Ancestral Search

" I think that I shall never see
The finish of a family tree,
As it forever seems to grow
From roots that started long ago,
'Way back in ancient history times,
In foreign lands and distant climes;
From them grew trunk and branching limb
That dated back to times so dim.

One seldon knows exactly when
The parents met and married then,
Nor when the twigs began to grow
With odd-named children row on row.
'Though verse like this is made by me;
The end's in sight as you can see,
'Tis not the same with family trees
That grow and grow through centuries."

                                                                  ------ Willis G. Corbitt

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My Surname Directory


Hundreds of grave site photo's from cemeteries I have visited

Kansas Cemeteries

Pleasant Prairie Cemetery
Jewell Co, Kansas
Randall Cemetery
Jewell Co, Kansas
Scottsville Cemetery
Mitchell Co, Kansas
Asher Cemetery
Mitchell Co, Kansas

Glasco Cemetery
Cloud Co, Kansas

Iowa Cemeteries

Cedar Creek Cemetery
Henry Co, Iowa
Salem East Cemetery
Henry Co, Iowa
Salem South Cemetery
Henry Co, Iowa
Oxford Cemetery
Lucas Co, Iowa
Murray Cemetery
Lucas Co, Iowa

Tennessee Cemeteries

Nashville City Cemetery
Davidson County, TN
Hamilton Church
Davidson Co, TN
Marks Cemetery
Giles Co, TN
Maplewood Cemetery
Giles Co, TN
Lynnwood Cemetery
Giles Co, TN
Loftin Family Cemetery
Maury Co, TN
Roundtree Cemetery
Maury Co, TN
Alsobrooks Cemetery
Houston Co, TN
Williams-Robinson Cemetery
Davidson Co, TN
Willow Mount Cemetery
Shelbyville, Bedford Co TN
Humphries Co, TN

Doughten Long Pickard
Humphries Co,TN

Highway 230
Humphries co, TN

Keesee Cemetery
Montgomery Co, TN
Simon Heflin Cemetery
Montgomery Co, TN
Gray Cemetery
Robertson Co, TN

Rutherford Co, TN

Stokes Family Cemetery
Wartrace, Bedford Co, TN

Aunt Ruby's Photo Album

Shamburgs and related familes, early 1900's in Mitchell Co, KS
Aunt Elsie's Photo Album

Shamburgs and related familes, early 1900's in Mitchell Co, KS

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