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New Monthly Magazine 1822 Vol. VI

transcribed and compiled by Sue Dent, OPC for Lansallos


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Page 43, The Pilchard Fishery on the Cornish coast has been highly prosperous. Upwards of eighty boats came into St. Ives, one day last month, loaded with remarkably firm and fat fish. They brought on shore from 10 to 15.000 per boat, in all about 800 hogsheads. Large quantities have also been taken at Padstow, Mount-Isaac, and Mount's Bay.

Married.] At Madron, Mr. DYSART, to Miss G. CUNDY - J.J. PEARCE, jun. esq. to Miss M. BOASE - At Camelford, Mr. R. FRADD, to Miss M. PEARSON - At Penzance, Capt. J.A. STEVENS, to Miss M.E COLE - J. MOORE esq. to Miss E. PAUL, of Truro - At Morval, Mr. H. SOADY, to Miss. E. SOADY - At Mawnan, the Rev. E. ROGERS, to Miss C. BOULDERSTONE.

Died.] At Halwill, Mrs. PEARSE, 80 - At Falmouth, Mrs. LAWRENCE - Mrs. PELLEW - At Truro, Mr. J.H. RIVERS - Mr. W. TREBILCOCK - Mrs. WILLIAMS - At East Looe, Mr. R. GREGG - At Launceston, Mrs. HOCKIN - At Fowey, C. LAMBE, esq. At Boconnoc, Mr. D. EDWARDS, 84.


PROVINCIAL OCCURRENCES Page 91 CORNWALL A manufacturer in the west of England, a few years since, let a quarter of an acre of ground to several families, and supplied them with seed to stock it. Each portion produced about 25 sacks of potatoes yearly, besides other vegetables; each family consumed from 10 to 12 sacks of potatoes annually; the remainder were given to pigs and poultry with much advantage to these cottagers.

The late gales were felt with tremendous violence on the Cornish coast. At Falmouth, the Manchester packet drove from her anchors and went onshore, but she was fortunately got off without sustaining any serious damage. The Nocton packet drifted, and ran foul of the Duke of Kent. Part of the unfinished pier at Mount's Bay gave way. Some of the blocks of granite which were moved by the force of the waves from their situation in the new pier, weigh from twenty to twenty-five tons.

Married.} At Redruth, Mr. T. HILL, to Miss M. DAVY - At Talland, Mr. J. WYNHALL, to Miss E. SCANTLEBURY - At Pelynt, Mr. W. BROAD, to Miss P. WERRY - At Bodmin, Lieut. EADYVEAN, to Miss BOOR - At St. Columb, Mr. T. TREMAIN, to Miss. N. HICKS - At St. Austel, Mr. J. WATTS, to Miss M.A. NICHOLLS - At Liskeard, Mr. W. EALES, to Miss E. SOADY. Died.] At Truro, Mrs HENDY - At Tregony, Mr. T. PASCOE - At Penzance, Mr. G. COCK - Mrs. HARVEY - At Tresillian House, Mrs. BENNETT - At Camelford, Mr. W. PEARCE - At Launceston, Me. VENNER - At Trevertheru, Mr. R. CLEAVE, 72 - At East Looe, Mr. R. HOCKING, 79 - At Fowey, Miss POWNE, 84 - Mr. BROWN - At St. Ives, Mrs. BARNFIELD.


PROVINCIAL OCCURRENCES Page 140 CORNWALL An epidemic disorder, of the nature of low typhus fever, has prevailed at Penzance and it's vicinity. Between two and three hundred persons were affected by it. The disorder it is supposed, has been occasioned by the flooding of the extensive marshes in the neighbourhood by the late rains, and the consequent accumulation of stagnant water upon them.

Married.] At Launceston, Mr. W. KING to Miss J. DINHAM - At St Martin's, Mr. J. WALTER to Miss A. LEAN - At Redruth, R.D. MITCHEL, esq. to Miss E. HICHENS - At Kenwyn, M. ROBERTS, esq. of Lemellyn, to Mrs. FERRIS.

Died.] At West Looe, Mrs. RUNDLE, 71 - At Portlooe, Mrs. HANCOCK - Off Mevagissey, Lieut. J. FORMAN, R.N. - At Launceston, Mrs. HERVEY, 81 - At Lestwithiel, T. HEXT, esq. At Callington, Mrs. WHITLEY - At Helston, Mrs. LANE - At Trewarthenick, Mrs. BAKER, 79 - At Polperro, Z. JOB, esq. - At Bodmin, Mrs. HAMBLY.


PROVINCIAL OCCURRENCES Page 188 CORNWALL The return of Mr. GOULBURN for West Looe will be brought before a committee of the House of Commons. It is contended that all who pay to the Church and Poor Rates have a right to vote as well as the capital and free burgesses. The total amount of blocks of tin coined at Penzance for the quarter ending the 2d of February was 2495. Married.] At St. Colemb, Mr. T. WHITFORD to Miss GEORGE - At Liskeard, Mr. TUCKETT to Miss S BARRETT - At Mylor, Mr. W. PURVOR to Miss A. MUDGE - At Launceston, Mr. ORCHARD to Miss GRYLLS. Died.] At Torpoint, Mr. R. RITCHIE - At Truro, J. KEMPE, esq. 81 - At Slowford, R. EASTCOTT, esq. - At Launceston Mr. J. PAUL, 87.


PROVINCIAL OCCURRENCES Page 236 CORNWALL A man ploughing lately in a field about a mile from Trelowarren, the seat of R. VYVYAN, esq. the ploughshare struck against an earthen vessel or urn, and scattered about a number of coins, which, on examination, were found to be Roman, many of them of the first Emperors. They are of various sizes, and in general, in good preservation. The number found is upwards of 1600, and the man who discovered them being ignorant of their value, sold them at a penny a piece to all who would purchase them. Many years ago a number of arrow and shear heads were found in the same field. It is calculated that the Silver Lead Mines now at work in Cornwall, and others about to commence, will, in a few years, raise sufficient silver for the use of the kingdom. At Sir C. HAWKINS'S mine in that county, a plate of silver has been extracted which weighed nearly 400lbs. This mine produces two and sometimes three such pieces a month.

Died.] At West Looe, Mrs A. SWIGG, 77 - At Morvah, Mrs. E. COLLINS, 66 - At Launceston, Mrs. Penwarden - Mr. W. LENU, 71 - At Kelly, A. KELLY, jun. esq - At St. Columb, Mr. J. NANKIVEL, 87 - At Trekenning, F. PAYNTER, esq. 71 - At Penryn, Rev. J.B. WILDBORE, 80 - At Truro, universally esteemed, Mrs. CARTHEW.


PROVINCIAL OCCURRENCES Page 284 CORNWALL Bide Canal - It must be highly gratifying to the subscribers to this undertaking to learn, that there can no longer be any doubt of the practicability of the scheme and of its being speedily brought into effective operation. A trial has been made of the greatest inclined plane, 220 feet in elevation. The boats, which are of four tons burden, were passede up and down with the utmost facility and precision, on a plan never before adopted. The Quarterly Coinage of Tin closed at Truro on the 13th inst. The number of blocks coined in the last quarter was 2180.

A few days since was found near B(?)scarne, in the parish of Bodmin, a gold fish-hook, size No. ?, in the bed of an old river, where some men were working for tin; and not far from the same spot were taken up several Roman coins of the reigns of Vespasian, and some of the later emperors, &c.

Married.] At St Hillary, Lieut. GEHAN, R.N. to Miss E. GEHEN, of Scilly - At East Looe, Mr. H. MICHELMORE to Mrs. M. KINGDOM - At Lelant, Mr. B. DAVEY, to Miss E. BANFIELD - At Bodmin, F.F. GILBERT, esq. to Mrs. E. BURROWS - At St. Columb, Mr. J. COLWELL to Miss TREWITHAM - At Madron, Mr. J.N. WILLIAMS to Miss JENKINS - P. BALL, esq. to Miss CLAPHAM - At Probus, Mr. J. COBBLEDICK to Miss S. WILLIAMS - At St. Enoder, J. BASSETT, esq. to Miss C. RETALLACK.

Died.] At Launceston, W. ROWE, esq. 86 - At Lambezzo, near Truro, Mr. J. WRIGHT - At Bodmin, Mr. J. AVERY - At Helston, Mr. LANE - At Penzance, Mr. EDWARDS - Mr. C. PAYNTER - Mr. J. BRYANT - At Gerrans, Mr. N. DASH, 92 - At Truro, C. TWEEDY, esq. Mrs. CARTER - At Falmouth, Captain GIBBON - At Bell, Mr. W. TREGONING.


PROVINCIAL OCCURRENCES Page 332 CORNWALL In consequence of the frequent occurrence of nightly broils in the streets of Truro, and the depradations committed on the property of the inhabitants, it has been determined to raise a subscription for the purpose of procuring an Act of Parliament for establishing a nightly watch.

Married.] At St Columb, Mr. P.NORTHY, to Miss COATH - At Pelynt, Mr. T. PINCH to Miss J. MAY - At Bodmin, Mr. R. TELLUM to Miss M. VERCOE - At Sheviock, Lieut. R. VALLACK, to Miss M.A. HOCKIN - At Bodmin, Captain WAYLORD, R.N. to Miss M. GLUBB.

Died.] Mr. J. HILL, of Boquio, in Wendron - At Illogan, the Rev. Q. BOOTH - At Falmouth, Mr. W. BEUSH - At Truro, Mr. DORRINGTON - Mrs. M(??)don - At Pelynt, Mrs. R(?)oza - At Penzance, Miss E. WILLIAMS - At Treviles, near Tregony, the Rev. R. PETER, 79 - At Lavethan, General MORSHEAD - At Lansallos, Mr. W. STEVENS, 78.


PROVINCIAL OCCURRENCES Page 380 CORNWALL A numerous and respectable meeting of the sean-owners, and other persons in Cornwall engaged in the pilchard fishery, was lately held at Truro. A discussion of considerable length ensued, in the course of which it was stated, as the unanimous opinion of the meeting, that the imposition of a duty of 2s. per bushel on the salt used in curing pilchards would wholly destroy that fishery as a branch of foreign commerce; for that even now, when there is only a duty of 3d. a bushel charged on the foreign salt used in curing fish, it is only by making great sacrifices, and acting on the most economical principles, that the pilchards cured in this country can maintain a successful competition in the Italian markets with the fish taken on the coasts of France and Spain.

Married.] At Tintagel, Mr. J. HARRY to Miss S. WADE - At Paul, Mr. B. BANKS to Miss TONKIN - At Camelford, Mr. R. CHENOVER to Miss PENGELLY - Mr. J. BAWDEN to Miss G. CHENOWER - At Sheviock, Lieut. R. VALLACK to Miss M.A. HOCKIN.

Died.] At Helston, R. JOHNS, esq. - At Truro, Mrs. LIDGEY, 99 - At St. Germains, the Rev. T. PENWARNE - At St. Columb, Miss M. BEUNET - At Tregony, Mr. F. FUGLER, 87.


PROVINCIAL OCCURRENCES Page 428 CORNWALL Antimony Mine. - At Wheal Prosper antimony mine, in the parish of St. Ewe, and on the land of Mr. TREMAYNE, there has been recently discovered four rocks of antimony, within eight feet of the surface, weighing upwards of 30 cwt., 20 of which is pure antimony; one rock may now be seen on the mine, weighing 12 cwt.

Married.] At Mevagissey, Mr. DOBLE to Miss A. MITCHEL - At Liskeard, Mr. J. BRACHER to Miss S. VEALE - At Week St. Mary, Mr. E. ROWE to Miss J. PROWER.

Died.] At Falmouth, Mr. A FOX - A. YOUNG, esq. At Penzance, Mr. G. MAYLEY - At Flushing, Mrs. SCHUYLER.


PROVINCIAL OCCURRENCES Page 476 CORNWALL The prospect of a successful season for the pilchard fishery is more favourable than it has been for several years back. Large shoals of fine fish have been seen off the coast, and in several instances have approached the shore, so as to enable to seaners to shoot their nets. At St. Mawes and Gerrans about 500 hogsheads have been taken, and a considerable number have been inclosed at Mount's Bay. The weather has been remarkably favourable, and as the fish have appeared, it is hoped that the expectations of the fishermen will not be disappointed.

Married.] At St. Stephens, Mr. CONGDON, to Miss SHEERS - At St. Ives, Mr. TREWHELLA to Miss HARRY - At Week St. Mary, Mr. E. ROWE, to Miss J. PROWER.

Died.] At Camelford, Miss HAWKE - At Falmouth, the Abbe GRIZELLE, 72.


PROVINCIAL OCCURRENCES Page 524 CORNWALL There has lately been cut in Dolcoath mine, a rich copper lode, which is said to be worth one hundred pounds a fathom. This discovery is the more valuable from its being what the miners term, all in whole, that is, all in dry ground. There has been discovered, in the same mine, a rich lode of tin, at about two hundred fathoms from the surface. It is reported that the packet establishment is about to be removed from Falmouth to Plymouth.

Married.] At Launceston, T.B. ROSE, esq. to Miss FROST - At St. Clement's, Mr. PAUL to Miss BICE.

Died.] At Launceston, Mr. H. DAVY - At Pelynt, Mrs. E LAMBELL, 78 - At Penzance, Mr. J. PERRYMAN - J. DENNIS, esq. of Alberton - At St. Blazey, Mr. W. SNELL - At Chacewater, Mr. W. DAVIES - At St Martin's, Mr. R. LEJOE - At Redruth, Mr. H. PEARSE.


PROVINCIAL OCCURRENCES Page 572 CORNWALL A County Meeting was lately held respecting the removal of the packets from Falmouth to Plymouth, and a series of resolutions declaratory of the injury Falmouth must sustain without any saving accruing to the public, was agreed to. It has since been decided that they shall not be removed. Considerable shoals of pilchards have been seen along different parts of the coast last month, and the seaners at St. Ives were so fortunate as to secure between 300 and 400 hogsheads. -

The driving-boats in Mount's Bay, and the few seans that have not been laid up, would have been fortunate, had it not been for the tempestuous weather. The shoals of pilchards that appeared in the Bay exceeded any thing of the kind that the oldest fishermen ever remembered, and had the weather been moderate, an immense quantity must have been taken. As it was, only one sean was able to secure any; the quantity taken is about 150 hogsheads.

Married.] At Falmouth, Mr. R.R. BROAD to Miss B. TURNER - At St. Columb, Mr. J. CAYZER to Miss E. CARR - At Kenwyn, Capt. FERRIS R.N. to Miss J. HATFIELD - At Tideford, Mr. R. TREFFRY to Miss BAWDEN, of Looe.

Died.] At Falmouth, M. BROUGHAM, esq. 70 - At Truro, Mr. J. GIDDY - Mr. J.W. TWEEDY At Filleigh, the Rev. J.B. KERSLAKE.

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