Descendants of Thomas Whiteside Family Album Entry

Descendants of Thomas Whiteside

Contributed by Diana Shipe

Generation Number 1

1.      THOMAS1 WHITESIDE was born before 1755 in Ireland, died in 1823, and is buried in Lower Oxford Township, Chester County, PA. He married MARY JUNKIN, daughter of DAVID JUNKIN. She died before 1810. Thomas was instrumental in starting the first library in Oxford, PA before the Revolution. He was a physician and served in the Revolutionary War.

The children of THOMAS WHITESIDE and MARY JUNKIN are:

  1. JOHN WHITESIDE, born Chester Co., PA.
  2. RUSSELL WHITESIDE, born Chester Co., PA; died 1812, Chester Co., PA.
  3. JAMES WHITESIDE, born 1767, Chester Co., PA; died 1845, OH.
  4. JUNKIN WHITESIDE, aka Junkins/Jenkin/Jenkins, born 1772, Chester Co., PA; died September 25,1822, Nashville, TN; buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Maury County, TN; never married; lawyer; land speculator; commissioner of Knoxville in 1801 and 1802; U.S Senator from TN from 1809-1811; Private in the War of 1812.
  5. MARY JANE WHITESIDE, born Chester Co., PA; died 1818, PA.
  6. WILLIAM WHITESIDE, born February 17, 1777, Chester County, PA; died October 03, 1844, Sumner County, TN.
  7. ABRAHAM WHITESIDE, born 1778, Chester Co., PA; died 1821, Maury Co., TN.
  8. ELIZABETH ISABELLA WHITESIDE, born 1779, Chester Co., PA; died 1860; married JAMES MCGOLDRECK, who died in 1844.
  9. THOMAS WHITESIDE, born 1783, Chester Co., PA; died 1851.
  10. DAVID WHITESIDE, born 1785, Chester Co., PA; died 1859, Davidson Co., TN.

Generation Number 2

2.1 1.      JAMES2 WHITESIDE (THOMAS1) was born in 1767 in Chester Co., PA, and died in 1845 in Ohio (OH). He married MARY ENTRICAN, daughter of SAMUEL ENTRICAN. She was born in 1770 and died in 1852 in OH. James moved to Davidson County, TN during the 1820's, and then to Coshocton County, OH in the mid-1830's.

The children of JAMES WHITESIDE and MARY ENTRICAN are:

  1. THOMAS WHITESIDE, married SARAH BELL about 1827 in Davidson County, TN
  4. ISABELLA WHITESIDE, may have married WILLIAM P. THOMPSON about 1832 in Davidson County, TN.

2.2 1.      MARY JANE2 WHITESIDE (THOMAS1) was born in Chester Co., PA, and died 1818 in PA. She married a Mr. LAFFERTY.

The children of MARY WHITESIDE and Mr. LAFFERTY are:

  4. MARY LAFFERTY, married ISSAC N. PARKER; moved to Butler County, KY in 1842.

2.3 1.      WILLIAM2 WHITESIDE (THOMAS1) was born February 17, 1777 in Chester County, PA, and died October 03, 1844 in Sumner County, TN. He married BLANCHE SHELTON, daughter of JOHN SHELTON. She was born January 16, 1787, and died September 22, 1849 in Sumner County, TN. William was a farmer and served in the War of 1812. He was reported to have settled in Grainger County, TN in 1800, but by 1820 he and his family were living in the vacinity of Bethpage (Sumner County), TN. Both William and Blanche are buried in the old Bethpage Cemetery.


  1. RUSSELL M. WHITESIDE, born 1808; died 1868; married ELIZABETH G. HENRY on February 14, 1831, Sumner Co., TN.
  2. JAMES M. WHITESIDE, born 1809; died 1898.
  3. NANCY WHITESIDE, born 1810; died 1877; married JAMES PARKER.
  4. THOMAS C. WHITESIDE, born May 29, 1815; died February 21, 1855, Sumner Co., TN.
  5. ELIZABETH ANN WHITESIDE, born 1818; died 1870 in Texas; married LUKE P. ALLEN, about 1849 Texas.
  6. WILLIAM SHELTON WHITESIDE, born May 25, 1820; died February 18, 1881, Sumner County, TN.
  7. ANSOLUM P. WHITESIDE, born 1824; died 1896, Sherman, TX; married (1) FRANCES E. WALTON (born in 1832) on November 15, 1848 in Sumner County; (2) AUGUSTA R. ??; born in 1850. Kern, as he was called, was a physician. Moved to Todd County, KY and then to the vacinity of Sherman, TX after 1880.
  8. MARGARET WHITESIDE, married JAMES MALONE in Sumner County, TN on July 6, 1842.

2.4 1.     ABRAHAM2 WHITESIDE (THOMAS1) was born in 1778 in Chester Co., PA. He died in 1821 in Maury County, TN and is buried in the Greenwood Cemetery. He married RUTH MALINDA DAVIDSON in 1809 in Maury County. Abraham was a physician.


  1. RICHARD C. WHITESIDE, born in 1810; died in 1852. He was a farmer. He never married.

2.5 1.     THOMAS WHITESIDE (THOMAS1) was born in 1783 and died in 1851 at Bean Station, TN. He was the owner of the Bean Station Tavern in Grainger County with his brother, Jenkins, and was the administrator of Jenkins' estate. Thomas is buried in the Tate Springs Cemetery in Grainger County, TN. He never married.

The children of THOMAS WHITESIDE and JANE (JENSY) HOLT are:

  1. DAVID, born in 1827; died after 1880; Postmaster, farmer; never married.
  2. THOMAS B., born in 1831; died after 1880; farmer; married EMILY, who was born in 1835 and died after 1880; no children.
  3. WILLIAM, born in 1834; died after the Civil War; never married.
  4. ELIZA JANE, born in 1837; died in 1911 at Tate Springs; teacher; never married.
  5. LUCINDA, married Mr. Donelson.


  1. MARY C. , married J. W. LINDSWOOD in 1848 in Grainger County.
  2. THOMAS (LITTLE TOM), died in Ohio prior to 1850.
  3. HARRIET J., born in 1829; married in 1853 in Grainger County; died in 1862.
  4. RICHARD, born in 1837; died after 1850.
  5. ISABELLA, born in 1843; married a Mr. LATHAM.
  6. RUTH, born in 1843; died in April 1973 of consumption; never married.
  7. JENKINS, born in 1846; died during the Civil War; never married.
  8. JAMES R., born in 1849; saw mill worker; married MARTHA.

2.6 1.      DAVID WHITESIDE (THOMAS1) was born in 1785 and died in 1859 in Davidson County, TN. In 1810, he was living in Lower Oxford Township, Chester County, PA. In 1820, David was living on Mill Creek in Davidson County, TN. In 1850, David and his family were living in Bedford County, where he and his last wife are buried in the Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery. David married three times:
(1) MARGARET COOPER in Chester County, PA; she died after 1820.
(2) MARGARET WRIGHT in 1823 in Davidson County, TN; she was born in 1803 and died in 1838.
(3) LOUISA WRIGHT in 1840 in Davidson County; she was the sister of Margaret; she was born in 1812 and died in 1880 in Maury County, TN.


  1. THOMAS COOPER WHITESIDE, born in 1809, died in 1885.
  2. daughter, died by 1930.


  1. RUSSELL PORTER WHITESIDE, born in 1824 and died in 1854.
  2. DAVID C. WHITESIDE, born in 1828 and died after 1860.
  3. daughter, born in the early- to mid-1830's, and died by 1850.
  4. MARY JANE WHITESIDE, born in 1837.

The children of DAVID WHITESIDE and LOUISA WRIGHT are:

  1. WILLIAM H. WHITESIDE, born in 1840, died about 1925.
  2. JOSEPH J. WHITESIDE, born in 1842, died in 1912.
  3. SAMUEL RICHARD WHITESIDE, born in 1847, died in 1929.
  4. SARAH ANN WHITESIDE, born about 1849.
  5. HUGH WHITESIDE, born in 1853, died in 1903.
  6. MAGGIE WHITESIDE, born in 1858, died after 1924.

Generation Number 3

3.1       JAMES M.3 WHITESIDE (WILLIAM2, THOMAS1) was born in 1809 and died in 1898. He married SAMANTHA E. CARR on February 09, 1847 in Sumner County. She was born in 1827 and died in 1883 at Gallatin, TN. James was a farmer in Sumner County.

The children of JAMES M. WHITESIDE and SAMANTHA E. CARR are:

  1. IRA WHITESIDE, born in 1847.
  2. ALICE C. WHITESIDE, born in 1851; died in 1870.
  3. OLA WHITESIDE, born in 1853; died in 1867.
  4. MARTHA B. WHITESIDE, born in 1855; died in 1905; married a BUETTNER.
  5. JAMES D. WHITESIDE, born in 1858; married MARION KING, who was born in 1861 and died in 1898.
  6. WALTER L. WHITESIDE, born in 1865; died in 1902.

3.2       THOMAS C.3 WHITESIDE (WILLIAM2, THOMAS1) was born May 29, 1815, and died February 21, 1855 in Sumner Co., TN. He married ELIZABETH L. PALMER April 09, 1836 in Sumner Co., TN. She was born in 1815 in South Carolina (it is believed), and died in 1903 in Benton Co., AR. Thomas was a farmer in Sumner County.


  1. MARY C. WHITESIDE, born in 1838; migrated to Salt Lake City, Utah.
  2. SAMUEL M. WHITESIDE, born in 1839; migrated to Illinois or Ohio.
  3. WILLIAM LEGRAND WHITESIDE, born in 1840; died in 1904 in Sumner County.
  4. CORDELIA WHITESIDE, born in 1842.
  5. SUSAN JANE WHITESIDE, born in 1843.
  6. JAMES NORREL WHITESIDE, born in 1845; died in 1915 in Powell, MO.
  7. THOMAS WHITESIDE, born in 1847.
  9. JESSEE WHITESIDE, born in 1852; married a LOWERY; lived in Chattanooga, TN.

3.3       WILLIAM SHELTON3 WHITESIDE (WILLIAM2, THOMAS1) was born May 25, 1820, and died February 18, 1881 in Sumner Co., TN. He married twice: (1) MALVINA HENRY on December 27, 1842 in Sumner County; (2) SUSAN ELIZABETH PARKER -- daughter of REV. JOHN PARKER and MARY (POLLY) HARPER of Sumner County -- on July 02, 1849. Susan was born March 03, 1831 in Sumner County, and died March 28, 1908 in at the home of her daughter in Gallatin, TN. William was a farmer in Sumner County. William and Susan were members of the Bethpage Methodist Episcopal Church, and are buried in the old Bethpage Cemetery.

The children of WILLIAM S. WHITESIDE and SUSAN E. PARKER are:

  1. JOHN WILLIAM WHITESIDE, born May 01, 1850; died September 11, 1917.
  2. BLANCHE MALINDA WHITESIDE, born November 10, 1852, near Greenwood in Sumner County; died February 06, 1933 in Gallatin, Sumner County.
  3. JAMES RICHARD WHITESIDE, born June 22, 1855; died September 02, 1893.
  4. CHARLES ABNER WHITESIDE, born April 09, 1858; died 1940.
  5. RUSSELL MILLER WHITESIDE, born March 12, 1861; died 1952.
  6. OLIVER CAGE WHITESIDE, born 1867; died 1936 Sumner County; married twice: (1) NELL CARTWRIGHT born 1872, died 1905; (2) MINNIE MOSS born October 03, 1874, died February 12, 1962, Sumner County, TN. Olie (oh lee), as he was called, owned a general store and a telephone company. Both Olie and Minnie are buried at the old Bethpage Cemetery.

3.4      THOMAS COOPER3 WHITESIDE (DAVID2, THOMAS1) was born on June 29, 1809 in Chester County, PA and died on January 10, 1885 in Shelbyville, Bedford County, TN. He graduated from the University of Nashville in 1828 and later studied law, becoming a lawyer. He was elected Attorney General of his judicial district several times; was one of the owners of Sylvan Mills; became President of the Shelbyville Savings Bank; and was a director of the Nashville, Chattanooga and St. Louis Railway for many years. He married MARGARET ANN ROBINSON in 1838 in Franklin County, TN. She was born on July 5, 1821 at Winchester and died on May 30, 1894.


  1. MARGART M. WHITESIDE, born November 21, 1840; died July 22, 1919; married WALTER S. BEARDEN.
  2. HENRY CLAY WHITESIDE, born December 3, 1842; died February 23, 1905; railroad agent; served in the TN infantry in the Civil War; married AGNES LIPSCOMB (born August 14, 1843; died January 12, 1932; daughter of THOMAS LIPSCOMB) in 1866.
  3. MARY B. WHITESIDE, born about 1837; died on February 13, 1893; married JESSE ELY (widower of RUTH C. WHITESIDE); moved to Nashville.
  4. RUTH CHAFFIN WHITESIDE, born in 1843; died on April 8, 1873; buried in Willowmont Cemetery at Shelbyville; married JESSE ELY (born 1837, died 1897).
  5. ELLEN SUE WHITESIDE, born in 1845; died April 17, 1909; married EDMUND COOPER, JR.
  6. JAMES ROBINSON WHITESIDE, born on June 25, 1849; died on November 28, 1892; lawyer; married FRANCES SMITH (daughter of H. W. SMITH and sister to the Governor of Georgia) in Atlanta in 1874; moved to Atlanta, GA.
  7. ADA C. WHITESIDE, born in 1856; died on April 13, 1887 in New York City; married JAMES WYLIE MATHER, who was born in 1854 in Scotland.
  8. DAVID JENKINS WHITESIDE, born on May 22, 1851; died on March 9, 1930; traveling salesman; married MARY ELIZA MOORE, who was born in 1885; they lived in Chattanooga for several years, and he retired to Shelbyville.
  9. JOHN FINLEY WHITESIDE, born April 14, 1854; died on April 16, 1941; pharmacist; married ELLA MAY WHITE (born on March 1, 1879; died 1965) in 1904 in Memphis, TN.
  10. SUE A. WHITESIDE, born in 1959, died in 1863.
  11. THOMAS COOPER, JR., died on October 29, 1879; merchant; married SALLIE SHAPARD (born on October 24, 1848; died on Sugust 29, 1933 at Riverside, CA) in Shelbyville in 1871.

Generation Number 4

4.1       JOHN WILLIAM4 WHITESIDE (WILLIAM SHELTON3, WILLIAM2, THOMAS1) was born on May 01, 1850, and died on September 11, 1917. He married NANCY BROWN DICKENSON, daughter of A. B. C. DICKENSON and SUSAN L. PERSLEY of Sumner County, on January 10, 1872. Nannie, as Nancy was called, was born on March 25, 1849, and died on February 10, 1915 in Sumner County. John was a farmer, teacher, and lumber mill operator. Both John and Nannie are buried in the Gallatin Cemetery.

The children of JOHN W. WHITESIDE and NANCY B. DICKENSON are:

  1. LILLY ABNER WHITESIDE, born in 1873; died in 1960 at Nashville, TN; married in 1896 to TALIAFERRO DAVID BATES, who was born in 1874 and died in 1956.
  2. DAVID SHELTON WHITESIDE, born in 1875; died in 1946; was a druggist; married ELBA KEY; moved to Florida.
  3. BLANCHE VELMA WHITESIDE, born in 1878; died in 1948; married ALTON WADE ROARK, who was a doctor; moved to Waltham, MA; divorced in 1922.
  4. SUSAN LENORA WHITESIDE, born in 1880; died on April 10, 1971 in Nashville; changed her name to Sunora Lee; was an osteopath; never married.
  5. JOHN WILLIAM WHITESIDE, JR., born in 1886; died in 1955; was a salesman; married twice: (1) in 1908 to SADIE RAY BATES (born 1886; died 1910); (2) EMMA JOHNSON, born in 1901.

4.2       BLANCHE MALINDA4 WHITESIDE (WILLIAM SHELTON3, WILLIAM2, THOMAS1) was born November 10, 1852 in Near Greenwood, TN, and died February 06, 1933 at her home in Gallatin, TN. She married EPHRAIM PERSLEY DICKENSON (son of A. B. C. DICKENSON and SUSAN PERSLEY of Sumner County) on December 19, 1871 in Sumner County. Ephraim was born on June 26, 1851 near Castalian Springs in Sumner County and died on October 26, 1927 in St. Thomas Hospital, Nashville, TN. Both are buried in the Gallatin Cemetery.


  1. MINNIE MARGARET DICKENSON, born on March 13, 1874 in Sumner County, TN; died June 26, 1968 in Portsmouth, VA; married EUGENE ST. CLARE HARPER (son of DANIEL J. HARPER and ORIANNA G. CRENSHAW of Sumner County) on September 22, 1901 in Sumner County; both are buried in the Gallatin Cemetery. Minnie and Eugene lived in Nashville and had five children.

4.3       JAMES RICHARD4 WHITESIDE (WILLIAM SHELTON3, WILLIAM2, THOMAS1) was born on June 22, 1855 and died on September 02, 1893. He married MARY ELIZABETH BARR, who was born in Sedalia County, MO., and died in 1944. James was a physician. He is buried in the old Bethpage Cemetery.

The children of JAMES R. WHITESIDE and MARY E. BARR are:

  1. RICHARD BARKS WHITESIDE, born in 1884 at Haydensville, KY; died in 1951; farmer; married VERGIE BELL BENDER.
  2. JAMES BARR WHITESIDE, born in 1887 at Haydensville, KY; died in 1954; married MAUDE RAMSEY. James was a clerk.

4.4       CHARLES ABNER4 WHITESIDE (WILLIAM SHELTON3, WILLIAM2, THOMAS1) was born on April 09, 1858 and died in 1940. He married CARRIE BARTH on April 20, 1882. She was born in 1862 and died in 1950. Charles was a farmer and a clerk.

The children of CHARLES A. WHITESIDE and CARRIE BARTH are:

  1. ANNIE CLAIR, born in 1890, died in 1899.
  2. EDWIN BARTH, married MARTHA WILSON (born in 1884, died in 1910); no children.

4.5       RUSSELL MILLER4 WHITESIDE (WILLIAM SHELTON3, WILLIAM2, THOMAS1) was born on March 12, 1861, and died in 1952. He married MINNIE OLA PAYTON in December 1884. She was born in 1867 and died in 1934. Russ, as he was called, was a bank director.

The children of RUSSELL M. WHITESIDE and MINNIE O. PAYTON are:

  1. RENA MAE WHITESIDE, married three times: (1) WILLIAM AUGUSTUS HOLDER (born in 1866, died in 1910); (2) Mr. BURNETT; (3) Mr. ARMSTRONG.
  2. INFANT WHITESIDE, born/died on November 03, 1895.

4.6       WILLIAM LEGRAND4 WHITESIDE (THOMAS C.3, WILLIAM2, THOMAS1) was born in 1840 and died in 1904 in Sumner Co., TN. He married MRS. AMANDA MARRITT STRINGER, who was born in 1851 and died in 1895. William was a farmer.


  1. PEARL STRINGER WHITESIDE, married Charles Fulks.
  2. THOMAS LEWIS WHITESIDE, married Nellie Josephine Armstrong.

4.7       JAMES NORREL4 WHITESIDE (THOMAS C.3, WILLIAM2, THOMAS1) was born in 1845 and died in 1915 in Powell, MO. He married HENRIETTA ALBINA SMITH in 1867. She was born in 1847 in KY, and died in 1926 in Kansas City, MO. James was a farmer who migrated to KY, MO, and AR, finally settling in Powell, MO.

The children of JAMES N. WHITESIDE and HENRIETTA A. SMITH are:

  1. THOMAS CLINTON WHITESIDE, born in 1869 in Simpson County, KY; died in 1912 in Kansas City, MO; farmer; married NAOMI DOUGLAS.
  2. ANNA CORA WHITESIDE, born in 1871 and died of Cholera in 1871 in Simpson County, KY.
  3. HARRY PRICE WHITESIDE, born in 1872 in Sedalia County, MO.; died in 1957 in Hamet, CA; farmer; married twice: (1) NORA BELLE HOLLAND in 1894 (born in 1878, died in 1933 in Beaumont, CA); (2) MAUDE WILEY.
  4. IVA LEE WHITESIDE, born in 1877 at Osage Mills, AR; died in 1958 at Kansas City, MO; married JOHN A. KNISELEY.
  5. BETTIE WHITESIDE, born in 1880 at Osage Mills, AR; married twice: (1) a SHEPHARD; (2) an O'NEILL.
  6. EUCLID JAMES WHITESIDE, born in 1884 at Osage Mills, AR; farmer, carpenter, prison guard; living in New Mexico in 1921, in Colorado in 1923, in Idaho in 1927, and in Pendleton, OR in 1930; married PRILLA BURNETT, who was born in 1889.
  7. PEARL CLOE WHITESIDE, born in 1887 at Osage Mills, AR; married a COFFEE.
  8. IVEY MAY WHITESIDE, born in 1893.

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