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The 1820 Wedderburn Settlers to South Africa

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A brief general history of the Wedderburn name The story of the name from its origins in Scotland

a history of the Wedderburn name

The story of the early research in four sections. This may be useful to those wishing to know how to begin their genealogy study.  Part 1 (1996) England

scalemakers - 1

Part 2 (1996) England

scalemakers - 2

Part 3 (1997) England and Jamaica

scalemakers - 3

Part 4 (1998) Jamaica, England

scalemakers - 4

Projects for the future

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A glossary of archaic terms Archaic terms used in Scotland, a glossary to help with genealogical research




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Robert Wedderburn, grandson of Sir John Wedderburn of Blackness This link takes you to the main page for Robert Wedderburn.

Robert Wedderburn

Quotations by and about Robert Quotations
Robert's marriage certificate Marriage certificate
Publications by and about Robert Publications
The Many-Headed Hydra Book excerpt
A tribute to Robert Wedderburn Tribute
The King against R. Wedderburn, 1820 Trial
Lord Wedderburn of Charlton A profile (updated April 2002) Lord Wedderburn
Wedderburns of New Brunswick A study in 8 parts Brunswick
Sir John Wedderburn of Blackness, 5th Baronet A profile of the executed 18th century Jacobite rebel Sir John
Sir John Wedderburn's trial Sir John's trial
Sir John, by Alexander Wedderburn from the 'Wedderbook Book'
Copy of original letter written before his execution, 27th November 1746 Letter to Lady Wedderburn
Settler Wedderburns to South Africa, 1820 Profiles of individual members of the Wedderburn Settlers Settler Wedderburns
Wedderburns/Weatherburns and the Stephenson's Rocket connection A genealogy of railway Wedderburns/Weatherburns, the story of the invention and development of the steam engine Railway connections
Hugh Wedderburn Master craftsman, one of Britain's foremost woodcarvers Hugh Wedderburn
May Wedderburn Cannan WWI Red Cross worker, poet, author May Wedderburn Cannan
Gren Wedderburn (d. 1998) A 20th c. surgeon in China and Japan Gren Wedderburn


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Sir John Wedderburn of Blackness, 5th Baronet A profile of the executed 18th century Jacobite rebel Sir John
Sir John Wedderburn's trial Sir John's trial
Sir John, by Alexander Wedderburn from the 'Wedderbook Book'
Alexander Wedderburn, 4th Bt. of Blackness An account of Alexander Wedderburn 4th Bt. of Blackness, and (some of) his descendants Alexander Wedderburn

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Wedderburn Australia  a history of the firm est.1896 Wedderburn Australia - history of the business
History and technology of weighing Summarised by Bill Wedderburn by of WW. Wedderburn Pty The history and technology of weighing
G. A. Wedderburn & Co. Ltd A brief history of the Southampton business G. A. Wedderburn
Researching scalemaking Can you provide any information on the history of the scalemaking trade? Help needed!

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The 1820 Settlers  home page Settlers intro page
The Settler ships Including a description of the Stentor Settler ships
Mandela's speech At the 1996 rededication of the 1820 Settlers monument Mandela's speech
Grahamstown and the Eastern Cape Historical background to the arrival of the Settlers Background
Settler links under construction Settler links
Settler Wedderburns to South Africa, 1820 Profiles of individual members of the Wedderburn Settlers Settler Wedderburns
A letter dated 1833, family photos (updated 13th Feb 2001) Alexander John Ennis. and family ca. 1903/4, letter to William sr. dated 1833 John Wedderburn letter & photos
Military service Settler Wedderburn military service records military service
Wedderburn Australia How Wedderburn in Australia got its name Wedderburn Australia
A Settler family history publication Including sections on the Wedderburn, Anderson, Morgan, Spoor, Holmes, Sinclair, Cawood and Dunbar families  Settler Family History
A Settler family genealogy  The facts, the question marks, the mystery of their origins in Scotland Origins
Christopher & Ann Quail Copy original marriage cert, 1795 marriage certificate
George Richard's account, as well as a detailed Settler Wedderburn family history, kindly provided by Mark Anderson from his publication "THE FAMILY HISTORY OF THE ANDERSON, MORGAN, SPOOR, HOLMES, SINCLAIR, CAWOOD, DUNBAR AND WEDDERBURN FAMILIES OF SOUTH AFRICA". Introduction George Richard - intro
Chapter 1 George Richard - Chapter 1
Chapter 2 George Richard - Chapter 2
Chapter 3 George Richard - Chapter 3
Chapter 4 George Richard - Chapter 4
Chapter 5 George Richard - Chapter 5
Chapter 6 George Richard - Chapter 6
Chapter 7 George Richard - Chapter 7

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Links Pages   General Links Page The Links Page
South Africa Settler Links Page Settler Links
A lighthearted look at the Wedderburns  Captain Wedderburn, a medieval ballad, and other anecdotes Captain Wedderburn
15th century origins, an archery contest The four main branches of the family in Dundee 15th/16th c. Wedderburns
The Wedderburn brother's "Gude and Godlie Ballatis"  The book is, next to Knoxs 'Historie of the Reformatioun', the most memorable literary monument of the period in vernacular Scots  Gude and Godlie Ballatis
Robert Wedderburn, notary and poet, 1546 - 1611

- Introduction and excerpt from the Compt Buik, and an essay by Robert B. Menzies, Hon. Sec. of the Scottish Text Society, 1932

Robert Wedderburn 1546-1611
The DISCLAIMER page Access to all pages on this site assumes full acceptance of the contents of the Disclaimer section DISCLAIMER
The Webmaster's home A Wedderburn based in France photos
Crests, mottoes, coats of arms Wedderburn heraldry heraldry
Introduction to the Wedderburn Book A publication about the history of the Wedderburn name Wedderburn Book
Robert Wedderburn Publications by and about Robert Publications
Miscellaneous Wills 1 (A - H) First names in alphabetical order Wills A-H
Miscellaneous Wills 2 (I-James) First names in alphabetical order Wills I-James
Miscellaneous Wills 3 (Jane-John) First names in alphabetical order Wills Jane-John
Miscellaneous Wills 4 (K-Z) First names in alphabetical order Wills K-Z
Jabez W. b. 1828  - Will The will of Jabez (grandson of Robert) Jabez Will
Fought and died in WW1 & WW2 Wedderburn and Weatherburn - casualties of two world wars WW1&2

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PHOTO STUDIES (scales, scalemakers)
F.W. Wedderburn Scalemakers circa 1900 (high res. photo 85K) Wedderburn premises
Wedderburn van ca. 1900 (high res. photo 85K) Wedderburn van
Davies & Co A competitor scalemaker's shop in 1947, Davies & Co, then part of Vandome & Hart, now part of the Herbert Group Davies & Co 1947

Davies & Co 1950

1903 Jabez Wedderburn documents  (medium res. images, 20K and 39K) Abridgement class weighing equipment
Jabez Wedderburn A patent application Patent application 1893
G. A. Wedderburn & Co Southampton advertising 1900 From a poster circa 1900
G. A. Wedderburn & Co Soton press article (115K) Lionel Wedderburn
Wedderburn Australia Sydney premises, from 1900 (9K, 90K, 115K) WW Wedderburn Pty
Wedderburn Australia some more recent Australian scales W W Wedderburn
Great Yarmouth museum Hanging balance scales, iron beam, painted decoration with makers name (18 K & 24 K) H Wedderburn & Son Yarmouth

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PHOTOS (people, miscellaneous studies)
Albert, son of scalemaker Frederick William Demob. papers, 1918 Albert Wedderburn
Portrait of Robert Wedderburn (62K Photo) Robert Wedderburn
An 1860 wagon-maker's invoice, Grahamstown, South Africa John Wedderburn, coach cart and wagon maker (25K) wagon maker

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The West Indies and the slave trade
Olaudah Equiano Olaudah Equiano's account of his passage to the West Indies in 1756 Equiano passage
Olaudah Equiano Olaudah Equiano's account of his arrival in the West Indies in 1756 Equiano arrival
Alexander Falconbridge An Account of the Slave Trade on the Coast of Africa (London, 1788) - life aboard the slave ships Falconbridge account
Alexander Falconbridge

Alexander Falconbridge recounts the reaction of the slaves to their sale.....  

Reactions to sale
A paper by Jennifer M. Payne M.A., M.L.I.S.

"Influences of British Imperialist Economic Fortunes on Slavery, Sugar, and Abolition"

Background to the trade
A James Wedderburn sale of slaves

An advert in the Cornwall Chronicle and Jamaica General Advertiser, January 3rd 1789

Slave sale
Wedderburn estates A list of former Wedderburn holdings in Jamaica Jamaican estates
Former Wedderburn estates  Contemporary images from Jamaica Estate photos
Knight v. Wedderburn  A test case; the slave Joseph Knight pleads for his freedom in the English courts, 1778 Knight v. Wedderburn



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