On April 12, 1981 (a Saturday morning) Bill Eggert ‘55 and his wife, Marjorie sat in the Vehicle Assembly Building parking lot watching the first shuttle pilots, John Young and Bob Crippen, slingshot into space. They still remember the tremendous thrill to see and feel the bone shaking vibrations of a shuttle lifting off from 3 miles away.

Bill celebrated his 29th anniversary on October 22, working at Kennedy Space Center. His wife,
 Marjorie will celebrate her 29th anniversary Jan 16, 2009.

Dave Esche '62 grew his first beard in 1983 while teaching high school in Washington State. The students asked him to shave it off. After Reunion 2003 he decided to grow another one. It has gotten longer and shorter over the past couple of years. He'd like YOUR opinion.
[VOTE] Should Dave grow it back? 
[VOTE] Should Dave keep shaving?
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As I look back in my educational experiences, many come to mind. First there was Miss Handlen, my Kindergarten teacher, a great person to introduce any child to the Public School System. Then Miss Randall, who knocked a loose tooth out of my mouth for misbehaving in class, and Miss Whaley, Miss Atherton, Miss Halley Wharton, Miss Fruethe (pronounced Fruity). Miss Carrie McCann, Miss Henson, who knocked me out of my seat and into a Bookcase.  I get a little "Foggy" in High school. There was Miss Spangler, Mr. Thompson, Mr. Quest, Mr. Stigall, Miss Griswold, who taught me the 'love' of Math and it's precision and reliability, Miss Virginia Marr, Love of Music, Miss Drury, love of History, Mr. Warner, how to make things in Shop, and Mrs. Halter who survived a Class full of "Nut Cakes" in Chemistry, My Art Teacher, can't remember her name, and  Miss Jones or Senorita Jones, my Spanish teacher. School was great and effective even when they (the teachers) thought you were not paying attention and lastly but really, really great were D. G. Neibeck and Millard M. Halter for their leadership and direction. I Thank the LORD for all these wonderful dedicated and talented people!!!!!!! Ralph A. Stege '43
The great grandson of JoAnn Williams '60 won first place for best costume in a local Halloween contest. His Dad and Mom were dressed as chefs while little TJ (Timothy Joseph) posed as a lobster in a pot!

Picture to the left displays the young lad with his first ribbon of (hopefully) many more to come in future years!

The contest was held in Lincoln Park, Chicago, IL.

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Tony Rose, Beverly Wessell '63 husband, along with Tony Orlando presented the Yellow Medal of Freedom Award to Lt. Colonel Ollie North in Branson, MO on Veteran's Day, November 11, 2008. After the award ceremony,  Larry the Cable Guy joined in entertaining an audience of more than 1500 people.

Pictured L-R: Tony Rose, Larry the Cable Guy, Gene Dove, LTC Ollie North, Tony Orlando, & Joe O.

Tony Rose serves our country as a Sergeant Major, US Army. To read more about Tony and Bev's life...............


We need '63, '64, '67, '68, and '69 Year Books to complete our year book library. Many alumni have married. We are hoping one of them will donate the duplicate book for our Association to use for future reunions.

Thanks to Doug Clark ’63 for donating several of his yearbooks.  If you have a book you would like to donate, please contact the Alumni Association

Flashlights are now mailed to current Association members without Internet Access.

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