David Esche '62 Publishes First Book

Dave's been writing novels for years, actually seven to date, now working on his eighth but never formally had any of his novels published until now.  Dave entered his first novel in a Writing Contest sponsored by Amazon. He made the first cut but not the finals.  One of the things holding him back was some strange format problem he never realized existed until the contest was over. Dave says another reason might be the judges never considered his book one of those "Great American Novels.." 

"To Look At The Stars". Volume One of a trilogy named the LookStar Trilogy. is an introductory book having minimum violence with a little bit of sex. Volume Two, "After The Stars, has a lot of sex and violence with strange ideas on problems with Teaching Machines and Transporters. Volume Three, "The Last Zadrian", gets involved with "End of the World" religion, simple computer science, which ties everything together.

Dave has corrected his format problem and, with the help of his daughter, fixed many spelling errors. The current Amazon book is the result. He is formatting his second volume of the trilogy, getting it ready for publication. Once completed, Dave will work on a better cover which will become a standard for all three books. Dave says, " I have to admit the current cover looks like the cover of an Army Training Manual.  Have I mentioned I used to write Army Training Manuals?"

"To Look At The Stars" is available thru Amazon and GreatSpace.