(written by Bud Watson '60
taken from the November 1959 Flashlight)

In 1492, a fellow named Columbus discovered America. A few  uars later in about 1618 some people, better known as Pilgrims, decided to go. Well, along came 1620 and the Pilgrims sailed up to Plymouth Rock and got out of their boat, the Mayflower.

The Pilgrims, unaccustomed to being Americans, weren't too well suited to the New World Ways. Consequently, they put in a pretty rough winter.

When Spring rolled around some native Americans came around with a kernel of corn and a fish. After a pow-wow the natives sold the Pilgrims on the idea of growing the stuff for a living. This was easier then it might seem. After a winter with no food you'd be willing to make a stab at growing a fish tree too!

Well, up came the fish trees with no fish on them, but the did have more seeds on them like that first one. Necessity being the mother of invention, the Pilgrims ate what came  up and liked it.

All spring things kept looking up. By the end of the summer a Pilgrim could go right into the woods and plug a turkey or a deer or some sort of game and come right out with it. There was no bag limit at all!

When autumn was almost over and the pilgrims had their smokehouses full and all their vegetables harvested and it looked like there was going to be plenty of grub for the winter, they got to thinking about where all the goodies had come from. Naturally, they came up with the only answer.

The Pilgrims had some extra food for the winter so they decided to use it on a feast, even the natives who had given them the bum-steer on the fish tree. They all sat and ate and thanked the One who was really responsible - God.

That was the origin of Thanksgiving as we know it today.........

Editors Note:
Bud (without opposition) was elected the youngest judge in Alabama, at the age of 29.  He now holds the title of Senior Status Judge in Alabama. While occasionally being called back to the bench, Bud remains active as a trial lawyer in Huntsville, Alabama

For such a small school the staff in the WHS school district helped provide some good memories for young minds. Of course the best memories were of our classmates! Some of my favorite memories are:
The 8th grade softball game against the teachers led my Mr. Shonk, Mr. Stephens, Mr. Lober, Mr. Williams, Mr. Heida, and Mr. Bishop,
the 8th grade picnic, the trip on the Admiral,
The Forest Park Highlands,
The swimming program in summer (where was that at?),
Thanks for the memories.  Ken Minor '65

.                                            CLASS OF 1947 MEETS FOR LUNCH
The girls from 1947 had their bi-annual luncheon at Olde Hickory Country Club. In attendance were:

Sitting: L-R
Norma Edwards, Betty Milward,
Betty Smith, Wilma Oburn

Standing: L-R
June Oswald, Lorna Kammeier,
Agnes Bickle, JoAnn Wms '60,
Billie Smith, Elva Torrence

Not in attendance:
Mary Chott, Lorraine Roche, Clara Louise Fricke, Marie Stillman, Eileen Klinger, and Charlotte Tucker.
The girls have been meeting twice a year since their 50th reunion in 1997. It's been rumored they're thinking about enlarging their group by inviting their husbands and guys from their class to their next luncheon in April. 


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