Index to Early Marriage Records, Sumner Co., TN

Sumner County Marriage Records
Selected Marriages from 1791-1925

Compiled and Transcribed by
Sherry Wilson
Copyright ©1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005

Within these pages, you will find a list of over 5,000 selected marriages. This collection is not comprehensive. (The only comprehensive marriage listing available can be found at the Sumner County Archives and is a matter of public record.)

The marriages herein were found in books of copied licenses and bonds founds at the Sumner County Archives in Gallatin, TN. These records date back as far as 1791 and stop around 1851. Other various marriages from microfilm, lawsuits, bible data, etc. of personal interest to me were added as well. This is an ongoing project, there will be periodic additions.

Should you have any questions, comments, or errors, please feel free to email me. Happy hunting!

Alphabetical Surname Index

Note: For ease of research, I have created one index that
includes both brides and grooms, this will eliminate the need to search two different indexes for spouses. A separate index for bondsmen is found below.

Select the letter range of the surname you want to view.

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Chi----Cok Col----Cow Cox----D D----De Di----Don Dor----Duf
Dug----E E----Eu Ev----Fos Fow----Garn Garr----Glo Goa----Grav
Gray----H H----Hanna Hannah----Harris Harrison----Hend Henk----Hodg Hody----Howd
Howe----I I----Johnson Johnston----Kei Kelly----Kirk Kirkh----Laud Laur----Loc
Log----Mal Man----Mat Mau----McE McF----McW Mea----Mil Min----Moo
Mor----N N----Or Os----Pas Pat----Perri Perry----Pl Po----Ram
Ran----Rice Rich----Robb Robe----Rul Rum----Say Sc----She Shi----Sma
Smi----So Sp----Stev Stew----Str Stu----Tay Te----Tow Tr----Turn
Turp----Wals Walt----Well Wes----Wilk Will Wils----Woodr Woods----Z


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Da - De - Dr - E - F - Ga - Go - Hac - Har - He - Ho - Hu -
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There is no X listing.

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