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The New Monthly Magazine 1824 Vol XII

transcribed and compiled by Sue Dent, OPC for Lansallos



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PROVINCIAL OCCURRENCES Page 44 Lately, as some men were sinking an air-hole to the bottom level of the Consolidated Mines, when at the depth of 160 fathoms from the surface, they struck into a cavern, the rush of foul air from which compelled them to call out to their companion situated above, to raise them by a tackle kept in readiness, for that purpose.This vast subterranean vault is situated in one of the principal lodes of the mine; it is about nine feet high, and six feet wide; the western end, from the place of entry, has been explored, and is found to be about forty fathoms in length; the foul air in the eastern end has hitherto prevented the miners from fully exploring it; the appearance of the sides and roof is very craggy, and shews that the cavity has been occasioned by a convulsion of nature.

Married.] At St. Andrew's, E. JAGO, esq. to Miss A.D. TRELAWNY - At Probus, Mr. R. WHITFORD to Miss A. GERRAN - At St. Columb, Mr. F. HAWKEY to Miss HICKS - At Padstow Mr. J. GROSE to Miss S. BREWER - At Budock, Mr. M.H. EADE to Miss E.W. CORY - At Launceston, Mr. J. SPETTIGNES to Miss S. BAKER.

Died.] At Liskeard, J. LYNNE, esq. - At St. Enoder, the Rev. W. HOCKEN, 84 - At St. Austell, Mrs. MERRIFIELD - At Port Elliot, St. Germains, the Earl of St. GERMAINS, 64 - At St. Germains, Mr. J. WILLS - At Ellenglaye, Mr. J. HOSKEN - At Newport, Mr. J. SPETTIGUE - At Penzance, the Rev. W. PEEL - At Lanarth, Miss M.B. SANDYS.



Married.] W.T. CHAPPEL, esq. of Truro, to Miss DAVY - At Truro, Mr. J. MERRIFIELD to Miss M.G. BULMORE - Mr. J. PHILLIPS, of St. Austell, to Miss HEAD - At Kenwyn, Mr. T. POWELL to Miss E. BARWIS.

Died.] At his seat in this county, Sir A. MOLESWORTH - At St. Allen Vicarage, Miss A.M. GURNEY - At Truro, Miss G. PAUL - In the eighty-third year of his age, Mr. N. HOSKINS, a native of Cornwall, and for the last thirty-seven years a prisoner in the King's Bench, for a debt which he denied owing, and which he vowed he would never pay; he also claiming a balance due to him upon the same account. The creditor, at whose suit he was confined, he once considered as a friend; this person, however, sometime since died, and left HOSKINS in execution.



The Church of the Island of Tresco (Scilly) has been considerably extended and improved by the aid of the Society for Promoting the Enlargement and Building of Churches and Chapels. Some further improvements of the Church of St. Agnes are in contemplation.

A respectable meeting of the inhabitants of Truro was lately held in the Town Hall, pursuant to a requisition to the Mayor, who was in the chair. Several resolutions were passed, and a petition to Parliament, praying for the repeal of the duties upon coal and culm carried coastwise was agreed to.

Married.] J. SYMONS esq. of St. Kew, to Miss C.W. CLEEVE - At St. Austle, Mr. RODDS, of Charlestown, to Miss S. VOUNDER.

Died.] At Newport, Mrs. RIDGWAY - At Truro, Mrs. MARSHALL - Mrs. GIDDY - At Geomoe, Mrs. DYKE - The Rev. J. SHAW, vicar of South Petherwin cum Trewin.


A meeting for taking into consideration the propriety of procuring an Act of Parliament for a new line of road from Camelford to the beach at Tintagel, to facilitate the procuring of sea-sand for manure, was held last month in the Town-hall, Camelford. Mr. WALLACE explained the advantages that would result from a rail-road, which he proposed to extend to a considerable distance beyond which was originally intended. A committee was chosen to direct the proceedings relative to the proposed measure; and a survey was ordered to be made, and an estimate of the expense of a rail-road prepared, previous to an application to Parliament.

Married.] At Launceston, Mr. HIGGS to Miss TRALEAVEN - At St. Austell, Mr. GREGGOR to Miss HODGE - At Paul, Mr. CORIN to Miss VICTOR - At Lansallos, Mr. T. JOHNS to Miss FOOTE.

Died.] At Stoke Climsland, Mr. W. HART - At Falmouth, Lieut. TICKELL - F. EDMONDS, esq. - At Penzance, Mrs. CUNDY - At Lestwithiel, Mrs. MICHEL - At Fowey, Capt. W. COUCH - At Bodmin, Mrs. PHILLIPS - At Hayle, Miss E. VIVIAN - At Truro, Mrs. W. CLEMOW - Mrs. R. RIVERS - At Zennor, the Rev. G. SULLOCK.


Married.] At Falmouth, Mr. R.S. COURTIS to Miss N. HOOTON - Mr. MOIR to Miss POMEROY.

Died.] At Pentillie Castle, Mrs CORYTON - At Bodmin, Mr J. EDYVEAN - At St. Mewan Parsonage, Mr T. HOCKER - At St. Austell, Miss DAWE - At Helston, Mrs. ROWE - At Treleaven, near Mevagissey, in the 85th year of his age, the Rev. Philip LYNE, LL.D. fifty-two years vicar of that parish. He was a man of extensive erudition, of easy and gentlemanly manners, and acknowledged for his friendly hospitality. Until within a few days of his decease, he uniformly rose at a very early hour, and retired to his study, where he remained the greater part of the day. To his abstemiousness and rigid adherence to rule may be attributed, in a great measure, his protracted term of life.


PROVINCIAL OCCURRENCES Page 236 A party of sailors belonging to his Majesty's cutter NIMBLE, on the preventive service, then lying off Land's-end, commanded by lieut. GOLDSMITH, lately came on shore for the purpose of removing from its situation that great natural curiosity, the Logan (rocking) stone; which object they were unfortunately enable to accomplish. This mass of granite, which is nearly 100 tons weight, was one of those objects that excited the curiosity of every visitor to the western part of Cornwall: it stood on the summit of a mass of rocks at the Land's-End, and was so poised on a natural pivot, that the force which a man could exert was sufficient to cause it to vibrate. In this situation it remained, from a period antecedent to our authentic historic records, until the visitors above-mentioned, in sheer wantonmness, removed it from its place. Theis act of Vandalism has excited the greatest indignation at Penzance, and in every part of Cornwall.

Married.] Mr. W. HICKS, of St. Columb, to Miss K. HICKS - At St. Breock, Mr. W.G. HIGGS to Miss M. MENHENNICK - At Constantine, E. WILLIAMS, esq. to Miss NOYE - At Helston, Mr. CLARKE to Miss SILVESTER - At Falmouth, Mr. JAMES to Miss M. KARKEET - At Penryn, Mr. R. WILLIAMS to Miss JOHNS - At Launceston, Mr. GEAKE to Miss WISE.

Died.] At Penzance, Mr. J EDWARDS - Mrs. COULSON - At Launceston, Mr. GRYLLS - At St. Mary's Scilly, Mrs. WOOLCOCK - At Trenant Park, Vice-Admiral Sir E. BULLER - At Penhale, Mrs. NICKELL - At Bodmin, Mr. T. CRADOCK.


The town of Penzance has taken the lead in forming a District Association, in aid of the National Institution, for the preservation of life from shipwreck; the spirirt and humanity so prominent on this occasion is most praiseworthy, and is an example for the supineness which the maritime counties generally have evinced on this subject.

Married.] At Northill, Mr. CRADOCK to Miss LOBB - F. PENDER, esq. of Budock Vean, to Miss A.M. PETER - At Crantock, Mr E. LAWER to Miss HAWKE - At Falmouth, Mr. INCLEDON to Miss M. SYMONS.

Died.] At Liskeard, Mr. C. GLUBB - At Camelford, Mr. T. BROAD - At St Austle, Mrs. HITCHENS - At padstow, Mr. R. PALK - At Yealm Bridge, near Launceston, Mrs. SPURS, 90 - At Tregony, Mr. PERRYMAN - At Truro, Mrs. ROOPE - At Fowey, Lieut. FIFE.


A Mr. CORT has succeeded in combining the mining intyerests in Cornwall with the coal interests in Wales - not with any view of confining the trade to the Burry river, but to extend the benefit of this object to the ports of Swansea and Neath, by making the middle power between Wales and Cornwall the "Mining Steam Navigation Company," with a capital of one hundred thousand pounds, for the conveyance of coal or copper ore, generally, to and from Swansea, Neath, and the Burry River. The plan promises well, both for the mining interests (as fuel will be supplied cheaper and with greater regularity) and the speculators in the concern. The shares are said to have all been taken.

Died.] At Penzance, the Rev. J. CRAGO - W. BOADMAN, esq. - At Camborne, the Rev. J. RICHARDS, 70. At Launceston, Miss M. TYCETH - Mrs. GEAKE - At Penryn, the Rev. J.V. HOWELL, 69 - At Crowen, Mr. H. GLASSON - At East Looe, Mr. W. PRYNN - At Marazion, Mr. MILLS - At Saint Columb Minor, Mr. T. MASSETT - At Saint Columb, Mr. BROWN.



Married.] At Truro, Mr. S. HUGO to Miss J. FULPIT - A Helston, Mr. RICHARDS to Miss ASH - The Right Hon. Lord de DUNSTANVILLE to Miss LEMON of Carclew - At Falmouth, Mr. T. BENSON to Miss J. CROFT - Mr. Skinner to Miss M.A. TRESIDDER.

Died.] At Truro, Miss CARPENTER - Miss M. TURNER - At Lestwithiel, W. FORTESCUE, esq. - At West Looe, Mr. W. HARDING - At Colyton, Mrs. MARWOOD, 85 - At Landulph, Mrs BREE - At Tregair, Newlyn, Mrs. BULMER - At Higher Tregonian, Mrs. P. HARDING - At Liskeard, Miss S. CARTHEW.



Married.] At Liskeard, F. JOHNS, esq. to Miss M. CLOGG - At Kenwyn, Mr. HENDY to Miss POOLEY - At Philleigh, Mr. R. MARTYN to Miss G. WITHIEL - At Helston, the Rev. W. RADFORD to Miss SKEWES.

Died.] At Truro, Mrs EDDY - At Falmouth, Mrs. WHITE - At Penzance, Mrs. HOCKING - At Portleaven, Miss C. CUDLIPP.


PROVINCIAL OCCURRENCES Page 524 CORNWALL Lieutenant GOLDSMITH and his crew have commenced the arduous and dangerous attempt to replace the Logan-stone. Lieut. G. seems quite confident of success, and has landed the requisite implements. The Logan-stone is estimated to weigh 70 tons, and the purchases provided for lifting are equal to 120 tons, which from the nature of the rock, must be place on a plank scaffolding to be errected arround its summit: hence the attempt is considered full of risk; but the adventurers have decalred their intention of going cautiously to work. It is only three feet from its original site.

A meeting of the inhabitants of Falmouth was lately held at the Guildhall, to consider of the propriety of establishing a Classical School there, by public subscription. - E. CARNE, esq. the Mayor in the chair. It was resolved to erect a school-room, engage competent masters, &c., and a committee was formed to carry these objects into effect.

Married.] At Bodmin, Mr. HARVEY to Miss JULIAN - At Helston, Mr. S. DREW to Miss C. READ - Mr J. READ to Mrs. DREW - At Kenwyn, Mr. B. ROBINS to Miss B. ROBINS - At Falmouth, Mr. TRELEAVEN to Miss C. ROBERTS - At Lanteglos, Mr. J. FITZE to Miss COSENTINE - At Budock, Mr. J. WILSON to Mrs. E. MASON - At Camelford, Mr. H. PETHICK to Miss M. RAHEY.

Died.] At Truro, Mrs. CAVILL - At East Looe, Mr. W. PAINE - At West Looe, Mr. B. HICKS - At St. Erth, Miss G. ELLIS - At St. Just, Mr. G.T. MILLETT - At Lestwithiel, Miss M. DREWE - At Camborne, Capt. J. TUCKER - Mrs. E. TEAGUE - At Helston, Mrs. SLEEMAN - At Burlawn, near Bodmin, Mr. S. BATE - At Penzance, Mr. E. JONES.


PROVINCIAL OCCURRENCES Page 572 CORNWALL The Logan Stone. - The Logan stone has been replaced after three days labour, by the help of three pair of large sheers, six capstans, worked by eight men each, and a variety of pulleys. Large chain cables were fastened around the rock, and attached to the blocks by which it was lifted. Altogether there were about sixty men employed. The weight of the rock has been variously computed, by different persons, at from seventy to ninety tons. On the first day, when the rock was swung in the air, in the presence of about two thousand persons, much anxiety was felt, by those who were present, as to the success of the undertaking. The rope was much stretched; the pulleys, the sheers, and the capstans, all screeched and groaned; and the noice of the machinery was audible at some distance. Many were very apprehensive lest so vast a weight might snap all the ropes, and tumble over the precipice, bearing the sheers and scaffoldings away with it: however, the whole went off with great success. The materials were excellent, and, though a rope or two broke, and a link of one of the chains tore away a small piece of an angle of the rock, which was thrown with much velocity into the sea, yet the rock was safely supported by its complicated tackling, and stands, once more, in precisely its former position. Lietenant Goldsmith, who threw it down, was the engineer in replacing it. It is understood that this work is defrayed by subscription. Fifty pounds have been given by the London Geological Society.

Married.] Mr. J. JEFFERY, of Cuscarne, to Miss L. CURGENVEN - At St. Hillary, Mr. R. JAGO to Miss H. PENBERTHY - At Helston, Mr. W. ODGER to Miss EDWARDS - At Camelford, Mr. H. PETHICK to Miss M. RABEY.

Died.] At West Trevaith, Capt. J. TREGONING - At Liskeard, Mr. J. GRIGG - Mr. R. RABEY - At East Looe, the Rev. M.W. BENNETT - At Penrose, Mrs. BILLING - At Burlawn, Mr. S. Bat? - At Penzance, Mr. E. JONES - At Grampound, Mrs. SYMONS - At Camelford, J. LAWRENCE, esq.

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