The Sumner Scrapbook: Images and Genealogical Transcriptions from Sumner County, Tennessee and Beyond

The Sumner Scrapbook:
Images and Genealogical Transcriptions from Sumner County, TN and Beyond

Hi, I'm Sherry Falcon. Welcome to my homepage!  My hope is that I've brought some hard-to-find records from musty library shelves to a venue where all can share these resources.

As a child, I began asking my elders about my roots. The stories imparted by those beloved, long-gone family members also unfold within the pages of this website. Please let me know if you find something at my site that will further your research.

Write me, I welcome your input.


From Countryside....

    Where Is and When Was Sumner Created?
    • Timelines---What was happening elsewhere as Sumner evolved?
    • The County Seat---See an Early Postcard of Gallatin, and other "close-ups" of Gallatin *** more to come ***


    To Hearthside

      • Sumner Marriages---Selected Transcriptions from Sumner County's Marriage Records, includes index by bondsman!
        Biographies and Images
        • Who built Sumner?---Told by the flickering lamplight, these were the tales grandmother wanted passed down through the ages *** there'll be more to come! ***
        • Everyday Life---Letters to friends, anecdotes, cartoons *** there'll be more to come! ***


        From Outposts to Communities

          Townships, Communities
          • Communities---Community Histories, How Communities Earned Their Names, Local Lore
          • Commerce---A Merchant's Journal, Hotels, Factories, Resorts *** under construction ***
          • Old Sumner---See the County's Historical Sites *** under construction ***
                Government and the Law
                • Loose Records ---Selected Transcribed Original Legal Documents *** includes deeds and wills ***


                The Ravages of War

                  Sumner Answers the Call to Arms
                  My love to all of you...

                  With deep love and appreciation, I dedicate this page to those who have given freely.  To Mrs. Margaret Hamilton, thank you for persuing non-traditional teaching methods.
                  To my loving grandmother, Willie Shrum Templeton, and my beloved great-aunt Mattie Templeton, I thank you both for patiently sitting by the side of a 6th-grader, answering questions about their ancestors.
                  Without the recollections of my "Ma and Pa" and my Mom and Dad, there would be large gaps and a great deal less warmth in my family's history.
                  I wish to thank my sisters, Lisa, for the countless hours of web-surfing she's dedicated toward the compilation of this body of work, and Kim for providing encouragement and valuable creative input. Thank you, Blake--a bona fide professional--for your help with my Civil War section. Your range of knowledge is amazing.
                  I dedicate this page to the memory of my ancestors. You fought to defend freedom, you struggled against nature and disease; you ultimately gave your life to forge a home for your descendants here in Sumner County, and beyond. You may all be long-gone, I may not ever be able to find all your names, but you will never be forgotten in my heart.

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