. S. ABBOTT, to Miss C>P> JENKIN of Trewergie - At St. Martin's, Mr. C. TRIGGS, to Miss A. DEEBLE - At Maker, Mr. S. BAWDEN, to Mrs. MILLER - At Falmouth, Mr. J. CORNISH, to Miss CUMMINS - At St. Austle, Mr. J. DREW, to Miss GLANVILL - Mr. DREW, to Miss A. DREW - At Helston, Mr. J. FERRIS, to Miss M. ANDREWS.

Died.] At Callington, Mr. J. HARRIS, 79 - Near Bodmin, Mrs. READ - At Launceston, Mrs. NICHOLLS - At Week St. Mary, Rev. E. BAYNES - At his seat at Enys, near Penryn, Francis ENYS, esq. 69. He retired to rest, apparently in good health, and was found quite dead by his servant the next morning. Mr. ENYS was most deservedly esteemed by his numerous friends, and respected by all who had the happiness of his acquaintance, or who knew his character.

JUNE, Page 315

Married.] At Falmouth, Mr. J. POWELL, to Miss J.J. ROLLS - At Talland, Mr. W. BUNNY, to Miss A. PHILLIPS - At Penryn, Mr. J. WEBSTER, to Miss E. GEARD - At St. Michael Carhayes, Mr. J. MESSER, to Miss DINGEY - At Newlyn, Mr. J. TREMAIN, to MIss HAWKE - At Cury, Capt. POLKINHORNE, R.N. to Miss P. PASSINGHAM - At St. Ives, Mr. W. HICHENS, solicitor, to Miss E. BAZELEY - At Madron, Mr. A. HOSKEN, to Miss S. Cory.

Died.] At Trenarth, Mrs SKUES - At Antron Lodge, Capt. ROGERS, of the Portland packet - At Truro, Miss A. PENGELLY - At Westnearth Mills, Mrs. A. BENNET - At Torpoint, J. COOK, 83 - At Falmouth, Mr. T. TREFFRY, Mr. DREW - At Camelford, Miss WARREN - At Liskeard, Mr. J. GOYNS - At Landewednack, Mr. STEVENS - At Helston, Mr. J. DOBB - At Treworgy, Mr. J. INCH, 77 - At St. Ives, F.G. LEY, esq. - At Page 316 Penzance, Mrs. MARSHALL - At Penryn, Mr. T. GREY.

JULY, Page 371

Married.] At St. Breock, Capt. F. MICHEL, R.N. to Miss J. PRIDEAUX - At Wendron, Mr. A. ROGERS, to Miss A. PASCOE - At Morval, Mr. C. SYMONS, to Miss E. MORSHEAD - At Tintagel, Lieut. J. BAKE, R.N. to Miss N. SIMMONS - At Lostwithiel, Mr. R. BENNET, to Mrs. S. BROAD - At Gwennap, Mr. W. TREGONING, to Miss G. TREGONING of Bell - At St. Stephen's, near Saltash, Capt. J. MURRAY, R.N. to Miss S. TUCKER - At St. Just, Mr. E. HOBLYN, to Miss MARTYN - At Liskeard, S. SNELL, esq. to Miss BARROW.

Died.] On board the Hungerford Indiaman, in sight of his native country, Capt. Chas. TIPPET, of Falmouth - At Kingsand, T. GRAY, esq. - At Chyandour, Mr. J. MILFORD - Mrs. BOLITHO, 84 - At Charlestown, Miss ROBERTS - At Newport, Mr. S. CLEASE - At Penzance, Mr. W. THOMAS - At Trefulla in Gwennap, Mr. M. WILLIAMS - At Falmouth, P. LAFFER, esq. R.M.

AUGUST, Page 427

A plate of solid silver, weighing 286lbs. was lately taken from the smelting-furnace of Sir Christopher HAWKINS'S silver and lead mine at Newlyn. It is expected that another plate of the value of 900l. will be smelted from the ore shortly.


Married.] At Tregony, Mr. J. ROBERTS, to Miss M. PAWLEY. Died.] At West Looe, Mrs. M. SEARLE - Near Saltash, Capt. T.G. CAULFIELD.


William Arundel HARRIS, esq. of Kenegie, has laid claim to the ancient title of Baron Arundel of Trerice. A short time since some persons employed in a field belonging to James WILLYAMS, esq. of Carnanton, cleared the head of a spring for the convenienmce of drinking, and threw up the gravel on the sides. A heavy shower falling soon after, a broken pitcher and some pieces of silver were discovered by a boy who went to the well to drink; a search immediately took place, and several hundred silver coins of Elizabeth, James I., Charles I., and a crown and half-a-crown pieces of Charles II. were found.


Married.] At Camelford, Mr. E. WEST, to Miss H. ELLIOT. Died.] At St Just, Rev. J. ALLEN - At St. Keverne, Mr. R. PASCOE - At Truro, Mr. Thomas TUCK, 70.


OCTOBER, pg 539


Married.] At St. Columb, Mr J. HARRY, to Mrs. A. ROWE - At Lanlivery, J. DAINTRY, esq. to Miss E. HEXT - At St. Clements, Mr. J. FOSS, to Miss H. OSTLER - At Liskeard, Mr. N. MILLER, to Miss THOMAS - At Redruth, Mr. S. MEAD, to Miss N. TEAGUE - At Truro, Rev. Mr. CLARKE, to Miss E. HORNBLOWER.

Died.] At Chacewood, near Truro, Mrs. WILLIAMS - At Launceston, Mrs. PARTRIDGE - At Bodreen, near Truro, H.P. ANDREW, esq. 51 - At Trebyn, Mr. N. COLE - At Lestwithiel, Miss TRETHEWEY - At Wodebridge, Mr. S. KEY - At Falmouth, Mr. H. BARNICOAT, 83 - At Penzance, Mr. W. PASCOE - At Morval, Mr. W. SANDERS - At Mevagissey, Miss M.A. BALL.


NOVEMBER, page 595

It is intended to apply for a bill, in the next session of parliament, for improving Falmouth harbour, widening the entrance into the town of Falmouth from Penryn, and altering the road from Truro to the latter town, so as to diminish the distance, and avoid some of the hills that are crossed by the present road between those places. A new line of canal has been surveyed by Mr. EDGCUMBE, engineer, of Liskeard, from the canal at Lower St. Columb to near the silver mine in Newlyn; and a branch to near the Blue Anchor at St. Enoder. This undertaking is likely to be of much benefit.

Married.] At St. Austel, W. KINGDON, esq. to Miss C. LEE - At Liskeard, Mr. KNIGHT, to Mrs. BUTLER - At Anthony, Mr. J. HOPPER, to Mrs. HAMILTON - At Kenwyn, R. TAUNTON, M.D. to Miss A. WHITAKER - At St. Columb, Mr. W. KENT, to Miss LOVERING.

Died.] At Harlyn, H. PETER, esq. 69, a magistrate for the county - At Redruth, Mrs. EDWARDS - At Truro, at his father's, Thomas VIVIAN, esq. 22 - At Fowey, Mrs. TRUEBODY - At Penzance, Mrs. DREW - Mrs. BROWN - At St. Michael's Mount, Mrs. HILL - Mrs. W. DUSTING - At Launceston, Mr. E. HARVEY - At Falmouth, James BULL, esq. 83 - At Newlyn, the Rev. H. POOLEY - At Truro, Mr. Harpur FISHER - Mr. W. COCKER.


DECEMBER. Page 643


Birth.] At Landue, Mrs. PHILLIPS, of a daughter.

Married.] At Luxillian, Mr. T. WILLIAMS to Miss PETHERICK - At Morval, Mr. N. HIGGS to Miss M. OLIVER - At Liskeard, Mr. CLEMENCE to Mrs. SMITH - At Mevagissey, Mr. BULLMORE to Miss KENDALL - At Madron, Mr. H. DORRINGTON to Miss M. LUTEY - At Penryn, Capt. HUXTELLE, of Ilfracombe, to Miss C. BREWER - At St. Martin's, Mr. R. HENWOOD to Miss M. MARK - Mr. W. MUCHMORE to Miss E. PEARCE.

Died.] At Camborne, Mrs. BUDGE - At Hayle Copper Home, Mr. W. NINNIS - At Phillack, Mr. W. BOWDEN, 79 - At Dubwalls, near Liskeard, Mr. ROSKILLY - At West Looe, Mrs. M. MORRISH - At Padstow, Mrs. E. PENROSE - At St. Thomas, near Launceston, Mr. H. BAKER - Returning from the Continent, at Jersey, J. TRELAWNEY, esq. eldest son of Sir. H. TRELAWNEY, bart. - At Smallcombe, Mr. PARSONS - At Marazion, J. TURNER, esq.


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