It simply warms my heart to sit down as often as I can and travel through all the newsletters. Those were special times walking the halls of Wellston High School with so many people I grew up with. For many years I wondered how everyone was doing and how their lives turned out. So, it was a very special day when JoAnn Williams called me at home, way out in the country in Eolia, Missouri, and officially I was found!! God bless all of us as we make our attempts to stay in contact and enlist the support of all alumni who care to share experiences and stories of our years and time in Wellston. Hope to hear from so many out there. God bless you and take care  Tom Manley '67

would like to thank everyone for their prayers and messages after the loss of my beloved husband and best friend - Tom Sloan '66. It meant so much to me to hear from our old friends from high school. As our anniversary approaches (39 years) and his birthday, my thoughts go back to how we met in school and all the years that followed. I always thought we would have many more years together. Hold those you love close and never take the time you have together for granted. Every day is a gift from God.
 Diane (Clark) Sloan '65 (click picture to view Tom & Di )

Larry Akins '56 has worked at several different places in his lifetime starting with his first job where he made ninety cents a hour at Rembrandt Studio.

Read about Larry's life and see some of his pictures.

Larry is the older brother of Doloris '59, Doretta '61, and Diona '63
After graduation, I worked supporting my parents and younger siblings before being drafted to Vietnam. After 38 years, I retired earlier this year, from Missouri American Water Co. as a senior plant water operator. I’m now working part time for a public storage company doing maintenance. I enjoy fishing, hunting, woodworking, and having more time to spend with my two gals. My wife of 41 years (who Bobby Taylor ’64 introduced me to) and my '41 Chevy Coupe which I restored about 5 years ago. We live on a few acres enjoying gardening and the grandkids. Ken Besancenez '62

Alan Taylor '56 likes sitting on his swing with his babies recalling life when it was simpler, the 1950's. His home was located on the last block of Hobart Avenue which was a dead end street.
The winters in St. Louis were very cold and snowy and the summers extremely hot! There were a few residents who had window air conditioning units during the early 50's but his family wasn’t one of them. Like so many others, they did their best to survive the summers using a window fan.


We need '61, '62, '63, '64, '67, '68, and '69 Year Books to complete our year book library. Many alumni have married. We are hoping one of them will donate the duplicate book for our Association to use for future reunions.

If you have a book you would like to donate, please contact the Alumni Association

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